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  1. It's amazing how your body knows where the food poisoning came from too. I've had a couple of run-ins with violent food poisoning -- once I ended up on a special diet for a month and a half (basically plain white rice, red-skinned apples, and lots of water), and once I ended up passed out my bathroom floor (I'll spare you the nasty details). Both times, even though I had eaten several things that day, the mere thought of one of the items would make me queasy. There are a couple restaurants I can simply not go back to because I feel ill at the thought. Because of the month and a half long illness, I can't bring myself to eat sushi anymore (except vegetarian), regardless of what restaurant I go to.
  2. I've gone to the Cannery a few times for work-related special occasions, and I have a few friends (early 30s-ish) who go there regularly for birthdays, etc. -- wonderful food. I didn't know that it wasn't popular with the young folks.
  3. I had always been told that hot foods needed to cool down before going in the fridge. But then several years ago I read an article that said that the cool-down process provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria (they apparently love and thrive in that warm stage). The article said that the rapid cool-down in the fridge discourages bacterial growth. Seems to make sense. Whoops. See dodger's post above...
  4. Ohhhh, La Bodega. Best sangria ever. Especially after 10 pitchers or so. I haven't forgotten about it, I just never get around to it anymore. I always forget about Notte's Bon Ton since they moved to Broadway. Once in awhile I'll drive by and go "oh yeah!"
  5. I had pretty much the same experience. A co-worker was raving about them one day and went out and bought one for each of us in the department. I'm a complete chocoholic as well, and while the chocolatey-ness was great, I started to feel ill after a couple sips. It was just too much for me. It was like drinking chocolate syrup. Delicious chocolate syrup, but too sweet for a drink. I couldn't drink more than about 1/4 of it.
  6. emmalish

    Best Kettle

    I always look at the OXO uplift kettles in the store, but I can't justify getting rid of mine since I still like the way it looks and, really, there's nothing wrong with it (had it forever, can't remember what kind it is). But the design of the OXO kettles is very nice. How does the tipping mechanism work with a full kettle? Well-balanced? I've only played with the empty ones in-store.
  7. emmalish

    Roast vegetables

    As I mentioned above, I cook the root vegetables first, covered, to avoid having undercooked potatoes. When I add the balance of the (faster cooking) veggies, I'll cook at high temp (usually about 400°).
  8. emmalish

    Roast vegetables

    This is why I'm always wary of ordering them in restaurants. I've had the dry stringy vegetables too. Trust us, it's worth giving it a try at home sometime.
  9. I can check out Siegel's and see what they have. You're right that it would probably be best from a wood-burning oven like bagels, but it might be worth trying them out at home once. If nothing else, it'll keep me out of trouble for a day and I can take them in to work. They'll never know the difference! The recipe I found has instructions for baking in a regular oven (not saying this is the recipe I'd try, it's just the first one I found). Back on topic, ummm, yay Solly's! edited to say thanks peppyre, I'll ask at Solly's next time I'm in
  10. emmalish

    Bad Home Cookin'

    "Hamburger gravy" just reminded me of my mom's meatballs in mushroom gravy (actually just canned cream of mushroom soup), served over mashed potatoes. Actually, this was one of my favourites when I was a kid...
  11. Hee! I doubt I'll be trying them that quickly. I'll be looking up recipes and doing some research first. Are there any places in Vancouver that have decent bialys? From what I saw from a quick google, they look tasty.
  12. I just had to google bialys because I had no idea what it was. And now I think you need to contact Solly's & see if they'd be kind enough to start making them for us. (now I'm just going to have to find a recipe and make some!)
  13. emmalish

    Roast vegetables

    Thanks zeitoun. That would have been my first choice too. Although I'm tempted to try it with the grained mustard.
  14. emmalish

    Roast vegetables

    zeitoun that sounds fabulous. I'm going to have to try that one. What kind of mustard?
  15. emmalish

    Roast vegetables

    Mmmmmmmm is right... yum.
  16. emmalish

    Roast vegetables

    Oh yeah, this is my favourite winter food. And it's so simple to prepare and so satisfying. I usually do a mix of new potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, leeks, beets and mushrooms (of course this mix varies depending on availability and what else looks good), with just salt & pepper & balsamic for seasoning. I'll cook the root vegetables covered for a little while to give them a head-start, then add the rest of the veggies and roast them. This with a pan-fried or baked halibut filet, and some roasted spaghetti squash. Mmmmmm.
  17. Good points, adeguilio. You're right in that there is bound to be cross-contamination regardless, but I'd still feel more comfortable knowing that they were doing everything possible to minimize it. I especially have a problem with their placing the skate directly on the scale (unclean!), even if they do clean the scale "several times a day". Maybe it's just a knee-jerk reaction on my part, maybe the gloves & paper are just for show, but I'd still feel more comfortable. That said, I'm not sure how I would've reacted in the same situation. I definitely would have thought twice, but depending on the overall cleanliness of the place, and the smell of the fish itself, I may have bought it anyway.
  18. emmalish


    I've never even seen avocado oil. Too bad it's not as tasty as it sounds. I love adding tomato, avocado and a bit of parmesan to my scrambled eggs (all added at the very end, just as the eggs are finishing cooking). And avocado spread on toast is great -- I'll have to try it with lime next time. I also like adding it to burgers (not added to the burger itself, but layered with the lettuce, tomatoes, etc.). Mmmm, now I'm craving something avocado-ey.
  19. I don't know whether they've changed their recipe or whether I've just totally lucked out, but every time I've bought their brownies they've been dense and chocolately, not cakey at all. I haven't tried any of their other sweet offerings -- glad to hear I'm not missing anything. I love their foccacias too. I get one or two every time I'm down at Granville Island.
  20. I'm adding my vote for Terra. I have to be careful about buying their Italian cheese bread tho, because I'll easily eat it all in one sitting. But it's great to have with a nice hearty winter soup. Whenever I'm down at Granville Island and pick up some soup at the Stock Market, I have to get some Terra bread to go with it. I also love their olive breads. And a little o/t, but their brownies are delicious too -- loaded with chocolate chunks and a variety of nuts, including macadamias.
  21. Mmmmm, yes, the cottage cheese muffins are fantastic. I can't believe I forgot to mention them. I've only ever had the babka loaf, not the buns, so I can't compare the two. Good to know I've been getting the right one tho. I've never tried it toasted. Doesn't the chocolate drip all over the place? Now I'm just going to have to head over there this week...
  22. Does anyone have any experience with the Cuisinart Chef's Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized cookware? I just found it today at one of my local stores, and it's pretty nice-looking cookware. According to the package, it's a hard-anodized exterior with "Quantanium" non-stick interior (titanium reinforced). I picked up an 8" skillet for $24 Cdn (which is probably about $2 US, so how can you go wrong?). Amazon (sorry, not a proper eGullet link) has the 7-piece set listed as 62% off, and I don't see this line listed on the Cuisinart site at all. The store I bought it at just got it in and it's already marked clearance. Is it an old line that's being discontinued? Is it any good and should I be snatching up a few more pieces?
  23. emmalish

    Bad Home Cookin'

    Oh, so many of these posts are causing long-suppressed memories to re-surface. Ours was a very "meat & potatoes" household. Vegetables usually consisted of corn, peas and/or carrots, sometimes fresh, sometimes frozen, sometimes canned, always cooked to death. On special occasions like Christmas, we would have exotic veggies like cauliflower & brussel sprouts, boiled to a bitter mush. Salads were always iceberg lettuce, sliced cucumber and sliced tomatoes, smothered in ranch dressing, except for special occasions when we had shredded cabbage and carrots suspended in lime jello. I always thought I hated veggies. Until I moved out and began cooking for myself. Now I'm a vegetarian. Every once in a while my mom would get creative and try to do something other than the basic meat & potatoes. In her defence, she made a killer scalloped potatoes and cabbage rolls to die for. But more often she would make one of the ever-popular canned-soup concoctions. Ground beef, canned peas, and canned tomato soup (optimistically called "Hungarian Goulash"), usually served over mashed potatoes (huh?). Chicken breast cooked with canned cream of mushroom soup, served over egg noodles. Kraft Dinner, made gourmet by adding cream of celery soup. Spaghetti was made not with pasta sauce, but (yup) cream of tomato soup. edited because I was apparently very sleepy when I posted this
  24. Also a long-time lurker, first-time poster (waves). Good news for Solly's. I've only ever been to the Broadway location, and I find their cinnamon rolls are a bit hit or miss -- sometimes they're loaded with cinnamon (yum), but sometimes I get a plain roll with just a light dusting of spices. But when they're good, they're the best cinnamon rolls ever. And the babka's always good. And the knishes. And the bagels... A friend of mine goes to the one off Main St. more often and she says the cinnamon rolls are much more consistent there.
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