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  1. I've ordered replacement food processor blades from here: http://www.smallappliance.com/ Their prices were good and I got quick delivery.
  2. I've been able to order Old Overholt with no minimum with no problem. Even though it says there is a minimum, when they check into it it's waived. I've done this a couple of times.
  3. Source?? Anything? ← I found two:http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09069/954390-454.stm http://www.philly.com/inquirer/front_page/40912962.html
  4. And what about the wonderful spurtle! My husband couldn't make oatmeal without his. It's not exactly a spoon, but .....
  5. I see that Amazon carries some of the Le Creuset Tri-Ply line, if you can't find it locally. Haven't tried one (I have all that All-Clad!), but they sure looked nice.
  6. cbread, Just some food for thought. Usability and comfort aside, there are two other reasons I really like All-Clad. One, it's made in Pennsylvania (except for some specials from China (!) that I've seen at Williams-Sonoma during the holidays). If you do go with All-Clad, make sure you get pans made here in the US. There is a difference. Second, their warranty is fantastic. The pans really hold up well but if you do have a problem, they will replace it. They sent me a new non-stick frying pan this year when my 10+ year-old one just wouldn't stay non-stick any more. Since I originally bought it, they've changed their non-stick formula, but out of 3 non-stick frying pans that's the only one that's given me any trouble.
  7. I haven't had any experience with it but you might want to search the KitchenAid stand mixer forum at:http://forum.kitchenaid.com/forums/default.asp?CAT_ID=4 I saw some postings there by people who had tried it.
  8. I have the all-clad pan (many, many of them) and that is exactly the technique that I do. Grab close to the pan and rest the handle on the bottom of my forearm. It works like a dream.I almost always use a potholder as well. I just found these from OXO and love them! http://www.amazon.com/Oxo-Grips-Silicone-H...t/dp/B000A0IKM0 The silicone adds a little bit of 'stickiness' and that makes the whole dumping process much easier.
  9. Thanks for all the responses! I don't think it was overheating (it started out by not changing speeds, only the curd for lemon bars made it cut out the first time, very liquid and the top of the mixer was cool to the touch). I checked and there is no manual reset, you just should wait 30 minutes for it to cool off. It didn't work either that day nor the next nor the morning of the day after that. I used it again last night - soft pizza dough (on speed 2, off course) - and it quit responding to speed changes and cut off again. So I called W-S customer service, explained the issue, said I had found the receipt and it was from 2004(!). They said, no problem, just bring it in to my local store and they would either replace it or give me a refund. I said "are you sure, it's so old", and she assured me it was fine. This morning I brought it over to my local store and although the manager wasn't exactly jumping up and down with excitement she warmed up when I explained I wanted to buy the larger one. So I am now the proud owner of a KA 610. The first cake is in the oven and I just love the bowl lift style. It is much easier to use. And the pouring shield may actually get used - it's one piece, big, and easy to get on and off. The first thing I did was properly set the beater to bowl clearance, the gap was a little too large. One of the things the KA folks said when I originally called in my problem was caution me that the bowl lift models are a lot louder because of the metal construction. But I have to say that it's quieter than the one I just returned. Maybe it had a bad motor from the start. I still plan to get my old 4.5 mixer fixed to act as a back up and if I really do need a smaller bowl for something. But I am pleased I was able to get this resolved so quickly. W-S really came through.
  10. Okay, now after sitting in my cool mudroom for a couple of days the KA Artisan decided to work. I've been trying it off and on since it died and all of a sudden it came to life. Same outlet and everything. I also found my Williams-Sonoma receipt from 2004. So, I'm thinking I should return it and put the money I spend on it towards one of the larger all-metal ones that they carry - like the Pro 610. That would buy me some piece of mind, the newer dough hook, and larger capacity (which I don't need). At this point I don't really trust it to not crap out again. The return policy at W-S does say to return if not completely satisfied ........ I also checked into getting older one repaired and it's only $15 for them to look at it. So I'm definitely doing that and keep it for a back-up. It's a 4.5 quart and is too small for much of what I make but it would make a great back-up machine.
  11. Okay, I now have two KA stand mixers that don't turn on. First, I have a 20+ year-old KA made by Hobart. It's a 4.5 quart version. It stopped running around 4 years ago and I decided to treat myself to a newer 5 quart model. This one (a KSM150PSBK) just stopped this morning, while I was making lemon bars. Not a very heavy load. The speeds quit working properly, I turned it off, and when I turned it back on .... nothing happened. I let it sit for an hour and still nothing. Called KA and they said, too bad but it's out of warrenty, pay someone to get it fixed. The closest KA repair place is around 15 miles away and only open Mon-Fri so this won't be fun. The big question is: which KA mixer should I get fixed? The heavier (!), lower wattage (250 watts), smaller work bowl, Hobart-made one that is nearly 25 years old or the newer, higher wattage (365 watts), larger work bowl, KA made one. I'm inclined to take in the older one and if they can fix it, just try to live with the smaller work bowl. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I hate to stick with KA but I have the pasta roller attachments and make tons of pasta and would hate to give that up.
  12. I sure don't mind commenting on this in the Regional Forum Split discussion thread.When the split first happened their direction was to put all threads regarding specialty stores into Cooking & Baking. This is what they said: "Today the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts and Letters announces a new structure for its regional food discussions in eG Forums, designed to make reading, searching and contributing to these forums more straightforward and intuitive. After the coming weekend, all regional forums will be divided into two subforums: “Dining” and “Cooking & Baking.” The Dining subforum contains topics that discuss restaurants, chefs and menus; restaurant recommendations; media coverage of the local dining scene; and topics regarding Society events. The Cooking & Baking subforum will include topics that discuss regional recipes and techniques; local sources, including specialty stores and farmers markets; and regional foodstuffs and ingredients." Here's a link to the list of threads to be included in the PA Cooking & Baking forum: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=113840&hl=plcb That's pretty clear that PLCB thread doesn't belong in Dining (it sure is a specialty store!). But one of the problems is that here, in the Philadelphia area at least, the proliferation of BYOs pushes this more into the Dining Forum. Also, speaking for myself, I'm mainly in the PA Dining Forum. I hardly ever look at the Cooking & Baking unless I'm on the hunt for a hard-to-find item. But I'm regularily checking out the Dining. It's hard to change habits!
  13. I think another huge impact on the usage of this thread was caused by the Pennsylvania Forum split into two. I still don't understand how the PLCB thread ended up in Cooking and Baking and not Dining.
  14. The spaghetti cutters are the worst. About the only time I have luck with them is to let the dough dry out more. It seems nearly too dry. That way only a couple stick together with most of them separating. You really have to play around with it until you get the moistness in the dough just right. I cut the sheets of dough into 12 inch lengths, try one, if it's still too wet I wait a bit, try a second, etc. After a few times with this you'll get better at judging it. I don't know if it matters or not but my dough recipe is 1 egg per 100 grams of flour and a dash of olive oil (per person).
  15. Unless there's something you need immediately, wait for their year-end sale (usually in January but this year - who knows, maybe sooner). You'll find huge discounts then.
  16. Judiu, the whites were green before they were heated so I don't think it was iron. Adam, thanks! High B2 amounts sounds like a good thing. (the link you had in your message didn't work)
  17. The shell wasn't green. It looked just like the others in the carton. The eggs aren't even sorted by size. The shells aren't colored at all, not green or brown or blue. Just plain.The whites were just tinged green. It was the first one I cracked and I thought "Wow, thsoe whites really look green but it must be my eyes." Then I cracked the second egg into the pan and that one was clear (or whitish). So it was green enough that I could tell without needing the second egg in the pan. I'm going to ask the farmer next week what they think when I go to my local farmers market to pick up more items. Maybe it was some strange worm or grub that chicken ate!
  18. I was frying eggs this morning sunny-side up. When I cracked them into the skillet, I could see that one of the organic (truly free-range from a local farmer) eggs had a green egg white. It was very fresh and didn't smell at all. I'm thinking that this was most likely due to something in the chickens diet but I'm really curious what would cause this. I know that you can get the dreaded green ring around the yolk when you don't properly hard boil eggs, but these were just being fried. Yolk looked fine, a nice yellow. Any ideas?
  19. She was on the Today show yesterday showing how to make a mussels recipe using a grill. I don't remember if they mentioned the TV show itself or even the FoodNetwork. They definitely mentioned her restaurant in NYC, though. See what happens Sunday.
  20. Looks like they might have cancelled the rest of the shows. My TV guide information (I have Verizon FIOS) shows that on this Sunday her show is on and she is preparing mussels. But when I go to FoodNetwork.com and look at their schedule a Bobby Flay show is on and Anne's show is no where to be found. My guess is that the Verizon data is out of date and it's been dropped. I'd sure like to see the rest and hope this is temporary.
  21. In that cookbook you'll find a recipe for Apple and Dried Fruit Chutney that is fabulous. I use the machine to make this more often than bread! I pretty well follow the recipe, but I'm not real careful about what dried fruit I use (although I do try to hunt down dried pears) and I up the amount of cayenne pepper to give a bit more of a kick. I always make this for Thanksgiving – I'm not allowed to take it off the menu. It makes a wonderful condiment for sandwiches, is good with both fish and meat. Just an all-around good thing to have in the fridge. Keeps for a long time as well. And I think you got the very best cookbook for bread machines. I just sort of worked my way through it. I love all of her bread baking books, I think I must have 5 or 6 of them.
  22. I also have this. I've been using it for over 4 years and keep it on the counter. You can just place your bowl or whatever you're covering in front of it, pull the plastic wrap over the top of the bowl, hit the top of the dispenser, and it falls perfectly over the bowl. Works like a dream. I'd considered mounting it on the wall so as to not take up counter space, but I really like the way it so easily covers things this way. No fighting with the wrap sticking together. And it's really not that big.Highly recommend it, either way you end up using it.
  23. And don't forget the Brandy Alexander, made with vanilla ice cream, for an after-dinner drink.
  24. Yes, exactly. You've described it perfectly.
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