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  1. 4 out of 11 here also. Had to make hungrycat feel better! Guess I'll stay in my own country, so as not to disgrace myself!
  2. I have just finished my final assignment in the Basic Condiments course - my first eGCI adventure. It is Viognier French Tarragon Mustard, and it is whooee hothothot! But I gave it to my husband, and he said it was good. I could taste nothing but hot. I'm sure it will enhance the right sandwich sometime in the near future. Thanks to our instructors and everyone who chimed in to help me through this - it was really fun. Since every day is Saturday now, I'm ready for a new course! When can we start?
  3. I've been thinking about those photos. I do love to take pictures of food, but, I do not have a digital camera - hope to get one soon. And I did have a great 35 mm camera, but it is broken, which means I am down to disposable cameras for the time being. I believe I can still post photos, and I will try, but there will be a delay as I will need development time and then I need to learn how to scan and post these photos. However, I will begin the process-you're never too old to learn new things!
  4. Sorry for the long delay in posting. Over the weekend I finished off my first batch of mustard. It smelled and tasted delicious before I sealed it into jelly jars. I have burgers on the menu for this week, eventually, to test it out on the husband. So the weekend went by, had jury selection on Monday, lost my job on Tuesday, and the rest of the week has just flown by. Looks like I'll have a lot more time for eGullet now! Seriously, this downsizing has been a long time coming, and I am relieved to have the big announcement over with. I have been wanting to enroll in our local Culinary Arts program, which begins August 29th, so I'm taking this as a sign that I should proceed. Let the next chapter of my life begin! Anyway, back to mustard, soon I will be making the tarragon mustard recipe...I'll let you know when I get it together.
  5. For anyone who knows: I have a Lotus plant growing in my backyard pond. The lotus root dish you showed, Pan, looks like the part at the base of the flower. Somewhere I think I have heard this referred to as a Lotus "Pod". Is not this also the thing that one can find dried in flower arrangements? So, is Lotus Root actually the part that grows under the dirt, or is it the base of the flower? If it is the base of the flower, can I eat the ones growing in my pond?
  6. That's right Andie, that's my big fat boy cat named "Toes" because he's a Polydactl, also known as a Hemmingway Cat, who um, also eats mayonnaise?(must stay on topic)
  7. My mustard seeds are soaking, even as we speak. I'm pleased to see that canning is an option for this mustard - maybe if it's really great it can become part of my holiday gift giving! I enjoy canning, and my husband built me really neat shelves under the steps to display all the beautiful canned goods. Trying to use an avatar for the first time - hope it works! Edited to say... the avatar worked...can you tell what it is?
  8. What a successful weekend it was! The saffron mayo gave repeat performances on leftover roast beef sandwiches, then got a new life mixed with cocktail sauce to dip some crab appetizers in...it was really tasty. I think I read to do that somewhere on eGullet. I also whipped up a batch of ketchup - the flavor is good, if a bit "skunky". I think it may have been the influence of the sun dried tomatoes. I also made homemade french fries for the first time, to give the homemade ketchup a proper tasting session! I also remembered to look for viognier at the liquor store, and was pleasantly surprised to find 3 varieties available. Mustard saga begins tonight. I bought my mustard seeds at an Amish bulk food grocery, so they wouldn't be so expensive. I sure am having fun!
  9. What is viognier? Edited to say, I see it is a white wine, I guess. Is it dry or sweet?
  10. Last evening's beef sandwiches with saffron mayo were delicious. The mayo was good and a beautiful color, but I think my favorite of this adventure so far has been the chipotle mayonnaise. Now, on to mustard!
  11. After a holiday weekend hiatus, saffron mayo has been made (successful on the first try!), and is chilling out in fridge pending tonight's dinner. I have a lovely beef roast in the crock pot...planning to shred/slice it for sandwiches, which provide a vehicle for the mayo. Will report in tomorrow on everybody's reaction.
  12. Steve - just did my part by pre-ordering from Amazon...watch that number change! Can't wait to read your book. I'll be one of those mailing it to you for autograph, unless I'm lucky enough to get to a book signing.
  13. MaggieB


    I have a smoothie every weekday morning. Always soy milk, usually orange juice, frozen fruit and frozen banana. I had one really killer one last week that took sunflower seeds, wheat germ and peanut butter. Yum. It was called an atomic smoothie.
  14. Welcome to Maggie's World 'O Mayo...I've made 4 batches since last evening! When I tasted the chipotle mayo (made in the morning, with EVOO) in the afternoon, it was awful. VERY bitter. I believe someone upthread said beating EVOO to death can result in this. I have definitely confirmed this fact. Into the disposal. Second attempt - I knew after about 30 seconds of whisking that it was not going to work (gaining experience now ). It was split or separated, I can't quite remember the term, but someone upthread mentioned the term. Into the disposal. Third attempt - used Andiesenji's tips - regular oil, lime juice, add the adobo into the oil, etc. The magic happened, and I had chipotle mayo. About the time I got the margaritas and quesadillas made, in walked two hungry thirsty golfers. They were indeed delighted to see margaritas and quesadillas, and were overwhelmed by the simple deliciousness of the chipotle mayo. They ate all the quesadillas and got some Mexican frozen product out so they could have more mayo! So my three tries were definitely rewarded. This morning I put together a terrine before work. The recipe called for a topping that featured mayo mixed with some other things, so I of course had to make homemade mayo again. The first try was clearly not going to work...into the disposal. Undaunted, I tried a second batch, and the magic happened. To this I added garlic, parsley, and fresh dill from the back yard. Wow. I can hardly wait for dinner tonight! Things I have learned so far: 1) If at first you don't succeed, try again for heaven's sake. Eggs are cheap and it's a really quick process. Besides which, isn't that what learning is all about? 2) Likkered up husband is more appreciative of food. 3) Must learn to whisk left handed (doing all this manually is giving right arm and shoulder a bit too much of a workout). 4) Ask Santa for immersion blender (the turbo stick ensemble mentioned above) for Christmas
  15. Thanks Andiesenji- I'll taste it when I get home and redo using your suggested method if I need to.
  16. I'm also thinking about adding cumin or cilantro tonight if it still tastes like oil. I was just reading the Splendid Table Weeknight Kitchen newsletter and I see that next week's recipe is Grilled Vegetable Sandwiches with - you guessed it - chipotle mayonnaise! Small world. That's one of the reasons why I am trying this Basic Condiment Course - I have never used or tasted, to my knowledge, anything other than Hellman's. Talk about having your horizons broadened!
  17. I made the chipotle mayo this morning before work...and I must say, it did not taste great. Mostly just like oil with a little heat. Maybe I just don't like the oil I have, or maybe I bought some really inferior brand of chipotles in adobo (the only brand I could find, Goya, I think). I added more lemon juice, salt, pepper, and more adobo sauce, and put it in the fridge. I'm hoping the hours in the fridge help the flavors to intensify. I'm sure the Margueritas will help too! Edited to say...Oops...Should I be spelling that Margarita?
  18. Man, I took a couple days off and missed the beginning of this incredible thread! Beautiful children, food, and blog, Varmint - keep up the good work. Do you also do the cleanup in that great new kitchen?
  19. ChefAmy - whose contracts weren't renewed?
  20. Many thanks for all the good suggestions. I really feel sluggish about this condiment course - that Serv Safe stuff really cut into my leisure cooking time! Anyway, the course is over, (hope I passed), and I plan to do chipotle mayo tomorrow evening. I thought I'd serve it on the side of some quesadillas (chicken, cheese, maybe other stuff), a Mexican salad and Margueritas. Will report in after.
  21. Last night's episode bordered on the ridiculous, considering the number of beeps we had to hear. Can't reality TV cooks speak without "beeping" 3 times in every sentence?
  22. Just beaming in to say I couldn't vote either. I finally gave up about half way through. My daughter (who knows everything) says there wasn't really any voting anyway - that everything was predetermined. Who knows? I was also rooting for Hans, but given the choice between Deborah and Dan and Steve, I'm glad it came out the way it did. Won't it be weird to see them actually doing a show in September?
  23. Oh no! My beloved Eric has bit the dust! Actually, he was looking weaker and weaker and I was not too surprised when he got the ax. I agree that the Dinner Thinner idea of Susannah's is tired, and she looks way too much like Rachel Ray. Either she or Deborah has to be the next to go. That leaves the gay guys and Hans, right? That's tough, but Hans is my new prediction for winner. Time will tell. Put me up on this soapbox too.
  24. Yesterday morning before work I whipped up a lovely batch of aioli - it worked on the first try. YAY! Tasted alone it was quite....garlicky (not a bad thing, but a little intense, and the kids will never eat it). Last evening I used it on a Wolfgang Puck recipe - a marinated and baked and sliced chicken breast, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion on a crusty roll. On the sandwich the aioli was a completely different animal, not too intense at all, just yummy. I have a leftover sandwich in the fridge today, and I can smell it every time I open the door (and this is a good thing). I'm ready to do chipotle mayo, but I'd like some suggestions for how to serve it before I make it. I'm really sensitive to the perishableness of these recipes, especially since I am in the middle of Serv Safe training right now, so before I whip up another raw egg, I want to have my plans in place. Thanks for any suggestions anyone has.
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