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  1. The food stuff was never a problem for short periods (2 to 4 days). But the most important item I've found to have is lots of water. In my area we get power outages in summer time and winter snow storms and the problem is you loose well water, so the 1st thing we do is fill up all the bath tubs and big 5 gal. buckets of water a day ahead of storm notices. this water is not for drinking it's so we can flush the toilets which becomes very important real soon.
  2. Happy B-day. Your still just a kid . Not that it changes much but the last 4 sec. of the Eagles game was decided by a 62 yd. field goal not a pass play, one way or another it was still a real heart breaker and shocking loss to their fans. the best of all was Donovan McNabb puking up like he did in the Super Bowl, I think they should try to use that in a Campbell soup commercial.
  3. Thank you for sharing you incredible tour with us , it was truely inspirational as well as educational. The pic's were great. You have certainly given one of the best tours of place one could ask for. Thanks again I've enjoyed it all.
  4. Thank you very very much for a such a great week. Peace. Bill.
  5. You blog is spellbinding. the pic's are really worth a thousands words, because it would be next to impossible to put into words the beautiful sights and people. I'm very enveious of you and you husband. What is the weather like there during the winter months? What state in the USA would you compare the climate to, and also how hot does the summer get and is it a dry or humid heat? The fact that your husband has a jacket on and it still so warm here makes me wonder. If its possible could you get pics of the inside of a bar & restaruant. I sometimes think it would be great to retire and visit all the places that people have done food blogs from.
  6. Wow what a great blog, great food, great booze, double great kitchen and made for one great week. ps Is that a downdraft vent at the back of the range?
  7. I grew up on the Chesapeake bay on the Elk river and also have family in Easton Md. and Cambridge and Chesapeake City. I still visit annualy. I've followed the reports of the condition of the Bay over the last 30 to 40 years and it's very scary and depressing indeed. The Bay is an ecological nightmare and from all the reports it's only getting worse in most places and no one seem to know what can be done to fix it. The problems seem to come from as far away as farm and streams in New York and Pa. and especially Va. I to do not eat the crab mustard like I use to. I though I remember reading somewhere that in some years the Crab harvest so low that the big commercial places on the Chesapeake would get there crabs from North & So. Carolina to keep up with their demand.
  8. If you notice the blue sail boat in the middle of the pic wher the electric line is you can see that it has no sails up and it's blue cover over the boom of the mainsail. this would seem to indicate that it's anchored. Now if you look real real closely you'll also notice small white things on the side of the boat, ther the bumpers that boater use to kee from banging against things. Since ther are no other boats near and they are not at a dock there's no real need for the things to be hanging over the side. Hope that helps.
  9. Kerry your daughter is absolutely beautiful,is her name a take off of yous? I'm so glad you are brave and confident enough to share her with us and everyone else in your life, it teaches people to be more tolerant when they meet others that are maybe a bit different. I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and we started signing with her when she was 6mo. old and it was one of the best ideas that anyone ever gave us for so many many reasons. My daughter Rachel was the 1st child with a disability ever to be (Included ) in our school district from pre kindergarden thru 8th grade. She is now in 10th grade in our local High School and swims for the Special Olympics and her mother and I are very proud of all she has done and continues to do. Now to keep this about food I must confess that she has a weight issue and is almost Willie Prater snydrome in some ways. She would live on nothing but Carbs and some protein if left to her own choices for meals. I think if she could have it her way she would have Mac & cheese for breakfast ,lunch & dinner with mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs thrown in ever other meal for dessert. The most positive about her diet choices is that she loves any kind of seafood you'll give her especially shell fish which because of her other medical issues are not real great options. Anyway I think that this just might be on of the more interisting blogs I've yet to follow. Thank you. Bill.
  10. Great blog thanks it's so nice to see other parts of the country especially from a locals perspective. Next year I hope to do a Grand Canyon rafting trip and do some traveling in this part of the country. Peace.
  11. The Rib Shanty that Andrew F. talked about is gone and a new owner opened up at the location it's called Joe's bar b q joint. If your near by you might want to give it a try but I wouldn't make any special effort to get there. I wasn't very impressed with them at all. If you do go to atlantic city get to Tony's Baltimore Grill they have a really great pizza especially with sausage.IMHO.
  12. The white jersey peachs are usually only out for a short time around here and this years crop is suppose to be very sweet because of the dry summer and so much sun this growing season. So grab a bunch and enjoy cause the wont be around for long.
  13. This looks to be a great week for us blog addicts. Your pics are great please take lots of them of anything and everything.
  14. I had a 1/2 doz soft shell's tonight for diner with my daughter (any thing with crab meat is her favorite) we used a mixture of flour & corn meal with old bay and pepper and pan fried with canola oil and butter. I am lucky enough to live 10 miles from a place that harvest them for local restaurants and we pay $3 each for whales. Tomorrow for diner I've got 2 doz. for a special treat for a co-worker thats retireing. I also have a doz. very large crab cakes and for the non seafood eater it's london broil (what's wrong with some people?). My sister makes the crab cakes from a very seceret recipe from a bygone restaurant that use to be the best at the Jersey Shore (so the legend goes)
  15. best to stay with the Washington Inn IMHO they do everything right.
  16. My father would cook almost any kind of wild game be it bird or animal or fish or even snakes and turtles but his favorite was muskrate and he would leave the heads on the body. When we served them he would give each person a head on their plate and show them how it should be eaten. First you sucked out the eyes then seperated the jaws and ate that meat followed by cracking open the head and picking out the brains, boy did this gross out many a guest at our diners. o
  17. In the picture of you getting ready to eat the pizza was that a knife and fork I saw in people's hands? Is that the regular way that pizza is eaten?
  18. Thank you Sandy for such a great great job you've done. I was born in Philly but my family moved to Maryland when I was an infant. My mother's family stayed in Phila. mostly in the Southwest section, 54th & Whitby (off Baltimore ave). When I got out of high school in the mid 60's I moved to the city and lived with a great aunt and went to night school at St. Joe's and worked in center city in the day. After a while I got an apt. at 40th & spruce with 2 other college guys. That was an unbelievable experience for a kid who grew up in the remote rural country side of MD. Anyway for one of my jobs I was what they called a "runner" in the stock market industry and my job was to take stock certificates of transfer all over the city to the different brokerage houses so I use to be out on the streets way more than I was ever in the office and I use to know every coffee shop, deli., bakery, restaurant and even bars in center city. I moved away more than 30 years ago and just started going back 3 years ago to take my daughter to some shows at the Forrest and Academy and Walnut st. theaters and some Philly and Eagles games. Your blog really made me think about all the other things that there are to take advantage of in the City. We live at the shore and the last several time we went by train, which she though was just the greatest thing. Thanks again for all the wonderful things you've reminded me of and especially for the fabulous pic's. I have a pic of my daughter in front of the Academy of Music with city hall and Wm.Penn as the background as my computer screen so it reminds me daily to keep going back.
  19. This sound very much similar to a Philadelphia area speciality called Scrappel. It's a love or hate thing that"s regional and also a cultural kinda thing (German & Pennsylvania Dutch) It's from every part of the pig that didn't get into the meat case.
  20. I recall back in the mid 60's when I can remember seeing the street vendors and every cornor news stand had pretzels and while on the way to work you'd grab some to eat (also they were easy to eat on a train or el while standing. Trying to find a bakery for the regular donut or pastery thing was not an option back then (unless uou stoped into a Horn & Hardart and almost nobody except a jewish deli had begals so pretzels it was. The real good classics never die they just get re-invented and re-discovered.
  21. We live in a shore island community so were surrounded on all sides by eco-sensitive lands and very concerned about pollution of any kind going into the water but we do pour any old cooking oil/grease out in the back corner of the yard where we feed the wild animals. Food grade oils are used in all the hydraulic lines of any construction equip. used near the water so if there's a failure of the system these type oils don't pollute like motor oil's and regular hydraulic oil, so it's EPA ok. I also think that any equip. on the water on bridges and bardges, like cranes, all have vegatable oil in them.
  22. If you go to Boston and go to any sporting event you can't get a drink without showing ID and it doesn't matter if your 65 yo. It's a city ordinance at all outdoor bars too, the server can get in trouble just for not asking.
  23. I agree about the Tun being a great beer spot and I've been there more than a few times with friends for the house brews I'm a very big fan. I also think that for a place that's primarily a bar their food is very good, we've eaten dinner there twice and it was good on both occasions. But having said that from what the original poster was asking I don't think this is the dining experience he is seeking, the Tun is more of a open party, good time experience with lots of noise and people watching and interaction IMHO. Not at all the experience on get at a place like Cafe 2825 or Steak38.
  24. Tun tavern is ok for lunch or plain bar food nothing to make a special trip for it's a brew pub. I've eaten at Chef Vola's 1/2doz times with friends and think it's over rated and have never understood all the fuss some meal were very very good but some were nothing special at all and the thing with so many nightly specials drives me crazy they have 2x as many daily specials as the normal menu has on it and there usually always the same so why not just put them on the regular menu??
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