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  1. What was that address again? ← I was going to say the town, but then I thought better of giving too much information!
  2. Is there a shop in Vancouver that reliably carries it? I had never heard of it prior to this thread, but supposedly it's great smoked. So, I would love to try it. Mark.
  3. Don't want to go OT, but I have to mention that I was in Kelowna a couple of months ago, and we were very happy to have dinner at Fresco's. This is a beautiful open space with an open kitchen (open on two sides), extraordinarily well tuned cook staff. We sat right beside the kitchen, Chef Butters has the kitchen running very efficiently. We were there for a pre-event dinner (a concert by a major pop musician), so they got slammed right at 6. The house was full right at start of service and they were a machine. The wait staff was prompt, friendly and attentive without being over-bearing or pretentious. And of course the food was excellent. I had a beef combo, braised short rib meat au jus and a tenderloin steak. My wife had a fish dish (that's all I can remember), they were both excellent. The only problem with the meal was that we didn't have time to enjoy dessert and coffee. If you find yourself in Kelowna, visit Fresco's. Probably our second favourite dining experience this year, the winner was West on our anniversary. Sorry to go OT. Moving back on-topic. My parents live on seashore in a prime crabbing bay. The best crab cakes are the breakfasts the day after a crab boil party at my moms house. Mark.
  4. I believe it should be whatever gets people there. If people are attracted to shrinky-dink window stickers, and while they're there they buy some rhubarb, that's a good thing. Maybe next week they will come particularly for the rhubarb. I am sure it is a struggle for the organizers to achieve a balance. In the present situation, I doubt there are enough growers to provide sufficient density of vendors to attract sufficient numbers of shoppers. There are two solutions to that problem, reduce the number of markets, or increase the number of vendors. The latter is the choice that the AMS has opted for, and I (though I have an admitted bias) believe it to be the correct action. The former would put the markets out of geographical reach for all but the most dedicated of eat-local fans. As Zuke pointed out. I use the Farmers Markets as a tool to be able to continue my hobby. It's expensive being a hobbieist potter, and there's a problem, what to do with all of the pots. Somebody made reference to how much stuff they have filling their homes, so it should be obvious that I can only give so much to one person. If I ever learn that I am taking the place of a produce grower, or even a potter trying pottery as their vocation I will be the first one to give up my space. We should all appreciate the Farmers Markets to provide a venue which allows artisanal efforts to be pursued, whether they be grown, made, or baked. I should probably refrain from posting on this thread because of my bias. I will try very hard to make this my last post on this thread. Mark.
  5. BTW - I did see the pottery that you were selling - and it is good stuff. So if you see a overbearing Asian guy harrassing the cute chinese girl over getting a two-fer on the soap and asking why she does not stock Gucci or Armani - it is not me - that's my brother. ← Thanks for the compliment Lee. We were only planning on Saturdays, so we were a little low on quality pottery. We sold the nice pieces at Lonsdale the day before Ambleside. Now that we are upping to two days for every month, my hobby will have to step up production. I will watch your brother amusingly. I think my wife will harrass him right back asking why she should sell at half-price. I have a feeling they are the same breed. I'm sure I'll be able to talk her into a deal for any eG'rs that stop by and say hi. Mark.
  6. Congratulations. So tonight at 7 at DIX? I sort of have plans teaching tonight, but I might be able to change them.
  7. mtigges


    I hope I don't become a pest on eG, but this just arrived in my inbox. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/customer-...0021580-7590524
  8. Hmm, I upgraded my membership so that I could post on this thread. So, post #1, here goes. I am a vendor at Farmers Markets. I won't self-promote, except to say that I do not sell produce, nor do I sell what has been termed "crappy crafts." At least I would hope not. My wife is a soap maker, and I am a potter. We make our products by hand, we do not purchase anything buy raw materials. We vend (is that a verb?) one weekend a month, at Lonsdale Quay on Saturday, and the ill-discussed Ambleside on Sunday. I am posting particularly regarding the Ambleside market. The market as far as I understand was not a sure thing before last Thursday. The locals were scared we would defecate in their stairwells. I heard that rumour before, but I am not sure it's true. Regardless, they were not sure they wanted us. So, Lyn, the lady who organizes these events for the Artisanal Market Soceity asked many of the Lonsdale vendors to fill a spot. And we did. My guess it was just too late for produce vendors. They need to have much higher lead time. Please give the market another chance. There will be produce venders there (I am a foodie too, so I love the produce venders). For the record on Sunday at Ambleside there was a cherry and walnut stand (the cherries were amazing, my wife and I ate a pound each), Janes Bees was there selling the first batch of honey (blueberry blossoms) of the year. A strawberry guy showed up late and sold out in about an hour and a half (we ate about a pound of those too, as good as the cherries), and the mushroom guy was amazing. The Oysters he had were beautiful. Just white ones though. He said he screwed up his pink culture. We had a big discussion about propogating fungii in sterile technique, since I enjoy making beer myself, I keep a "ranch" of yeasts for the beer. Anyways, I'm rambling now. Please give Ambleside another try. It will be every Sunday from 1 until 6. And if you see a cute Chinese girl selling soap, and a less attractive guy hanging around her selling some pottery, come and say hi. That is all, thank you. Mark. Off to post on the Kolachy thread.
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