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  1. Thank you both -- off to Mr. Google!
  2. I started a baking business last month, and have just received an order for 10 dozen coconut macaroons for Passover. Though I have many macaroon recipes in my library, I don't have a tried and true that I know will stand up for retail, and I don't have much (any, really) time to test recipes. Does anyone have a good, sturdy macaroon recipe they can share? TIA!
  3. ClearJel is cheap, and easily available from many sources (I get mine @http://www.sweetc.com/), it gives you stable and completely transparent glaze, which is why many pastry chefs favor it. Good Luck! ← When is the last time you ordered from Sweet Celebrations? I heard a rumor that they were going out of business a few months ago, and at that time, no one was answering the phones. : (
  4. Oooh, please do report. I am trying to perfect my fourless choc torte for my new baking business, and I'm getting close...... but am not quite there yet. Moist and a solid structure are exactly what I'm trying to achieve.
  5. I would like to know more about that gorgeous cake, please!!
  6. Thanks, Duncan -- I like the idea of a cardboard box with a clear lid.
  7. Here are some ideas, Ruth: Mad Baker's Macaron Set on Flickr has lots of good ideas. Be sure to view both pages. Another on Design is Mine blog. And another at Bliss Wedding Market. And finally, the Laduree macaron boxes. These are from a google images search for 'macaron.' edited to add: It just occurred to me that you could perhaps use a clear acetate collar to wrap around your macarons to keep them in line and nicely stacked. Then slide that whole assembly into your bag. Voila! ← Thank you so much for the ideas, John! I will clicky away with great optimism.
  8. I have recently started a new baking business (www.ruthssweetpleasures.com, if interested), and am having fits trying to package my macarons well. I purchased cello bags and gold twist ties, but I can't get a really beautiful result -- the macaron filling tends to smear on the inside of the bag on its way into the bag, and the macarons don't tend to stay nicely stacked in the bag. I'm thinking I should go to a clear box, but am concerned about a) expense and b) airtight-ness. I haven't found a slam-dunk product at any of my usual purveyors -- any recommendations would be most appreciated!
  9. Great to know, thanks! I think I'll bake the shells ahead and store at cool room temp.
  10. I'm baking a raft of macarons this weekend for an event next Thursday. Is my best bet to wait to fill them until the day before the event? I imagine the unfilled shells will have a shelf life similar to meringues, right?
  11. Would you recommend the clear cubes for, say, macarons?
  12. After a very disappointing NYE dinner at Le Bar Lyonnaise, Hubby and I dropped by Osteria (without a reservation) for a nightcap at around 10pm. Could not have been more delighted! We were offered comfortable seats at the bar and ended up ordering some half-portions of 2 pasta dishes to take away the disappointment we had experienced earlier. I ordered the squash gnocchi with brown butter and mostarda, and Oh My Heavens. Ambrosia from the gods. Perfect texture, just a bit of resistance on the tooth before it dissolves on the tongue. Flavor absolutely delicious -- I refused to share with H
  13. Perhaps your favorite bread uses potato flour? I find that potato flour gives a yellow crumb.
  14. Ditto on the bad candy mojo, here -- I made a tray of toffee last night and while I'm sure the mixture reached 300*, the toffee isn't setting up well. I chilled it overnight and got a bit of snap from it, but when chewing, it reverts to a chewy candy rather than a crisp toffee. What the hell?!
  15. Thank you! It was a lot of fun making the fondant penguins and iceberg. All hail to Pierre Herme - he truly is a master! The rose/lychee (and raspberry) combination has such a lovely balance of flavours. ← Agreed. We were in Paris this September and one of the (many) treats I grabbed to try at PH was the Ispahan macaron. It seems so unlikely, but it really is an intriguing combo -- the last bite is as interesting at the first.
  16. Absolutely adorable, and I know Dorie would love the PH tribute!
  17. Thanks for the tip re: the almond meal -- I'll try whizzing it with the sugar, as well.
  18. How's your oven temp -- have you calibrated recently? If the batter looked good going in, that's where my suspicion lies.
  19. Lookin' good! A very standard trick for improving the color of a chocolate mac is to add a few drops of red food color to the batter. Perks the brown right up. Last week I asked my local market to order Bob's Red Mill almond flour for me, so I'll be mac-ing soon, too, I hope!
  20. Alice Medrich's bittersweet chocolate gelato from "Bittersweet" is milk and a smidge of cornstarch, no cream, and it's fabulous. Keeps its texture really well, too. I'm not at home but found this through Google -- hope it's accurate. Chocolate Gelato (adapted from Bittersweet) 3 cups milk 2/3 cup sugar 3/4 cup cocoa powder 1-1/2 tbsp cornstarch In medium saucepan, bring 2 cups of the milk just to a simmer, which is when you start to see steam rising from the pan. In a medium bowl, whisk the remaining cup of (cold/room temperature) milk with the sugar, cocoa, and cornstarch. Once the milk in
  21. As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to (again) plug Dorie's Cranberry-Lime Galette -- so delicious, beautiful, and easy to put together. But mostly, absolutely delicious!
  22. I made the pumpkin muffins using only walnuts to mix in, omitting the raisins and the sunflower seeds. They domed beautifully and were very tender and yummy.
  23. I'm only a week away from the event, so may try holding at cool room temp. And I'm using the Sweet Miniatures recipe, too, so thanks for the input!
  24. Perhaps you could bake them now, and store airtight at room temperature or cooler, but not refrigerated or frozen. ← I would prefer that solution -- I wonder how long they'd keep?!
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