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  1. Is there any way we can get your recipe for a "Scratch" cake that tastes like a mix? Does it have the texture of a mix? It's funny that we're even trying to make a scratch cake taste like a mix, isn't it?
  2. I tend to combine two or more recipes together. So, my favorite chocolate chip cookie is a combination of the Toll House Recipe and Alton Brown's recipe. I do not melt the butter first. And, I reduced the amount of flour and omitted the milk. The ingredients are: 1 c butter 1 c brown sugar 1/2 c sugar 1 egg 1 egg yolk 1 tsp vanilla 2 c ap flour 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1 1/2 c chocolate chips Very soft and chewy. Best eaten same day. However, for the cafe I wanted a cookie that would stay soft longer. So, I added back the 1/4 c flour and added 2 tbsp corn syrup (instead of milk)
  3. I would love your recipe please. Shalisha
  4. I've been following this thread too and wondered if maybe Ling was a food writer or critic. Who goes to that many restaurants! LOL. Then I saw a picture of her (eating THREE desserts) and thought, "That's not fair!" I wish I could eat just one dessert and look like that. Then, I though, Maybe she only eats dessert?
  5. These look wonderful!!! Any chance I could get the recipe?
  6. I want to cry because I can't see ANY of the pictures you're posting Ann (Chefpeon). I'm sure they're wonderful. I even tried cutting and pasting the link in a new window and I can't. I went to your website and still can't see the pictures on the site. I just get those darned white boxes with red x's. But I'm still enjoying reading your posts and everyone else's. And eveyone else's pictures! I love this place!!!
  7. "So should I post the recipe that I use? Is anyone interested in trying it?" I'd love the recipe. Thanks. (This is for Gleep)
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