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  1. cool i will check it btw i the last few times i eat at DUCASSE was during the essex house reno it was not expensive in fact discount during this time ducasse was fixing the menu also our friends for DUBAI bought essex house to make it jumeirah the room was amazing and the food intense and beautiful good luck on your new site!
  2. no i did not see it. is this the wine series with superstars with Club Chasse? Who is coming next please share the link good luck with bernardin; i did not eat there in some time but when i worked in nyc this was the place for special occasions. i feel lucky to have attended a montrachet tasting in the salon upstairs with a special menu of very simple dishes prepared by eric with all these good things about la chronique and with the warm weather now i will book a lunch soon and try the fish tasting
  3. LC - maybe she had the same impression as me whats the big deal?! we have to be a bit more careful with the phrase 'great restaurant' certainly it do not have the consistentcy of LE BERNARDIN and for sure there is not the same genius at work to make a fish tasting menu is to be able to make a perfect fish each time which is very hard even for the michelin stars in france i will say that i had some of the best dessert in montreal there and also a good wine list and the room itself is special and intimate and basic strait forward - very montreal i do not remember the tasting menu of $195, but if they pour GREAT wines then maybe this is ok
  4. LC review in gazette today 2.5 stars Quote: "we need chefs like Taro's who can take suhi from ordinary to extraordinary"
  5. Forgot to say - me too I like tartare with white wine... especially white bordaux or even champagne cuts the richness and let you eat the whole plate good with the garlic as well
  6. Why don't you open one yourself, and see how lucrative it can be. ← for what? i am not a resto entrepreneur the opposite, i am a good resto COSTUMER why would you say such a thing?
  7. careful selection of seasonal fresh fish is very important i agree small selection - i have no problem as long as it is fresh and tasty
  8. Notice to all resto owners: i would like byob terrasse thank you
  9. nice work M. Lutins what did you letter say?
  10. this summer will see a new change a new law is passed to allow more sidewalk cafe like in italy or france like this many more places will have a small terasse this is good
  11. no man or resto is an island i doubt that you do not compare one duck confit of one resto to another in your profession or one frite to another or one chef to another or one resto to another with your rating system like that, i compare one sushi to another anyway, i will check out Taro. Even if the food does not make me think again about montreal poor sushi quality at least the girls will distract me!
  12. Ummm...What's a Spring dish light? ← sorry lite food for springtimes
  13. lharrison i am in new york half the year. yasuda is near my house i eat at yasuda 2 or 3x a week my banker (he is 60 year of a certain age) he eat there every day 5x a week for me and my wife, we eat a lot, for lunch never more than $180 including taxes and tip and sake and desset and tea for dinner maybe $250 and this is for too much food all this also include a free lecon about fish and biodiversity one time i did a special tasting for my company with 12 types of unagi fresh awater and seawater you cannot compare to anything in montreal sorry i will go check TARO more for the models than the fish
  14. let us know i have zero hope for montreal sushi sadly they cannot afford good fishes
  15. what point are you trying to make? that wines with terroir cannot have expressive fruit?
  16. ?!?!?!?!?!? What is this to do with JOE BEEF? somebody please tell me if they increase the price at JOE BEEF also do we have some dish light for printemps
  17. you come from texas YOU DO NOT want montreal beef lamb another story go in the archives and read the magic words of mr. CARSWELL he has many tours and special guide including SMOKED MEAT including CONFIT DE CANARD including our excellent markets
  18. hmmm, sounds more like Flammekueche or Tarte Flambe. i will definately check it out. as for pizza, i have to second the vote for Amelio's, when I was at McGill it was practically a stable in our research group. Thomas ← dont forget amelio = byow which is very nice also options of whole wheat crust which is nice of course it is not 'real' pizza like you see in italy but very tasty anyway
  19. please to be correct: it is HOOCHIES, not hooches.
  20. because in the land of the blind the one eye man is king
  21. why what happedn to carswell? i am back in town now looking for more good tips from him and others
  22. SHELORA dont forget if you froze the butter you can use a MICROPLANE to shave it very nicely on the breads to get a good spread
  23. expensive: renoir in sofitel. but amazing. medium: vaudeville eggs bendict cheap: COSMOS heartattack in a plate
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