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  1. Regarding kalbi, I have seen some recipes that say "grill for 5 minutes" and others that say "stew for 1.5 hours." To me, this seems like such a wide gulf. Which is it? A quick-cooking type of meat, or one that benefits better from a long, slow cooking? Tell me quick, I have some kalbi ribs from H-mart.
  2. Is there a marked difference between SMBC and regular American buttercream? What I'm getting at is whether boiling the sugar in SMBC makes all that much difference in the end product, as compared to mixing confectioner's sugar & butter in American-style... Thanks !
  3. Thanks, shaloop. Walnuts make the best nuts for this, I've found. Any other nut makes it too sweet. I wanted to make this cookie again tonight, but couldn't find my notebook, and couldn't find the bookmark, so allllll I had to do was go to Google and type: best chocolate chip cookie recipe blog and it came up number one! I got a kick out of that!
  4. This is terrible! (I made larb last week myself, btw) Sugar chopped mint leaves? ...whatever that is...!! Ginger? No!
  5. Prawncrackers, Is the chicken rice the same as described in this thread, or something different? Looks wonderful!
  6. I tried making this cookie with chopped up Halloween candy the other day (Hershey bars & Butterfingers). The result was okay...texture was good, but it was all a little too sickly sweet. Dark chocolate is best for this recipe! What is your favorite kind of nut to put in cookies? I like walnuts. Pecans are good, too, but a little on the sweet side. Has anyone tried chopped almonds? What else? I brought this cookie (with dark chocolate chunks & chopped pecans) to a potluck and it was a hit. I got many requests for the recipe.
  7. Hm, I see a lot of lime leaves & lemongrass references...I'm surprised! Just curious, does the HSSS recipe call for lime leaves & lemongrass? I don't have the book, but I'm about to order it right now.
  8. percyn, I larb that picture! I think I'll make some larb tonight (after stopping by the local Mexican grocery for mint and for the onions and garlic I ran out of (which btw is a HUGE tragedy in our house...we cannot go a single day without having onions and garlic on hand)).
  9. Actually, I misunderstood and thought that jook and joongzi were the same thing, so your answer was correct for me.
  10. Oh, ok. I lost the cup that comes with the rice cooker long ago, so i've just been guessing, and putting in 2 cups of dry rice with 2.25 cups of water. One more question - for anyone who makes joongzi, do you use regular water or broth ?
  11. Bruce, that looks good! I like the idea of mincing your own pork steaks. One note - it's been my experience that cooking the mint will take away the flavor. I've had better luck by adding it as a topping, uncooked. My husband and I cooked this dish for the first time about 4 months ago. We were surprised at how easy it was to make one of our favorite Thai dishes, and since then, we've had it a gazillion times. I dice up lettuce into small squares, and I have several little dishes sitting around the meat plate filled with chopped mint, cilantro, scallions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sometimes pickled carrots & radishes (Vietnamese style). Jasmine rice on the side as well. For the meat, I usually fry it with a chopped yellow onion. We have done both turkey and pork. I like the pork, DH likes the turkey. I think next time I'll mix one lb of pork and one lb of turkey and see how that turns out. I add 1/4 c. of lime juice and 1/4 c. of fish sauce, and a few hits of soy sauce and sriracha, mixed together, to the cooked meat.
  12. I, too, prefer how the jasmine strands stay separated. But so many people have raved over Korean rice, and I live just 3 or 4 blocks away from a Korean grocery store - I'm willing to give Korean rice a shot. Anyone want to tell me the ratio of rice to water using a regular rice cooker? Thanks!!
  13. Oh, that sounds SO good! I don't suppose you could share the recipe? Thai jasmine fan here....
  14. OK.....I'm not sure which recipe you're talking about, but I'm talking about the one at the very beginning of this thread. There is no honey in that one. I think the recipe is just like Tollhouse recipe, except that a cup of sugar was added to it, and then the recipe was halved. That's why it's good that it's a half recipe - they get eaten faster. Also, it's important to use bittersweet chocolate. If you use semi-sweet, the cookies will be too sweet. I LOVE this recipe and have it memorized already.
  15. Okay, WOW! I just made the whole batch of cookies, and these are SO good! I can't figure out what it is about the recipe that makes them so incredible. I mean, the recipe basically looks just like Tollhouse cut in half. Mine is not to question, but to scarf down the rest.
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