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  1. Here is the final cheesecake I ended up going with the recipe I tried out last week. I used regular granulated sugar on the top. I bruleed the top at 9:00 am and didn't cut it until 3:00 pm and the sugar was still crisp on top (as you can see in the picture, it was hard to cut and was somewhat jagged since it was so delicate.) Otherwise it came out great. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. HERE is a link to a previous discussion on one. I tried this cake with 1/2 cup oil and 4 eggs, seperated, it was good. ← I've also been looking for a basic vanilla/white cake using oil that won't get firm under refrigeration. So, I just made this cake as directed except in two 8" round pans. It domed quite a bit and was kind of heavy. I didn't alter the ingredients this time. I much preferred the version I made earlier using less oil and more eggs and seperating the eggs and whipping them and then folding them in. That cake was light and a good base for a whipped cream and strawberry filled cake. As written, however, I wasn't crazy about the texture or heaviness.
  3. HERE is a link to a previous discussion on one. I tried this cake with 1/2 cup oil and 4 eggs, seperated, it was good.
  4. I was thinking about this too. But, when I torch the sugar the cheesecake gets somewhat soft and needs rechilling. Creme Brulee recipes say to rechill after torching the top for no more than 4 hours. I'm thinking I can chill the cheesecake or maybe even freeze it and then caramelize the sugar and rechill for maybe thirty minutes to rechill and deliver it within that window. I realize that any cheesecake not eaten right away won't stay crunchy though.
  5. Lemon chiffon cake with whipped cream and fresh raspberries and a slice of brown sugar cheesecake.
  6. I made the trial cheesecake today for my company. I replaced half the amount of whole eggs with yolks and increased the amount of whipping cream and vanilla. I used brown sugar on top, mixed with water so that I could spread it in an even layer on top of the chilled cheesecake (saw several recipes with those instructions.) Bruleed the brown sugar (with torch) and re-chilled. It was very good. But, the brown sugar layer was too thick and although the top bubbled, the bottom wasn't caramelized. I took one of the two slices left after company was gone (was cut into about 20 thin slices) and sprinked white sugar on the cut side and bruleed with the torch and it was perfect. So, I think I have my recipe for next week. I forgot to take a picture and it went fast. I'll try to remember to take a picture of next week's. Thanks for all the help!
  7. This is very close to my version of Hershey's Perfectly chocolate cake. The only differences are that it uses rice dream and vinegar instead of buttermilk. Should be o.k. And significantly less leavening. I use 2 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp baking soda. Everything else, amounts and all, are the same as my recipe. Also, I use hot coffee and add it last after the other wet and dry ingredients are mixed thoroughly. (If I want it moister, I add 1/4 cup more oil. But if I need to split and fill it I stick with 1/2 cup and it works fine.) It's a very good cake. So in case my above ramblings weren't clear, the recipe they gave you should be fine with the addition of more leavening. Here is a link to Hershey's Black Magic Cake It is VERY similar.
  8. lol, well thanks!! A lady at my husband's work asked me to make a Creme Brulee Cheesecake for her co-worker. Her co-worker loves creme brulee and cheesecake (and she also wants a cake she can share with the whole office.) So, it needs to actually be a cheesecake, but reminiscent of creme brulee in some way. I saw a cake in "Baking With Julia" that is chocolate with creme brulee on top. The creme was cooked first and then chilled and then put on the cake and bruleed before serving. However, I will be delivering the cake and they will be cutting it so it needs to be completely assembled and easily delivered and cut, preferrably chilled completely assembled before delivering. I just wondered if anyone had made one or had any ideas. I'm having company this weekend and plan to try it out tomorrow and see how I like it before making the actual cake for the lady.
  9. Someone has requested a creme brulee cheesecake for next week. Does anyone have a tried and true recipe? I have a standard cheesecake which is very good and I've thought that if I don't find a T&T recipe that I'll try altering my basic recipe by replacing half the eggs with equal amount yolks and upping the whipping cream and caramelizing sugar on top. There's not really any such thing as creme brulee flavor so I'm not sure what else I could do. Any suggestions?
  10. Well I just made this version of the Spago Cake and while it tasted lovely I have to admit that I strayed from the recipe a bit. I didn't grease and flour the sides of the pan, only lined the bottom. While cooking the cake was nice and high but once done it sank (both pans), especially in the middle. I put them on cooling racks, upside down and almost immediately they fell onto the racks (though in 3" deep pans), tearing from around the sides. I turned them over and released them from the sides with a spatula and turned them out and inverted back up to cool. They tasted good and were somewhat delicate and very chocolatey, but I lost a few pieces. I was able to patch together a decent black forest cake with it, but next time I'll follow the instructions exactly as far as greasing/flouring and treat it as any other layer cake. Has anyone thought that maybe the recipe is wrong? The oil and water amounts are opposite that of a normal chiffon cake. Anyone think they may have been accidentally swapped?
  11. Not Rodney, but yes, Hummingbird cake usually has cream cheese frosting. I've never used this recipe, but the only difference in this recipe and mine are that she used melted butter instead of oil, should be more flavorful, but maybe more dense after refrigeration. I don't drain my pineapple but add juice and all. Makes it more moist and flavorful. I chop my bananas instead of mashing, don't want banana cake. And in my cream cheese frosting I use half butter/half cream cheese.
  12. ← Somewhat off topic but I have to mention, the banana brownies from this book are possibly the best brownies ever. But, you have to make them EXACTLY as written. I've tried them using the same ingredients but different mixing methods and they didn't come out right.
  13. THIS site says 375. However, when I made one I used 350F.
  14. I just discovered Victoria Sponge cake. It's quite buttery but yet light and very easy. HERE is a recipe.
  15. vanilla panna cotta with strawberry coulis. 1st time making and will be making again, very easy and light. Great for summer!
  16. Friday night after hosting southwestern fajita dinner, had cheesecake with fresh berries. Was gorgeous, but I forgot to take a picture and it went so fast.... Saturday, coming down with a sinus infection, no dessert (barely any dinner.) Sunday, sticky buns for breakfast and for dessert, after a potluck mexican themed dinner at a friends house, I carried mexican chocolate cake (Maida Heatter's mexican chocolate cake with semisweet ganache flavored with mexican vanilla) and margarita pie (spinoff of lemon icebox pie made with limes, tequila and triple sec.) I must say they both turned out very well. I wasn't allowed to bring any of the leftovers home. (Much to the dismay, and protest, of our houseguest.)
  17. I also make a butter "frosting", American style buttercream with butter, 10x sugar and cream. Smooth, not gritty, not crusty and actually good. Especially on cupcakes. I have a problem with making buttercream that takes longer than it does to make the cupcakes, . I reserve that for the knock your socks off cakes.
  18. I have already read your post and bookmarked it as well as a few others I found here (on egullet.) I enjoyed reading your highlights (and lowlights.) How does Louisians Lagniappe rate? We ate there several years ago and the food was good. Anyone eaten there? Any thoughts? Thanks again for everyone's help and if anyone else has any other suggestions I'd love to hear them. Planning trip for end of July/1st of August. Thanks again.
  19. We're planning our family vacation in Destin this year. First time with kids (first time in 6 years.) Looking for good food. Reasonably priced but good for most meals, but at least one knock your socks off meal. I'm also looking for the best place for dessert or pastries. Any dessert cafe's or good bakeries? Even for the best restaurant dessert or seafood. I'm from Biloxi, MS, so only looking for not-so-average or run-of-the meal seafood. Also, are there any fresh markets or places to find quality ingredients, whole foods markets or anything like that? Any restaurant/baking supply stores? Any other recommendations would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance
  20. I love baking a great cake. I bake for the taste, texture and use of quality ingredients. I'm not a good decorator though and I know the way the cake looks plays a big part. If someone orders a scrumptious, indulgent cake for a celebration, (and they pay the price for a quality cake) you want it to look good sitting in the middle of the table. I'm working on that part. My husband keeps encouraging me to practice with fondant. It looks way cool. The reluctant part of me is the part that wants everything to taste as good as it looks. Although he likes the look of those polished cakes, he thinks it's silly to have half the cake be inedible. I agree. But I also agree that you can't get that look any other way. I'm working on decorating with fruit, chocolate, and other tasty garnish that add an elegant touch. (Like those amazing pineapple flowers!!!). But, if I ever want to go farther, esp into wedding cakes, I know I need to learn how to use fondant. But, I want to make it tasty too. Any other ideas?
  21. I'm an au natural kind of girl myself when it comes to cooking and shy away from artificial colors and flavors in baking, but, had a request for red velvet cake and looked up numerous recipes on the net and came up with one that people love. It uses less oil than Jaymes' recipe and more cocoa. It is moist, tender, faintly cocoa with a buttermilk/vinegar mild tang and finished off with a creamy, delish cream cheese frosting. It's actually good! As far as the color, I only use 1 ounce food color, but I guess without it it would be a strange color for a cake. (Light tannish, pinkish, brownish, lol.) Anyway, it is a tasty cake but I only make it when requested as I don't care for using the food color.
  22. Sure. It's Gale Gand's Pecan Coffee Cake After tasting the cake I would say it was good but not great. If I made it again I would reduce the eggs by one to make it softer/lighter in texture. I think it looks better than it tastes, lol.
  23. The exact same thing started happening to me when I switched from a hand to a stand mixer. Now I cream the butter and sugar in the stand mixer. Add eggs, one at a time just till mixed, and then fold in the flour by hand with a large rubber spatula. Helps some. But my pound cakes just arent' the same with the stand mixer as by hand.
  24. I'm in the same boat. When my bread/pizza making hobby got going good, I found I had Fibromyalgia and my arm/hand strength has declined. I thought I'd have to give up breadmaking. Since getting a 6qt KA I've begun making bread again. I was disappointed at first. I'm learning how to tweak recipes to make them the same. I found I was adding more flour than when making bread by hand as I thought the dough was supposed to clean the entire bowl. Now my bread is coming out more like it did by hand, by kneading it for less time in the mixer. It's been great for me, just a home hobby baker. And it's also been great for cake making, beating egg whites, whipping cream, etc.
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