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  1. I never make mayo without some dijon (or at least mustard powder) ... shouldn't be necessary, but the extra lecithin is not going to hurt. And it tastes good.
  2. That only steels my resolve to get down there and try it. Gusto di Quatro has been fairly alone with quality dining in that neighbourhood (and doing it badly IMO), so I'm pretty jazzed to have a great local restaurant. Very pleased to see the ocean wise commitment. So, to the OP, ask me next year, it might be Fishworks.
  3. Well, that raises interesting question. I've been (very patiently (six years now)) waiting for my l'equip to die (not a high power, but significantly better than any other blender that isn't high power that I've ever used), when it dies I have it in my mind to get one of these ultra-blenders. So, FatGuy just about sold me on the BlendTec with the feature that you can attach the pitcher and walk away. But, wait. If the BlendTec is the obvious choice for smoothies, what are the use cases where the VP/VM excels?
  4. Might be viewed as hybrid of marinade / braise, but what about corning?
  5. mtigges

    Raw Eggs in Beer

    When I worked in smaller towns (Sudbury, Williams Lake), Red Eyes (clamato & NAIL) were very common, and I actually grew to like it. But really, adding anything to a NAIL (north american industrial lager) can only make it better.
  6. There's a new one opened up at 2nd and Lonsdale (can't remember the name sorry), I keep meaning to try as it looks pretty good. But our garden is spring-ing up now, and we're eating out of it every day.
  7. mtigges

    Draft Brew at home

    Or you could buy tap-a-draft ... and not support companies that over-package and cause ridiculous amounts of garbage for silly silly reasons. In my opinion it should be illegal to sell products with that amount of disposable waste. Any one buying it and not re-using it ... I'll stop now.
  8. Yesterday after picking up a new big bag of cat litter, I walked across the street from the pet store to one of our better butchers. Because I can't pass up walking into a good butcher shop when I'm there. He had 6 poorly trimmed (read very meaty) prime rib roast bones in the case. I'll take those please ... yes ... all of them. I had them at 60 C for about 18 hours, then finished them over >500 F charcoal for about 45 secs a side. Holy <bleep> they were the best <bleeping> beef I've ever had. All kinds of yummy charring on the outside, but still med-rare on the inside. I just had salt, pepper, canola oil, and some liquid smoke in the bag. I'm just lucky that I didn't cook all of them, so that I still have some left for while my wife is in Korea She'll get awesome street food, and I'll get sv prime rib bones.
  9. Have you tried the "Asia Market". It's in a sketchy spot, but in my experience they have everything others don't. It's on the north side of Hastings half a block east of Main.
  10. mtigges

    Cooking with Lasers?

    That's gorgeous. I think we have a new champion for the most intersting first post. Welcome to eG.
  11. So on a whim from a trusted friends recommendation we chose Dan on Broadway, right next to Moderne Burger. He has spent a lot of time in Japan, so I was willing to trust him, but thanks for all of your recommendations. I think it was the third best sushi/japanese I've had in Vancouver after Tojo's and Wabi-Sabi. Everything was absolutely excellent. I had a crab sunomono salad, which was traditionally made, not what you find everywhere here in Vancouver. And it was fantastic. Michelle had a Chawan Mushi which was also unbelievable. We didn't have one at Tojo's, but we did have one he prepared at Barabara-Jos one time, and I have to say Dans was better. Absolutely ethereal. If I lived in the area I would eat it regularly. Some deep fried squid legs, big eye sushi, sea bream sashimi, aji tataki and steamed clams were the rest. Everything was absolutely fresh and delicious. The table next to us had a whole grilled squid which looked amazing. The service staff are friendly and polite. And I can definitely attest that it isn't over-priced. The best valued meal I've had in the city in a long time. I HIGHLY recommend it, We will be going back regularly.
  12. I certainly didn't mean to imply that the zakkushi idea was for its sushi. Turns out we'll go on Saturday instead since Sunday will be spent inside watching the Canucks earn a one game rest. I'm suspecting we'll probably go to Takumi since it seems more appropriate for a quiet evening celebrating an anniversary. Thanks all!
  13. In my experience it's so that the fish doesn't lie around in it's own goo. I eat a lot of fish that I catch and vac-pac for freezing myself. There is always a little bit of viscous gooey liquid that in my experience, it's best to have run off while defrosting. I take it out, put it in a large stainless bowl over a little rack, and the excess liquid drips off. If I fail to do that and defrost in the bag, the odor is a bit fishy. A rinse solves that though. Perhaps commercially vac-pac'd fish is processed a little more thoroughly than my filet, rinse, bag 10 min job though. M
  14. Seeing as we're in North Van (our normal haunt is Hana Hachi on Lonsdale), we're most definitely not restricted to Vancouver. But I don't know about Richmond. Takumi looks nice. That's the old La Regalade space? I like Zen, but my wife got a bad arrogance vibe there and doesn't want to go back unfortunately. I thought it was fantastic, even if our server was a bit of a b*tch and wore way too much perfume. I've kind of been thinking about going to Zakkushi on 4th. While it's not strictly sushi, I've heard it's fantastic, and I've wanted to go for a long time. As a side note, I went for lunch yesterday at Kura on Kingsway a bit west of willingdon. While for appearances it looks promising, the product was too passed its prime for it to be worth going back. The nori was chewy on my negi-toro, the Hamachi was grey and fishy (I would have sent it back if I had been with my wife), the toro was well, not. However the sunomono salad was fantastic, not too sweet like most places around here.
  15. Two and half years since this topic saw the front page, and almost as long since we've been to a great Sushi restaurant. It's our sixth anniversary on Sunday, where in Vancouver (besides Tojo) is fantastic? My old favourite wabi sabi is long gone. Is Yoshi still good/existent?
  16. XKCD this morning is absolutely fantastic. I had to refer eG'rs to it. Though I realize that it's a small percentage of the readership that will get the joke. Background: A genetic algorithm is one that randomly combines sets of input, measures for fitness against a goal, and repeats with those results added to or replacing the set of inputs. It's called genetic because it's modeled after how gametes combine themselves to form full organisms.
  17. They look brown, so I suspect it's yeast that hasn't yet dropped. Difficult to tell in the photo though. Remember that co2 can remain trapped in the little groups of the beasties, keeping them afloat. NB: I never top off with water. I have no problem with beer that is a little stronger than intended, and you have a much better chance contaminating it if you add something versus nothing.
  18. Thanks everyone! Very helpful. Looks like Mr. Douglas will have to entertain them. Mark.
  19. This is short notice, and unorthodox, so apologies in advance. We have a colleague who is leaving our office and moving to Seattle. One of the ideas for a send off gift is to give her a gift certificate for a nice restaurant in Seattle. As the timing is a little tight, it would have to be one that somehow does online gift certificates. Since nice places likely have no such thing I might be out of luck. But I thought I would ask in the Seattle forum. Price range would be around 100 to 150 for a couple. Thanks a bunch! Mark.
  20. mtigges

    Popcorn at home

    I'm generally not much of an alarmist, but in this case, I would feel remiss if I didn't speak up and note that flavacol contains two commonly used (and therefore difficult to avoid) food colourings, which it seems would be best to try to avoid. E110 and E103 (both yellow lakes). E110 seems especially egregious. But, these two were both included decades ago when the FDA first approved any food colourings, so you've likely consumed plenty of it. Personally? I wouldn't touch that stuff, and not just because of the colourings. I think movie popcorn tastes like chemicals. I suspect the "artificial butter flavour" (popcorn supply company) is a derivative of diacetyl. Pretty much innocuous, but it's been implicated causing heath problems also; in massive doses. Yeast produce it naturally as a byproduct during fermentation, so it doesn't bother me too much. Mark.
  21. So, it sounds like there is no reason to get the grinder if I already have the processor. Thanks.
  22. That means you have a dry grinder attachment. How well does it work? Can it make pastes? Or is it only for making powder from whole seeds? Can you describe it for me? I don't see any video, or any detailed info on their site about it.
  23. I use the little processor all the time. So, I would definitely recommend one of the models that includes it.
  24. I had a food saver for many many years (around 20). But that's not the norm. There's a thread in the kitchen equipment forum about unreliability. Judging by the price, I sincerely hope the lava is superior. But, if you're in North America, check this out. I got one last August and it's flipping fantastic. Miles and miles superior to my old Food saver (though I imagine they've improved greatly since my 80's model).
  25. I there went yesterday for lunch, maybe I'm a pig, it doesn't bother me. It's definitely not worse than some dim sum joints my inlaws have taken me to. I wouldn't hold it against them for the volume they do.
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