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  1. I always wanted to make my own challa but since the jewish deli near me makes the best ever I've never had to. we've been using it for french toast since I was introduced to it in the 70's and I can tell u nothing else comes even close. when the kids have friends over it's either that or big fat belgian waffles with fruits. When we make the french toast I'll make up a bunch that will fit in the toaster for quick breakfastes and their great
  2. plus put pb on the wheat thins or on potato chips great snack food
  3. love peanutbutter filled pretzles, i've never cared for any flavor of doritos don't know why cause I like most snacks especially crunchy cheatoes. I'll snack on a can of anchovies. Love a pumpernicle with peanut butter and bacon. I keep wheat thins in a little container in the car at all times because cheatoes make everything orange. When I get a hogie/sub I stuff it with potato chips. I love bbq but hate any snack flavored with it, try an figure that out.
  4. what a great blog. I've just finished the best part of the first day of the new year reading it. I'm very impressed and think that I now have a whole new appreation of humus. But above all else I'm really impressed with the Scotch colletion its top shelf.
  5. what a treat this has been. I love the food choices , quite out of the ordinary.
  6. If you get to Rockport Mass. there's a place called Topdog that's near the end of the street that looks out over the ocean. They have a real good dog and a great array of toppings but the real great thing is that if your standing on the spot thats marked out in front of the counter where you order from and the boston Red Sox are playing and a home run is hit (by them) your whole order is free.
  7. Try # 9 Park or Trattoria Toscana or Clio or Radius or better yet Carmen in the N. end or Sage.
  8. Hi Megan Just now catching up on your blog, this looks to be a great week. I missed your question the other day about what to eat while watching Dracula. There is only on must have proper meal,a great big giant STEAK.
  9. You did one great blog and especially over the most stressful holiday season ever invented (festiv and kaunza not included). I am impressed with your ambition. I've been involved with EMS stuff for a long time and we've always noticed that during the Holiday's we've gotten more calls from people with diabetes issues and I've always thought that it's because the holidays and big events tend to throw people off of their daily routines. I live in a summer resort town and the greatest majority of the population are vacationers. Have a happy and healthy New Year.
  10. I grew up eating grits and in last 10 years have been doing the polenta thing too but I also have been eating corn meal "mush". What's the story with MUSH.
  11. Best be carefull sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train. Your sink look very much lik the one I had installed when I put in my kitchen a few years back. it's 20 X30 and 12"deep it cost as much as the cook top but I'd do it again in a heartbeat, it's one of the best decisions I made. You can put anything in it and nothing splashes on the counter top. The only drawback would be if your were pretty short or a child you may have a problem reaching the bottom.
  12. Thanks all for such fast replies. I didn't expect my options to be to great with the wheelchair requirement but it's surprising that they are so very very few, I think that until something like this showes up in our lives and affects us in a personel way we dont think of how much it limits the people that have to deal with such matters on a daily basis. Just the condition of the sidewalks on most streets in the city are probably enough to discourage wheelchair use. Think about it when you enter any space and even if it's just one step it's going to be very difficult if your in a wheelchair. Any thanks for all the help I'm guessing it's back to the Caribou and I'll be sure to follow the advise about the reservations. Thanks and Happy Holidays , HO HO HO.
  13. I'm taking my sisters and nieces to the Forrest on the 17th for the 2pm Phantom show and they want to go out after and eat.I've been to the Caribou Cafe and was wondering if anything else real, real close by that's good (nothing real fancy or upscale necessary) The tickets came with an ad for Moriarty's but I don't know anything about it. I really need to stay within a block or 2 at most especially if weathers and issue. Katie L i could really use your input here, also Sandy don't be shy either.
  14. I don't know if it's similar to the situation about the scallops only going to 3 places but a fisherman friend of mine that is a fairly big day boat scalloper supplier for a lot of restaurants has on several occasions come back with very small catches for one reason or another (mechanical or weather ect.) and calles his best customers while on the way back to the dock and several times they (3 or 4) have bough out the entire catch before he's even returned to the dock.
  15. Thank you for a really educational look at the culture of Turkey from a food and music perspective, it's very facinating. Is that a real estate sale sign over the Simitci store a Remax logo??? Great job keep the pic's coming.
  16. Great blog I've especially liked the pic's. Would you share your bread method with me. I usually make either an omelet or french toast for breakfast when my daughters' with me and Challah bread is her favorite. we really like it (french toast) when the breads 2 or 3 days old and we make it up the nite before and let it soak in the icebox that way it just takes 5 min in the morning and bingo.
  17. After all that to consider now try and design for a (barrier free) handicap accessible kitchen and bath area. It's been an developing prosess that hasen't finished yet.
  18. Just as I thought its's all a hoax and all about the money.
  19. LMF I think you guy's have been slacking off a bit, there's been no Pic's of any Gelato lately.
  20. It's pretty common in my area that a kitchen design place will give you computer generated design of the space with cabinets and appliances and floor plan and 2 or 3 different views for nothing. BUT there are no dimensions on the drawing for any cabinent sizes. If you like the design or want to alter or change something, if its pretty basic they will just change it on the computer. Usually at this time they will give you a cost estimate of the project (cabinet, countertops). This will not include any plumbing or electric or rip out or flooring or installation. Now you get to the reason that the cost of the cabinets (easily $5 to $15 thous. without batting an eye) are only a fraction of the cost of a kitchen makeover. If the cost of the cabinets and the design are ok the designer now shocks you with the total bill with them doing your project begining to end. when all is said and done your $10K cabinets cost 25 to 30K and that's without the $2k stove and $800 sink and $2500 upgrade exhaust system. Know your budget and be realistic with your expections if your going to the big box Home Depot or Lowes. The $500 for the design you get , does the guy come to your house and measure everything out and work with your for 3 or 4 hrs. and discuss options and functions? Good Luck. One word of advice don't do any work or start and tear out until all the cabinets are actually on the job site because if somthing goes wrong with the order you'll have nothing for a kitchen.
  21. Donkey's opened up in Ocean city N.J. last year. The cheesesteaks were good but besides a round roll the big difference I noticed is all the deeply caramalized onions that for me is a plus. I always find it hard to get cheesesteak makers to burn the onions like I like them and they seem to do them that way normally
  22. Thank you LMF so much for sharing your trip with us. Your pic's are some of the best I've seen anywhere. What kind of camera do you use, are all the photos from the same camera? Also did you have a set daily food allowance or just go with the flow? All that wonderful gelato it's not fair you should be made to share. How much would a typical serving cost? Also do you speak Italian and if not was language a problem? All that cheese is beautiful. Thanks very very much again.
  23. Enjoying your blog very much. Is the fish similar to Mackeral her in the USA? Very good photos. Maybe you'll get some more local pic's for us armchair travelers.
  24. When you realize that on many days you've spent up to 8 hrs and more visiting France. Italy Japan, Spain, ect, ect. ect. And you've never left your keyboard. At times you've gone 6 or 7 levels deep into blogs.
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