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  1. I've learned the "professional" technique but in a real kitchen the sous chef showed me a technique that was faster but just as good.

    1. After removing outer skin, cut from root to stem.

    2. Slice half moons in even thicknesss

    3. Lay down a stack of half moons and cut so that the diced pieces are the size you want. This makes it really quick since with practice slicing half moons went really quick.

    The professional technique really works well with shallots. Again, when I was doing large quantities, say a gallon of shallots, I was told to just chop them as the bitterness that comes from just chopping, wouldn't be noticed in the way they were being used.


  2. I am in the process of getting a new countertop installed and wanted to get everyone's opinion on the finish of the counter top. We are getting granite and we are trying to choose between highly polished or honed (matte) finishes. Besides style differences, are there any significant differences between the two. I feel that the highly polished will show scratches over time. does the matte finish have an impact on how spilled liquids would impact the finish and stone?



  3. Thanks for the info. I didn't know about the dishwasher aspects of the copper core but I probably won't put them in the dishwasher. Thanks for the info. It is really helpful. (Cost isn't so much of a factor as I am just adding the pots and pans to the registry list).


  4. I am wondering what is the difference (in terms of performance) between some of the copper core all clad to a Mauvel style copper pans? I know that the copper core from all clad has copper sandwiched between the stainless steel and the all copper with stainless steel insides needs polishing but I am wondering about performance characteristics.



    I am trying to determine what I should add to the wedding registry.

  5. I just finished taking a class at the French Culinary Institute. While the class covered a lot of the basics. (Not as advanced as the wybauw class) it did go into a lot of detail.

    One tip that I thought was interesting came from a chef teach the class. She mentioned that they did Olive oil and salt filed chololate petit fours. How do you fill chocolate bonbons with olive oil and close them off? They take parchment paper and spread chocolate that would cover the bottom of the mold on it. When it begins to set they put it on the filled mold and press hard to "attach" it to create the bottoms. They then remove the paper and scrape. This wasn't demonstrated but it seemed like a neat technique.

    Not sure if I will have time to take the wybauw class in NYC.... but boy I sure would love to!

  6. We ended up going to Saul and the meal was very nice. Service was very good and I really enjoyed the ribeye. As for comments on being a destination, we were looking for a place in brooklyn that was near home but nice. Saul was the place. We will probably try patois in the sometime near future.


  7. I've been meaning to try both places, and now that I am being taken out for my birthday I am trying to decided a good place to go (In brooklyn -> cobble hill/smith or court street area). I've narrowed down my choices to Patois and Saul.

    Any comments?



  8. HI.

    I've seen 24 inch stoves from lots of different manufacturers when I looked at renovating my kitchen. Are you planning on keeping the stove and when you move? You should check your lease, landlord and/or real estate lawyer. (I've read in the NY times that you might be required to put the original stove back, even if yours is newer and better.)


  9. I am looking for a place to get simple wedding favor boxes to hold chocolate covered almonds that I am making for my wedding. There won't be lot of guests. 100 people max so some of the places recommended on this site in the past may not be suitable. (There is a japanese company that has great boxes but the quantity is too large). Has anyone had any experience with the site below. Other recommendations are welcome!




  10. I just made two batches of Canneles this weekend and everyone loved them. I used Michel Roux's recipe.

    One issue I had is that the bottoms of the canneles were not flat. I am using silpat molds and baked them according to the recipe (400 degrees F). I tried the second batch at 350 for 20 minutes before raising the temperature but that didn't help much.

    Any ideas. Besides the lopsided bottoms (they actually puffed rounded out of the molds), they were delicious!



  11. I have nachos when I work late and want something quick. I use dessert pepper black bean dip, jalapenos, and shredded cheese (one of those mexican mixes you find in the super market). I microwave it for 2-5 minutes to melt the cheese (and the quick time in the microwave keeps the chips crunchy).

    Edit: I put my cheese on top of everything.

  12. [...]I am still exploring brooklyn but an excellent place is Dhaka Indian Restaurant on atlantic ave.

    Atlantic and what?

    148 Atlantic Ave.

    (Between Clinton and Henry St.)

    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    (718) 858-4340


    Note: While I have lived on the upper west side there is nothing there worth noting.

    I would disagree, Jeff. I've found Indus Valley (99th and Broadway) to be a very good North Indian restaurant. Best, no; very good and dependable and a good value, yes. The last time I went there was a few months ago.

    I've never been there but I will have to try it! There are lot of great places above 86th street but that is a little far to go if I want to just go out and get someting as am more near lincoln center. (I don't think they would deliver to 66th st.) Also, now that my fiance is in Brooklyn, I spend a lot of my time there.


  13. While not directly in NYC> (Manhattan). I've had really outstanding food at Patang on central ave in (Yonkers/elmsford?)

    I am still exploring brooklyn but an excellent place is Dhaka Indian Restaurant on atlantic ave.

    Note: While I have lived on the upper west side there is nothing there worth noting.


  14. The deep rich flavor actually comes from the cocoa.

    You need a recipe that has water, dutch processed cocoa powder, sugar, and chocolate.  Your thickening agent can be whatever you want, but a good easy choice is always cornstarch.

    If you need a recipe let me know.  I am just being lazy right now and not posting one automatically.

    Thanks for the info I will first check the cookbooks I own for a recipe.

  15. PS: If you were in France who knows, it may have been Valrhona or it could have been a very "ordinary" chocolate.

    What kind of place was it in you had the profiteroles?

    We were in Biarritz at a pizza place called "Le Majestic Chez Fernanda" which is a Pizzeria Restaurant and Creperie. It made great pizzas (very fresh ingredients). I had a cepes pizza (which were just coming into season). It was also casual which made it nice after a day of sightseeing/driving.


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