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  1. I hate when they don't tell the price of a special and I've usually found that it's several $$ more than the average menu items so I've made it a pratice to always ask the cost of any special that I think I might be interested in trying. I think that if they have no price listed and don't tell you when they recite you the list you should be able to pay what you think it worth! How do you think that would work??? How hard is it for the restaurant to print up a small sheet and attach it to the inside of the regular menu? I'm a real big fan of the blackboard for special's especially since you can erase things your out of. I've also had a waiter quote me the wrong price of an item and that was akward when the bill came and 4 of us had specials.
  2. Steak 38 is a great choice and very close to you it always get positive comments (www.tripadvisor .com or google it) If you don't mind the drive and traffic in AC you owe it to yourself to get to Cafe 2825 for some of South Jerseys best Italian dinning especially if you looking for seafood items. Just be sure NOT to go over to the Quarter to the Cuba Libra it's the most over rated place in AC. If someone paid for my food and drinks I still wouldn't go back.
  3. The Boston Public Library has a really good grilled chicken with veggies on this amazing bread that you can get ot take outside in the center court yard for a really different dining experience and it's very reasonable. They also have a very nice sit down eat in dining room that looks a bit more upscale but still very comfortable and relaxing. The library building is more of a museum than anything else. It was one of our favorite places in Boston, very rich in history and educational. I've never eaten in the Phila. museum of Arts but it always looked to be very inviting and I will give it a try sometime, also I think they do Fancy dinners too.
  4. I also love the Amanda bottom freezer but it didn't have a water & or ice dispenser for the door because of the bottom freezer unit but that's the only reason I didn't put one in when I put in my on new kitchen last year.
  5. I've been in the kitchen remodeling business for 30+ years and about 15 yrs. ago the design people started to sell the built in look to people and sub zero was the only one with a 24" deep product to keep flush with the rest of the cabinets. Well it didn't take to long before I started to hear back from people with there complaints. The big problem I understand from engineers is that because of the inherent design of the unit it dosen't lend itself to work as well as other systems(compressor at the bottom in most all others). I've worked on $ 50 thous. kitch. and 2 or 3 years later the owner is changing frigs. because of problems. I know that I would never even put one in if I got it for free.
  6. Yes the Chatterbox is still opened and run by the same family since forever. It hasn't changed any in 30 or more years. If you use to go to Oves do you remember Brown's at 2nd & bdwk. for the donuts. Oves does a pretty decent dinner and the view's the best around.
  7. The place on 9th st. between bdwk and atl. ave. may of been Periwinkles and across the st. is Spadafora's Down East Rest. both are good and close. You could also walk up to 10th .st. and the bay to Dan's seafood , it's been around forever. One place that gets overlooked by many is The Blooming Tulip on 10th st. between Ocean ave. and the Bdwk. it's seafood and Italian and very kid freindly. Another option is Cousin's rest. at 104 Asbury ave. and don't forget to check out Callahan's Cafe they started doing dinner I think 399-3639. If you look a few posts back you'll see some other places I think are good.
  8. I am going to be in B town the end of Aug. for 4 days to go to Sox games and was starting to look for places to eat so finding this forum was like a wish come true. Of the many places I've read about I have notice that # 9 park mentioned pretty often, any idea on how far in advance I need to reserv. if I want a weekend spot. Thanks all anymore suggestions are welcomed. Especially seafood places. We'll be staying at the Park Plaza which I've read good and bad about but it's suppose to be close to everything.
  9. Yes Wonderland is still there and it's even bigger (more rides) than in previous years. It's more geared towards younger children (2 to 12) teen's wouldn't find it very exciting. Right up the boardwalk at 7th st. is a big water park that would be more to older kids liking, but they also have a special area in the back for real little kids and it's a great place to spend the day if you want a safe water experience for the babies. Very family oriented. Now back to some food places in OC. For a unique dinner try Oves on the boardwalk at 4th st. pretty good seafood not your usual plain fried stuff Lots of broiled options and always fresh every day. another great place for breakfast or lunch (especially) is the 4th st. cafe on atlantic ave. it';s a real local year round favorite. Also try the seafood place on 1st. st. an atllantic, real good dinners. For great breakfast there are many places to choose from all over town on of my favs is on 9th. st. & ocean ave called the Beach grill. and the Varsity Inn on 8th st. and welsey ave. Another real good lunch & dinner place is Callahans on asbury ave. between 6 th & 7 th. st's. If it's a cheesestake you seek try Voltaco's ( a true local legend) and a new place just opened this summer called Donkey's on asbury between 10th & 11 st. I can't finish without mentioning Brown's on the bdwk. at 2nd st. there famous for donuts, the bike riders in the am. flock to the place. For subs (hogies) my fav's Primos on asbury between 6 & 7th. st. Also Saco's up on 9th. st. (there from the original AC White house sub family. Hope this helps.
  10. After reading the responses to a newbies post I am a bit put off to leave a report about places that I've eaten at and like (or don't like) without having 1st posted a few dozen times. If that's peoples perception of novice eger's. I've been a reader of this web for over a year and finally felt comfortable enough to join and then after several weeks made a post but have still not felt comfortable ( sure enough in my ability to write with some medium degree of proficency) to write a restaurant review. Having said that I think that I'll make it a goal to eat at this place (since it's not to far away) and get back with a comment on it. I haven't failed I just found 10,000 ways that don't work. TAE.
  11. I guess I'm spoiled from having grown up living on the eastern shore of Md. where we would go to rock Hall and fill up on jumbo steamed crabs (4 to 4 1/2 doz. per bushel). We're talking big crabs. I've tried some local places down here at the Jersey shore and I don't have the patience to pick thru piles of small crabs, I just as soon get 4 or 5 soft shells and woof them down with 50 or so steamers. I never realized how spoiled I was.
  12. for that price how what size are these crabs? are they real small? and how are they cooked?
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