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  1. Well, that's some good info then. If I had been told that instead of not having emails answered I would not worry as much as I have. Understand, I am traveling in excess of 2 hours for this meal with someone who is traveling 1 hour to get to me..so we can meet someone in PA that is traveling there to meet us. And I took off work. Lots of logistics I have to plan for So Im not trying to be a pain in the ass..just trying to figure out what's going on.
  2. I saw that and that is all well and good but Im still wondering where the menu for tomorrow is. It is usually posted on the Monday before the event on Shola's blog and I don't see it as of now.
  3. It better not have been because here it is 10:20 pm the night before and I have no update from Shola about this. I took off work tomorrow to go so..this would be a problem for me.
  4. Shopper's Vineyard in Clifton, NJ DOES have it..I know because I just bought it. They also have Luxadro Maraschino as well. It's better to order on the website..if they dont have it in stock they will email you and tell you when they will. You will have to pick it up though.
  5. I work at 700 Plaza Drive.. Niko Niko isnt bad..and knowing they are Korean will steer you in the right direction there.
  6. That's it! Wow. I need more than one though
  7. K8, We had a presentation using this type of plate while in Chicago and my wife has mentioned the plate to me every day since then. We went last October. I think she will like it. Anyway, it's a plate typically used to present small tastings and I do feel like the biggest ass not knowing where to get it. Just so everyone knows, my idea is not to wrap this and make it a gift in that sense. I'd like to prepare one of her favorite bites (Consumme with Fois and Caramel) in this dish.
  8. Thanks GourmetLight$, If the center well was a lot smaller, it would be perfect. You see these bowls/plates on ICA all of the time..especially from Mario Batali.
  9. I'm looking for a bit of help here.. I've driving myself crazy looking for the following piece: Click Here Is there a name for such a bowl? If so, please tell me and/or tell me where I can find it. It's for a birthday present to my wife. Thanks! P.S. I would order it from the site I linked to but they need a TIN and I am not in possession of one
  10. Bangkok Garden is closer..but it's not really that far of a walk to get to Wondees. There was that Peruvian place Jason was talking about in a thread somewheres back..it is closer than both Bangkok Garden and Wondees I believe.
  11. I've seen bottled Curry Ketchup..hell I just had some a few hours ago. Short and sweet, my Aunt and Uncle went to Germany and they brought me back a bottle of Heinz EXTRA HOT Curry Ketchup. It is not even close to hot but darn good on a Brat.
  12. River View East makes a GREAT dog..it's right across from Marcal and is next to the Elmwood Barn.
  13. It would be nice to have this kind of food at a JAPW show. I'd be more willing to make the drive down to Rahway if there was Looks good!
  14. OH! Look at that final picture..the gelatin is calling me. I will attempt to find a way to make this..sourcing is a problem. If I find a way to do so, Ill let you know.
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