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    Boiling Water...

    i also heard that about the lead, but it is only a concern in older houses.
  2. i will concur with the last two posts, i bought a whole duck(6$) last week, it was frozen, but still very very tasty! when will we see some heirloom tomatoes in raleigh? it doesnt seem like the public knows enough about them for the specialty farmers to bring them out. they are more or less saved for the high end restaurants, im guessing.
  3. I have heard from a couple of people that cold water boils faster than hot water. I have also heard a tale that hot water freezes faster than cold water. I find both of these tales very hard to believe. I have read the passage from "What Einstein told his Cook(Robert Wolke)" and he slams any notion of the validity in these claims. I would like to know another resource or two on this topic, that proves either thought. I am not a psyicist but i know a little science. This seems like an impossibilty. thanks
  4. food tutor, your points emphasize the philosophy, eliminating the individuality of the workers bringing a team concept. it is almost an unparralleled idea in this business. i wont be hiring any greedy chefs, those who want to make it big and then sell out. this is strictly for those whole TRULY love the idea and want to be a part of it. that is the only major contrast in ideals... i will also emphasize my role as a chef and not the accountant. the points being brought about inconsistent beginnings and fluctuation in the first year are completely valid. they will be dealt with accordingly. there is an element of risk in every thing a person does. heck its not completely "safe" to get out of bed in the morning, or stay there for that matter. the risks vs. rewards are being carefully weighed here. i think it may not be feasible into the minds of some but thats the beauty of it. i am not an accountant, but that doesnt mean i havent studied calculus. i have pondered the inconsistencies in this industry for a very long time and i will not be a part of a heirachy of sadness. the weather in arizona is hot, the soil is useless for the most part. topsoil will have to be brought in and irrigated manually, the natural enviroment is not conducive to delicate herbs and fruit. we will manage. whatever we dont know we will learn. everyones opinion will be evaluated on its calculated merit. serious aplicants should contact me directly at mikeswartz79@hotmail.com. I am in chicago this week for the NRA show looking at possibilties and the newest technologies to maximize efficiency.
  5. okay, i am counting on a few things. first year we get our name out there. second year we have our name out there and the staff is set. third year we try and max tables completely. the premise is this, by our second year our staff will be a well oiled machine. intertwining parts that run off each other with unparralleled efficiency. no turnover for at least 3 or 4 years if that. I am looking at very long term employees here. i also want to be the perfect size where we can maximize our seats almost every night. this is NOT an unrealistic expectation as long as the locals are fully supportive and the size of the place represents their capacity. i could very easily follow the pattern of restaurants already in place. it would be no problem to mimick the finances of a highend place with 30-30-30-10. the whole thing is I think that 40-30-20-10. most accurately portrays my vision. I dont want to worry about the money. im not an accountant im a chef. however if followed precisely, by the time we reach our stride 18 months or less, the demand will be higher than the supply. i will never be the chef of the sad salad guy that just wants out or the dishwasher that only washes dishes. i dont buy that one day that maybe the food on johnny's station will be sub-par, i mean were professionals! we get paid to cook. we decide as a group what the food will be, how it will be portioned, we will taste and critic everything as a group. the checks and balances will not allow sub-par food to be served. what do you think if i opened on mondays for half the time, a single sitting with say food at half price to give the newly positioned staff time to get acclamated? that may expunge unnecessary inconsistencies. I think that the customer base will revel in the fact that the waitstaff are also the chefs. the dining public is just as aware of the problems with waitstaff as I and so many of you are. they are ready for a change without question. the restaurant will be chef-minded with all the courteous flamboyance of a good waitstaff. it will be our nature to succeed. because "chefs get there" the employees will be directly responsible for their income resulting in higher productivity and quality. the output of the staff will reciprocate through the finances. i dont plan to start at 40 though. i plan to start at 35. work my way up to 40 when certain objectives are met. we will definitely stagger the rotation it would be proposterous to try and switch the entire staff at once. i dont want to create a rivalry between teams. plus to even out the sides it will be most necessary. rent is equated to roughly 5-10% no? if the investor wants to reinvest that money in the employees to back the system, i dont understand why i cant quite simply move those percentages over! please tell me why i cannot. i am looking for the negatives but i just dont see them. for the cooks out there.... when you first got tossed on grill or salads or sauces or wherever, that first night you were being trained, ok you had 3 dishes or 2, i really dont remember it taking weeks to learn the grill or even days to master the sauce. it took me years and months to learn the whys, but you can still put out a great consistent product without having to know the whys, most of the restaurants in this country follow that pattern and dont even consider it. i must say i am not afraid of failure, it is only money and only life and whatever will be, will be. im not the "one" in charge if you know what i mean. you would be suprised what sound moral and ethical structure can do for a place, then again i dont know of many models to look at in that category, that is where we will stand alone. in business there is the element of luck and then there is the element of variables. eliminating risk is NOT always profitable. god will allow me to succeed and to fail, which time is this? i wont know that until its over. but thanks be to him for the opportunity to try.
  6. The cuisine will be fine dining. Everything from scratch to reiterate the apprenticing aspect. Bakery, Gardening, Every hot/cold line position, plus waiting tables. The entrees will be from 16-30 dollars respectively. apps from 5-12. wine and beer tasting menus available, along with a vegetarian tasting menu. whatever we cant grow, we will aquire. not ultra-refined, but the highest quality ingredients prepared in the most respectful manner. i dont expect the food to be perfect for each person at first, but if they have say, 2 dishes and have to prepare the mise en place for 4 weeks per station, i think they could master the food in a week. i think at first it may be a little inconsistent per person. there will be strong sautee's and great grillmen, even stupendous bakers. but they wont be there unless they want to. there will be a roundsman to train, as the staff rotates. lets say 4 people switch every week thats 24 people every 6 weeks. i really dont think it is asking to much to master 2 dishes in a week, there will be a controlled output of quality, if it gets out of hand then a qualified person will step in, they will be given time to learn, not a "sink or swim" attitude. but obviously the quality can not diminsh below the threshold of value.
  7. i repeat, i only need 25 or so not EVERYONE, it will obviously take a special person and people who want to learn i was looking for some good rebuttle and i got a little i guess, nothing that i havent considered already. i was looking for an angle i handnt seen and instead only the superficial has been presented. percentage-wise the interest has been positive, about 25% think it is doable and worth trying the other 75% are mad are confused, i cant decide. oh by the way there wont be any rent due because the land is paid for, this will allow me to raise my empl. costs. i have heard it as high as 50% in some of these cases, but i guess yall new that. hey, thanks for playing though!
  8. you or ANY of these guys wouldnt even get an interview. you obviously have to buy into the system! i mean come on thats common sense right! based on this model: 120 seats a modest 900 covers per week $40 check average (which is somewhat low to start) thats $36,000 gross rev. thats $6,480 tip share(at 18%) (35% employee costs + tipshare)- $1000 per week medical / 25 employees = ($19,080)-1000/25= $725 per week per employee let me also add that i can go as high as 40% employee costs, and 900 covers a week is just until we get known. the rotation would be 4 weeks, it takes a person maybe a week to master their prospective station. the food wouldnt be anymore spotty than any other place because the unruly demands of more than one can handle, wont be an issue. if my math is inconclusive or wrong please tell me.
  9. Perhaps 4-5 weeks would be better?
  10. Henri Soule' the pioneer of French Dining in America, the mozart and michelangelo of tablewaiting Early 1900's. Le Pavillion was the best in the US and the standards of elegant servitude were being defined. He said that the problem with waitstaffing is exactly this. And it will remain so until a change is made. there are selected few "career" waiters, but it is so thankless that few venture down that path. I think the possibilty of reversing this is impossible. The industry is riddle with PT's with "short-timers diesease" and they are looking on the next best thing. my point is, this problem has riddled restaurants for the last century and its not getting any bettter. change is eminent. It is said that in this world EVERYONE is replaceable. no matter who it is. however there is a tendency towards chaos when the proper amount of energy is not being inputed. having said that losing any piece of the puzzle, FOH or BOH has the potential to cause problems. but i feel like this is the reason why it should be changed, there is no continuity, currently, even in the so called "best" restaurants in the country.
  11. I think that for the most part your post is off the topic. however, deriving deep satisfation from the mundane responsibilties is a part of growing up and maturing. keller said that. its not about that however. those jobs will still be apart of it. its about the expansion of the mind into the unknown. once you do something repetitively it becomes second nature and you dont even think about it. thats why I can do some activities with my eyes closed. however i am trying to rid the enviroment of that complacent attitude. keep everyone on their feet. "put yourself in a place where you are uncomfortable, that is when you really learn"
  12. Ahhh , I love contradiction, in fact i think your contradiction(s) prove my points. My goal is to CLOSE the restaurant for 4 weeks out of the year. Vacation. Plus involve some profit sharing methods. The attitude ALWAYS comes down to the individual. "you can lead the horse..." When a person becomes a chef and/or owner of a restaurant it is their role to do whatever it takes to fit the bill, no? As a chef/owner you are a politician working the room selling yourself and the food, your ideas and philosphies, no? So, why, pray tell would you not want to train your staff to be chefs instead of fry cooks or sautees or suaciers? I mean as a cook, I mastered each station at each of my jobs in a matter of weeks. And there was NO room for advancement. Why in the world would I stay at garde manger for the next 2 years when I want to move to the line, or even to the back to learn pastry? I mean come on Im freaking bored here!!! Ahh but if we rotated the staff we could , get this... TEACH everyone the FUNDEMENTALS of cookery and chefdom as a whole. The processes and technique dont change from city to city. Especially with the internet. Ingredient quality and efficency are the true ciphers of a great restaurant. I am not a fool who thinks I know everything, hell I know how to cook, but even I can get better. Reading and discovering new flavors and techniques while making people happy is where the fun comes in! But the whole idea is to realize the POTENTIAL of ALL the people involved, and raise the morale and attitude to a new level. DETLEFCHEF, if the tipshare were divided equally among the staff, we pay the entire staff roughly 6 bucks an hour more on top of their adjusted salry and the enitre staff walks home with roughly , well, you do the math. the variance is with employment percentage costs. in my case it will be roughly 40% because i want health benefits as well. the salary of the staff will be directly proportionate to the amount of business we do, the quality of food and service. the cooks salary will be directly affected by their preformance. but the food and service will be nothing short of brilliant because of the attiude of the staff. We will grow and learn, perfect technique, and abide by calculated standards and I have a feeling it will be grand... It will come down to hiring the right people, duh! I mean if 1 out of a 1000 people buy into the system, who cares, all i need is 20 or so and there is definetly more than 20,000 people in this industry looking for a change. The overall attitude of the industry is piss POOR!! I have worked for the big boys and the like, TRU in chicago to be specific and it is ridiculous! I got to work on sat a a little after noon and got out at 3 am are you kiddin me!!!! these guys dedicate there lives and time just so they can get an opportunity somewhere else. or finally make it big. Plus, there is little if no time off and when you do get it there is an overwhelming guilt trip put on you when you do. I guess by your rebuttles that your are pleased with the current state of the industry and feel that no change is necessary. I hardly feel this is this case after working in over 20 restaurants in the past 10 years. The morale is low, people try and cope with substance, its really sad, everyone seems depressed. there is a manic elation that follows that is misconstrued as hapiness... It come down to my personal philosophy, I think most people have the potential to do whatever they want. I am not going to put anyone in a box or try to define them as a person. We all have the capacity to do what we WANT to do. And that is it. As a chef one has to realize that, and my goal is to train the new chefs of the future, and I get to decide how they will be. Please I want more feedback thanks
  13. There is a saying, "The Harder I Work The Luckier I am."
  14. I have a feeling that the number of people would be somewhat limited, but as chefs are we not servers already? Hell we COOK for the customers right? Why wouldn't you want to see the diners reactions to the food. As a cook I absolutely hated not getting feedback from the waitstaff. It makes everyone feel better when the get their well-deserved praise, no? Yes, yes, we are humbled cooks, and that is what makes us great, but the reactions from pleased patrons is priceless and you dont get that from the back. ALL of the best chefs "run" food, what is the difference? I get it, new train of thought is difficult for most. Hell getting people to try "new" things is like pulling teeth and ridding people of their childish phobia's is somewhat impossible. Whhhaaa i dont like pepper, onions, garlic, cheese, salsa, cilantro, fish, whatever, blah blah blah whaaaaa. I have a feeling though, if people would pay attention to themselves and open their minds... aw forget it, it is really amazing to me number of people who can even CONCEIVE change much less apply it. I guess that is the industry not as a whole but as a large part, addicted. Addicted to drugs, laziness, and the easy way out. Heck thats why most of the people who are in it are here. It was easy. I mean, did we not learn in grade school that anything easy usually isn't worth while? But look who's crying, now that your laziness has caught up with you. I've seen more unhappy cooks than I care to ever admit. And they all suffer from addiction. There is a way out, I have seen it and the light. Put down the pot and the beer for a minute, and listen, please. 100 people have read this and only 1 has responded? We cannot be afraid to stand up against our fears. You have to break the cycle somehow. I think everymind has the capacity to change. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil. The lord is my shepard, I shall not want. I want to thank God for the abilities he has given me and the light he has shed on my life. Thank you so very much. -Amen
  15. This topic has been started to explore the possibilties of a newer restaurant concept. The concept includes the rotation of the front of the house with the back. The culinarians will work for 3 or 4 weeks at a position and then rotate to another area. The food will change with each move. The staffmembers will have the opportunity to wait tables and cook savory and sweet dishes, along with pastry. I think this will give the restaurant an oppourtunity to explore the limits of its workers, instead of dealing with high-turnover. Being apart of so many places with bad enviroments, drug abuse and overall indifference, I am looking to start something different. I think this will enable the entire staff to get paid more because we will divide the tipshare equally among the staff. The staff will also have an input on the conceptualization of new dishes as well as micro-managing themselves. There will be innate leaders in the group and people that will assert their ideas. I am not worried about having a "boss" per say. The chefs will abide by a predetermined standard, and will be pushed and challenged by the enviroment. Is their anyone who likes this idea? If you think this wont work, I would like to know why. What type of forseeable problems do you think will arise? I know that MOTO in chicago is toying with this idea, and there is also a place in Ithica,NY called Moosewood that has been quite successful.
  16. id love to hear what you had, and how it was.
  17. yeah heres the thing, most websites are not updated. i know the nans's website still has a menu from 2 years ago! scott owns only nanas and the building nanas is in. i wonder if they will keep the name "nana's chophouse", considering it is named for scotts g-ma "nana"? he also sold the rights to the q-shacks. this is all very new development so it has yet to filter out. p.s. believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. i dont even suggest listening to me. call scott and ask him. but im 99.999% sure this is the case.
  18. cant say i know that juan and ashley the two execs are great people and chefs so, that energy will filter down to the food and atmosphere eventually. if you go i would love to hear about it. i can say my first experience was mediocre but that was a year ago.
  19. no but i can say that scott howell is no longer affiliated with the place, hes been bought out. by the way it was NEVER his restaurant. ashley the chef of vin is a consulting chef for the place now.
  20. How long does it take to cook an 6 oz. filet fo beef to medium-rare at 140 degrees?
  21. ahhhhh studen life, on any given day as a culinare student I could eat foie gras and cup-o-ramen. isnt life great
  22. RIO, the brazilian buffet at macgregor downs is great. only $10 for lunch! $25 for dinner
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