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  1. When was the last time anyone saw a Good Humor truck (outside of a re-reun of the aforementioned Cheech & Chong's "Nice Dreams")? They used to compete with Mr.Softee on my Grandma's street in Brooklyn.
  2. lissome: I agree that everything in Bronxville itself pretty much sucks foodwise. Although I do like the burger at Underhill, have to differ with you there. That thing they call a deli is terrible. I got a sandwich there that must have had all of three ounces of meat on it. Bleech. As far as the Chinese goes, I'm sory if I gave the wrong impression, I'm more than willing to eat at the restaurant.
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    Do you mean the one that sued so Rocco's would change it's name?
  4. Thanks, but I think you missed the point of my query. Stew Leonard's ain't gonna do it and neither is Arthur Avenue. I am fully aware of both. I know where to find Italian food and an "experience" supermarket. I need specific recommendations for the kinds of places listed above. I don't want to eat 10 POS corned beef sandwiches in order to find the one good deli. I want one of you to do that. As far as being in the "middle" goes, here again you've gone amiss. I don't care how much it costs, as long as it's good.
  5. We are, hopefully, closing on a house in Bronxville at the end of the week. I know much has been written hereabouts regarding where to eat in Westchester. What I'm looking for is staff of life type stuff. Jewish deli, good Chinese food, decent bagels (I've already located pizza). I don't mind driving a half an hour, but I don't want to have to come back to the city for take out. Thanks in advance.
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    You may wish to take a peak at "The Restaurant" Reality Show, The Thread . The food is mentioned, occasionally.
  7. Water filtration, hot water on demand, a sink big enough to be double but to have one of the basins be massive, a disposal (illegal and ill-advised in Manhattan apartments), and I'd probably have three sinks, one of which would be a big-ass sink, one of which would be a small task sink, and one of which would be that Kohler Pro CookCenter thing that boils water. FG, the ban on these was lifted maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Tonight's topic is deja vu.
  8. Apparently their oven only has the capacity to produce a certain number of pies per night, according to Vincent Tacconelli. Would you feel better if you had to reserve the number of pies you wanted instead? What difference does it make? As far as making it like a regular dinner reservation, my thinking is that the number of people in a party does not necessarily indicate the amount of food that will be consumed.
  9. You're right of course. My mistake.
  10. Don't jump the gun, FG. This may be a question of capacity, i.e. they can only make a certain number of pies of a certain quality per day. I don't know. Never been there. I do know, however, that at the original Boston Chicken (long before it became that barf factory, Boston Market) in West Newton, MA you had to call ahead Friday afternoons to reserve a chicken because their ability to churn (rotate) them out was exceeded by the demand for the chickens. They could have bought more chickens in advance of the weekend rush, but the quality may have suffered for the increased business. It may not
  11. Water filtration, hot water on demand, a sink big enough to be double but to have one of the basins be massive, a disposal (illegal and ill-advised in Manhattan apartments. FG: Go ahead and get that garbage disposal. The ban on them was lifted 6 years ago. NYC Local Law 71-1997 Not only are they legal, but they're fairly inexpensive. I was at the Expo Design Center (aka Nirvana) in New Rochelle yesterday and they seemed very reasonable. The only other expense would be getting an GFCI outlet under the sink for power. I assume that since you put in your own sink, you could install the disposer
  12. The author was interviewed yesterday on WNYC, if anyone would care to listen. From hearing the author I agree that this is not a knock off of KC, but some may find it interesting. Remember kids, this is a novel (roman à clef?) not a memoir.
  13. So your saying eating 500 calories of lofat yogurt will make u loose weight, but eating 500 calories of ice cream won`t ? i really don`t believe what you eat makes a difference , it`s how much you eat of something. Eating 3000 calories worth of apples a day will make you fat if you only bur off 2000. Eating 1500 calories of bacon instead of the apples would cause you to loose weight. No, maybe if you had left the question mark on the sentence in my original post it would be clearer. I don't know. What I'm asking is what kind of logic tells enthusiast that eating yogurt with brownies is bett
  14. Perhaps I am jaded and perhaps I am too well informed, but I find it hard to believe that anyone concerned about healthful eating or losing weight or maintaining their weight would eat any of this crap. If you're concerned about calories and fat, you probably should be forgoing McDonald's all together. If you want to cut down on your intake of calories you eat lowfat yogurt with brownies instead of ice cream? How about eating nothing with brownies. And then cut out the brownies. Do any of the lawsuits claim that McDonald's used their food as a fat delivery system?
  16. You should see if someone wants to buy the lumber instead of using it yourself. There's quite a demand for old wood (you can write your own joke).
  17. I just attended the very fancy (and large) wedding of a cousin at the Rainbow Room and sure enough they had pigs in blankets. In case you're wondering, they're pigs in name only - Hebrew National makes a damn fine pig in a blanket. The shrimp, on the other hand, wouldn't have passed muster with Rabbi Tibor H. Stern.
  18. Re: the recipe - anyone know why you have to weight down the meat for the first two or three days? Does it rise? Will it try to escape cornification because rye bread is brisket's only natural enemy? I would be very interested to know if this results in something better than the corned beef in a bag found in the refrigerated section. Maybe somethings aren't meant to be homemade.
  19. Come to think of it, I have a couple of hours to fill/bill. Let's see, where did I put those blank subpoena forms? Just kidding.
  20. Studio 54 got a new 24 hour permit everyday. That was before everyone got busted and they closed the joint. I believe when it was re-opened (to the hoi polloi) it had a regular liquor license.
  21. All right, barring finding the menu at home tonight, I'm going to cop to not remembering what was served (and if you think I'm going to ask my wife, you're nuts). But it was delicious and my wife and I did eat all of it. Which is amazing considering the rehersal dinner/food orgy we had at Il Cortile the night before (thanks Mom). Our wedding was catered by Anne-Marie Huste at her townhouse on East 30th St. (We had both the ceremony and the reception there). She likes to come out before every course (I think there were 7 of them) and explain what you're about to eat, which I'm sure you'd all f
  22. I'm surprised none of the insiders posting here were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement covering what actually happened (as opposed to what got on TV). I'm not surprised if they're breaching it. Here's a cautionary tale (thought not completely on point): Survivor Lawsuit
  23. That's a little like saying it didn't have that much rat in it. Cheers.
  24. According to the New York Post this morning, the reservation line at Rocco's is going gangbusters following Sunday night's episode.
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