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  1. Hot Doug"s = Yes French Market = not a chance See "The Bean" = totally and across the street The Gage is worth small bites, but not full plates Second City = across the street on North Ave is Old Town Ale House, a legendary pub....Bordain was just there filming Boat tour = only the Architecture Foundation, the boat should be green, not blue. Skip Blackbird and head straight to Avec next door.
  2. Cooked my first items in my new SVS. Momofuku's 48 hour Short Ribs set at 140 f w/ Pickled Carrots, Braised Dikon, and Pickled Mustard Seeds. The cooking process extended to 52 hours because I couldn't get out of bed and it was outstanding. The machine is very east to use, and the flexibiity of timing for some dishes is a relief! I love mine. Currently using vaccum Ziplocks which were messy, but worked well.
  3. I made the 48 hour Short Ribs last night in my new Sous Vide Supreme. Outstanding for the first use of the machine. Pickled Mustard seeds are a revelation for me. They will used for all kinds of things.rhinopias1@me.comrhinopias1@me.com
  4. Invited to a party with eight couples. Each couple was to bring a small plate and a pairing. We served first...Amuse, albeit a large one.... Pomegranate seed and Mango Guacamole w/ a Plantain chip Salmon ceviche spoon w/ Orange and Capers Masa boat w/ Goat Cheese Chipolte salsa and Watercress paired w/ Corzo blanco Agave margarita Very happy with the results.
  5. Holy Crap, one hand in a cast and the Trumpet and Maitake mushroom pate just took five hours. I've got five more courses to complete by Sunday 1:30pm.
  6. Anyone else having Bastille day parties? We used to have a great place here in Chicago that would have the nicest street party for Bastille day, however they have now gone big time and it sucks. As a result, I'm hosting my first Bastille day, or in the states another reason to be outdoors drinking Bubbles. I'm disabled as a result of a bike crash and only have one hand, however this is what I am trying to pull off.... Breakfast Radishes w/ a Tarragon Berre Blanc and Sea Salt Leek and Camembert Tartlets My 1st Attempt at Wild Mushroom Pate' Fennel Vichyssoe Pan Bagnat Goat Cheese Ice Cream w/ Balsamic Strawberries Whatchu think? Jim
  7. Hot Doug's is a must visit. If you like Neopolitan pizza then a taxi ride to Spacca Napoli is well worth it as I don't care for our deep dish.
  8. Sure Empanadas count, love them. That sounds like a great lunch. Will try. I travel to LA or Santa Monica a few times a year for business and have had many nice meals at upscale and/or trendy restaurants. Staying in Santa Monica with my husband this trip and thought we'd try something different if available. We are from Chicago where we are surrounded by wonderful BYOB and/or ethnic restaurants that make for a great night out. We are open to any suggestions or links where we could do our own research. Thanks.
  9. I have tried a search and have come up empty. Anyone know of a source of or have information on ethnic BYOB restaurants in Santa Monica. I would also be interested in moderately priced dining that's not BYOB. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. I just received a 4 qt Mario Batali oven for Christmas and gave it a try last night. While letting and Turkey and Buternut Squash soup simmer I put the lid on and within a few mins noticed a significant amount of steam escaping from the edges. Did I have the heat up to high, or is it not such a great brand? Anyone have experience. Soup was way satisfying though.
  11. The release party held at Thomas Masters Gallery here in Chicago was a great surprise. Guests at any one time was probably 60 to 100 guests plus a number of Alinea chefs and servers including Chef Achatz. There was six food "stations" some direct from the book including Bacon w/ Butterscotch, Apple, and Lime....Foie Gras w/ Spicy Cinnamon Puff, and Apple Candy....Wine Poached Quince w/ Fall Aromas, plus a few others. Louis Roederer champagne was flowing freely the entire evening. Quite a steal for $120.00 a couple including a copy of the book generously signed by the chef however you requested.
  12. Anyone going to the Alinea Cookbook release party at Thomas Masters gallery here in Chicago tomorrow? It's a $120.00 a couple including a signed copy of the book, some small bites, and reserve wines. I'm looking forward to it.
  13. rhinopias

    Tasting Menu

    Tomorrow night for 5 people I'm planning a tasting of summer produce. Basil 3 ways - Basil Blini w/ Salmon roe, Leaves stuffed w/ Chevre and Pine Nuts, and Pancetta wrapped Peaches with Basil and Aged Balsamic Roasted Red and Yellow Pepper Terrine Platter of Grilled Zucchini w/ Buffalo Mozzarella Watermelon Gazpacho served in it's own bowl Eggplant Ravioli w/ a Reisling sauce Corn cake with Ricotta and Arugula Scallop "Sandwich" w/ Plums - there is no bread here Smoked Pork Chop w/ Pickled Watermelon Rind Boysenberries w/ Black Currant Tea Creme Anglaise 5 Herb Ice Milk Thoughts on the progression? Anything you've been making this summer that would fit in nicely. Ideas on wines that would be a little unusual? I'll take what ever thoughts you have, although tomatoes are absent for one guest. Harsh, I know.
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