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  1. Wow! I wish I had the time to join in...... Isomer, what was the icewine filling? Sounds interesting? Was it based on white or dark chocolate ganache? I am also interested in John's Curry-coconut filling. That sounds pretty exotic. I've tried making different exotic fillings for family and friends before but they seem to just like my standard dark cocolate ganache or pear-caramel filling...... Jeff
  2. jturn00


    There is a nice place up from grimaldi's on the corner. (There are actually two places but the one I am thinking of is just around the corner). I forget their names. I will have to check the next time I am down there. Then of course there is bubby's. Ok. I 've only been there for brunch but overall not too bad.
  3. jturn00


    Try some of the places on smith street or head to lobo or laylajones on court street. They are just a short walk from the Marriott.
  4. We had an employee that is out out of the office with his wisdom teeth being removed. We felt it would be neat if he could get a delivery of ice cream as a gift. I was looking for something like Ciao Bella or something else to deliver. I did come up with fresh direct and but are there any other options that anyone can think of?
  5. My wife would kill me if I came home with that even at that great price.
  6. It was a while since I was there. This was a pizzaria that we ate at if we came back from our day's adventure late and looked for something good, simple and quick. Not fancy or anything. Le Majestic Chez Fernanda 5, avenue Reine Victoria 64200 Biarritz, Acquatine France I think we stopped here for some coffee and a snack Miremont Biarritz 1 bis, place Georges Clemenceau 64200 Biarritz France Not sure what this place was like but I kept the address in my contacts (so it probably wasn't too bad). La Cuisine Des Saveurs 16 Rue de la Bergerie Quartier St. Charles 64200 Biarritz, Acquatine Fran
  7. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think you can freeze the containers. Luis ← I did not know that. Perhaps the cold air makes the seal fail? ← Before I found out that they don't recommend freezing the containers, I did. I had left some items in the freezer for a few weeks. The containers didn't break but the seals did not hold.
  8. Looks tasty! What is the consensus on the differences in putting the pizza directly on the pizza stone or using parchment paper between the pizza and the stone?
  9. I have taken some professional cooking and pastry classes along with a chocolate class at the French Culinary Institute and I have some real kitchen experience in both pastry and culinary. I have been making chocolates for my personal use and not for sale. I was trying to see if their courses tend to refelect their knowldege in their books. I might find information on shelf life useful. Also, I would use the class to practice...... Tempering, using luster dusts, painting with coco colors and molding chocolates. (using an enrober would be interesting but probably not useful since I don't
  10. I recently saw on the ICE culinary CAPS course list that both Andrew Shotts and Jean Pierre Wybauw (JPW) are teaching clases. I know that many people have taken JPW's class. Any comments on how that might compare to Andrew Shotts class? Here is the link to the course descriptions. http://www.iceculinary.com/professional/caps.shtml Jeff
  11. As a follow up, these events might also be of interest. The Art of Belgian Candy JEAN PIERRE WYBAUW 3 session(s) course meets start date end date time other dates in course consecutive days Mon, September 17 Wed, September 19 7:30 AM -12 PM And the StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress which is also occuring around the same time. These have more of a professional aspect to them. Jeff
  12. Kerry, alanamoana was right it can be a madhouse. I think there is a day where trade and industry people are invited to tour the vendors before the general public. I found that there are some useful reasons for myself to brave the crowds. If you don't have access to sales people selling various types of chocolates, then the chocolate show (at least when I went two years ago), allows me to check out different varieties. (Felchlin, becolade, guittard, el rey? etc). I was also able to pick up some of the chocolate at a discount. I found it useful to be able to compare. I also saw the rec
  13. I like Capital Grille. Close to our office and very good steak and sides. The seating is very comfortable and you don't feel like you are dining with the tables next to you.
  14. Thanks for the input. We didn't even get to go to boulevard. We ate dinner the night we got there at the hotel restaurant. By the time the plane landed and we got to the hotel it was almost 10pm SF time, so that was the easiest. Not bad. Not great. We ate breakfast at the hotel as well only because that was the easiest as well. We did get chance to go to Postrio. It was nice, but I should have ordered steak.... I had a scallop starter that was really great but my sesame tuna was just ok. And the veggies were too salty. desert was good. But being a business dinner and trip not the b
  15. Hi, I am heading to San Francisco for a business trip and will be staying at the hotel monaco. I am not sure of the exact address but I can look it up if it helps. what would be some good/decent places for dinner where I won't need a reservation and is within walking distance to the hotel? (BTW, We already have reservations at boulevard for dinner one of the nights we are in town. These ideas would be for the night we arrive.) Jeff
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