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  1. My favorite apple cake (which I made this morning) and is very simple but very good. Cinnamon Apple Cake from Cooking Light. Picture Here. The first recipe is the one I use, which I've always made it with butter even before the revision came out. I use Granny Smith Apples which are wonderfully tart against the sweet, crunchy crust.
  2. HERE is one I posted in a previous thread on cupcakes. These are my favorite cupcakes. If not overbaked they are very light, moist and tender. The recipe works well halved to make 12 and can be made in the food processor and I've also subbed part cocoa and baking soda to make chocolate cupcakes and they've always turned out well. The key to them is not to overfill the liners and not to overbake.
  3. Thanks for everyone's advice. I'm not sure if I'll be using this oven or not. It's factoring into my decision of whether or not to move into a new location. I have to move, just deciding if I want to move here or not. This is what kind of oven it has, as the place used to make pizza and other breads. Have to make decision before October 1st. Will let you know what happens.
  4. Can I bake cakes in a deck oven directly on the floor of the oven? If not can racks be purchased for deck ovens?
  5. I've found that simply omitting an egg from the basic Nestle Tollhouse recipe makes a very good, chewy cookie. I also use 1 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup white instead of 3/4 cup of each. OR THIS is an excellent recipe that I found on the back of a bag of Gold Medal Flour. I had previously combined the Alton Brown recipe with the Cook's Illustrated recipe and settled on something very similar to this as my Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie. It had one more egg. (1 egg + 1 yolk = 3 eggs when doubled with no wasted egg whites--I know it's not really the same but the results were still good.) However, recently I started getting cakier cookies from this recipe and one day realised that my usual brand of large eggs were much larger than another brand's large eggs. I dropped one egg and voila!! Perfect cookies again. Then I found this recipe on my bag of flour and low-and-behold, it was exactly the same except that I use more brown sugar than white and less chocolate chips.
  6. What's wrong with them? Maybe someone could help you troubleshoot.
  7. Could you please tell me where to find this recipe? ← Was this the one you were looking for? Unbelievably Good Chocolate Chip Cookie
  8. I've only been in business 3 months, but I'm trying to figure out my next move. The space that I share with another business (tamales and storage for sno-cone business) is small and once the tamale business starts serving customers from the building (instead of just delivery, as is now) it will really be too small for both of us and I'm the one that will have to go. Right now I could use another cooler but there's just no room to put it. I'm doing good so far with my wholesale customers and things are picking up. I also have some retail customers and am finding that I don't like delivering. I'm fine with delivering to business/wholesale customers as someone is always there. But for individuals, it's so much hassle scheduling a specific time and delivering to who knows where. But, retail pays better. I make more profit on retail. But, I've considered the overhead of a retail shop, hiring employees, etc. I'm thinking of a retail location that is just basically a kitchen with a small storefront where customers can come in and pick up orders. Although, I know there's still the matters of business hours and someone having to be there those hours. I've learned that a small baking business is harder to pull off than I ever imagined. It's very hard to stay small in a place where rent is so expensive and home-based baking businesses are illegal. No real question, just rambling and adding my agreement. This, however, could you explain please?
  9. Actually, the Tollhouse recipe calls for 2 1/4 cups of flour. If you halved that, it would be 1 1/8 (or 1 cup + 2 tbsp) of flour. This recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of flour. The amount of flour makes a huge difference in the texture of the cookie in my opinion. Not saying either recipe is better, just different.
  10. I did go. I enjoyed it. I'm not sure I would go again though. The Dessert Expo was paired with the CoffeeFest. I think the expo was mostly geared towards coffeeshop owners. There were restaurant design services, coffee syrup and frozen beverage companies, packaging companies, coffee roasters and manufacturers and dessert manufacturers among a few others. The desserts looked very nice and most that I tasted were very good. Any new coffeeshop or restaurant owner who wasn't involved with creating or producing their own pastries or desserts would have been impressed. And although there were several very informative demonstrations and presentations by pastry chefs, I'm a newbie and have lots to learn. I believe most posters on this board, however, would already know the things demonstrated. There were some new products such as packaged joconde mix which I got a sample of and can't wait to try and baking transfer sheets for joconde (or other applications.) I got samples of chocolates that I look forward to comparing. I even got a few recipes that I'd like to try. But, as it was in Atlanta it's only a 6 hour drive from me and I have family there and so it was a dual purpose trip and I didn't have to pay airfare or lodging. If it were hosted somewhere less convenient or farther away in the future I probably wouldn't bother. All in all, though, it was nice.
  11. I didn't think that but I immediately thought of the famous Seinfeld episode that involved muffin tops - where the bottom was ripped off and only that big glorious crunchy top was being sold. Is there such a beast as a muffin pan where the body of the muffin is really shallow and a big wide crown is allowed so you end up with mostly muffin top? ← Here you go. Muffin Top Pan
  12. I saw them at the Market in Atlanta the last time I was there and after having read this discussion I had to get some. They were maple filled and delicious with my coffee. My son enjoyed them and said they tasted like waffles with syrup and I guess they did!
  13. I second this recipe except I didn't add anything to it. I made it exactly as written from the book and it was delicious.
  14. To this ratio I also add 2 tbsp heavy cream.
  15. I would love to know how to get that flawless finish. Also, any recipes would be appreciated. Right now I do a peanut butter cup cheesecake that is covered in ganache, but they don't have to be perfect and also I do a sort of zig-zag on top and then sprinkle on toasted, chopped peanuts, so it doesn't matter. But I'd love to be able to do larger cakes with a perfect, smooth finish on top and around the sides without spatula marks or drips. Any tips?
  16. Yes I have. They're not my favorite for tenderness or lightness, but they'll do in an emergency. They're very easy and my two children, ages 4 and 6 made them by themselves (I only put them in the oven and took them out. They did everything else.) and they came out fine. So they're also very easy.
  17. I've just begun doing wholesale and think this will be a good opportunity to see what other areas are offering and to see if there are any other items that would be good to offer my clients. I think it's always a good idea to know what others are offering and what's new so that I can learn how to do it, lol.
  18. Is anyone planning to attend this year? Has anyone attended in the past and if so do you find that it helped your business or improved your skills? If you plan to attend this year what do you hope to get from it? I plan to attend this year and hope to learn what's new in the field as I'm new to the business and live in a dessert challenged area. Link to Dessert Expo
  19. I had to laugh at this one. When I was a newlywed I once made a strawberry trifle for a get-together with Sara Lee Poundcake, cream cheese, Amaretto flavored condensed milk and cool whip and half fresh/half frozen sliced strawberries. It was a hit. Ten years later It is still often requested by friends. I reluctantly make it as I can actually make other pretty decent baked goods now, but I just won't die!! I just had to laugh because I can't believe someone else makes this too.
  20. Do you have a recipe for the caramel. It looks delicious!!
  21. I grew up with the traditional southern corn syrup goo pecan pie and never liked it. I now exchange the amounts for brown sugar and corn syrup, using two parts brown sugar to one part corn syrup and one part melted butter. (plus pecans and eggs). Sometimes I substitute maple syrup for the corn syrup.
  22. I think the Quaker recipe is quite different than Snowangels. It calls for 1 1/2 cups AP flour and 3 cups oats (1:2 ratio) where Snowangel's calls for 1/2 cup flour and 2 1/2 cups oats (1:5 ratio). The Quaker recipe is a great cookie and maybe you could try it but omit the raisins or replace them with chocolate chips. I've been using a modified version of the Quaker recipe by adjusting it to use equal parts flour and oats (2 cups of each) and upping the brown sugar to 1 1/2 cups. And I do use the raisins. Makes a very chewy cookie.
  23. I've always liked butterscotch blondies with butterscotch chips and no chocolate. Caramel sounds good too, but not noticeably salty would be to my taste. Other good variations include cappuccino or mocha brownies. I've never had a cheesecake brownie that I've liked. I prefer more of a chocolate taste, and brownies seem to be too small to get enough of a cheesecake flavor or texture for my taste. Then again, I know how much amazing talent there is here, so it's very likely that if one of YOU made the cheesecake brownie, I'd love it! ← I like cheesecake brownies. It took me awhile to get the cheesecake part to my liking, many of the recipes ended up with a somewhat wet cheesecake after sitting. I start with the Fine Cooking, Chewy brownie recipe linked to in my earlier post and add my tweaked cheesecake batter (which is different than what I make my cheesecakes with.) MMmmmm......
  24. I adore the combination of banana and chocolate (in fact, it's the only fruit I can stand to mix with what I already consider God's most perfect product), so please do tell us more. I'm assuming it's bananas mashed up in an otherwise chocolate brownie? ← It's from Ultimate Brownie Book by Bruce Weinstein
  25. My favorite brownies are Chewy Brownies from fine cooking. Rich, chocolaty, and chewy. Excellent as they are or as the base for countless adornments. I also LOVE the banana brownies from a Brownie Cookbook. Can't remember book title or author, will post when found.
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