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  1. True. Execution is the most important thing. I have worked with hundreds of culinary students from all over the country, all skill levels. They have NO IDEA what they are putting on the plate, they just do what they are told. The execution is not in question here. The rules and structure for student ACF sanctioned competitions is a JOKE. Any accolades they get should go straight to the instructors. You have instructors competing vs. students. LOL. Every other team in this state(I know this as fact) writes', plans, and executes their own menu. period. The fact that they are passing off that crap as being their own work is the SHAM. Microgreens? Are you kiddding me? WTF does a 19 yr old pot-smoking hippie student living in Asheville know about a microgreen and a Trotter-esque microportion? Nothing. They execute very beautiful tasty dishes to a "T". Ones' they do not even understand. The proof is in the pudding pal. All of their knife work looks like it was done by a Robot Coupe. WHAAAAAAAAA I am done crying now
  2. first hand account is that enough evidence?
  3. the asian market at south hills has them regulary
  4. I think it should also be stated that AB Tech is a sham. Every other team writes and implements their own menus, that means they are student designed/driven. There the instructors do all of the work for them(planning/organization), thats the only reason they have ever won anything, PERIOD. There are a good number of really hardworking culinary students in this state who deserve more. Putting a team together on top of a full load and a job?? They are more committed than student athletes.
  5. any recommendations for dinner? something tasty and different preferred
  6. 2 things: 1. The chef and the pastry chef are husband/wife.. They are both very passionate and dedicated. I think if history repeats about couples in the kitchen, which it usually does, this restauarant will evolve into one of the best in the triangle. 2. chef worked with none other than ferran adria. no joke
  7. Add Saturday to the mix, especially if it means losing it. If you prefer to go on Wed., go then. If they cant do it on both days then perhaps Saturday will save the thing, but I think it needs to whatever is necessary at this point. If that means poor parking then so be it, it would just really be unfortunate to see it fail.
  8. I think Alton Brown summed it up when he said(on Royal), "it wouldn't suprise me, given this chefs history, for them to just make ostrich burgers". Wow cant say Im suprised with the show, Royal clearly hasn't touched a knife or pan in years. (LOL if i hadnt predicted the result) Geez I cant think of anyone more deserving of a spot on Iron Chef, hahahha, aside from that he actually beat kora who ccooks on the regular...
  9. save your money stage in some GREAT restaurants...
  10. The venison was cleaned in a HAACP controlled enviroment. I understand the proscuitto's from San Danielle and Parma do not use nitrates but they also use Straight sea salt for the cure. There appears to be traces of nitrit/ates in the salt.... However the only feasible conclusion is that nitrite removes error... I have injected the ham along the bone and in several other places mainly in the thickest part of the meat with a brine made of sea salt and sugar(amongst other aromatics), it is also sitting in the brione where it will remain for 1 week... I have read botulism is the real threat here, however if properly injected with sea salt, the question remains, are they required?
  11. ChefSwartz

    celeriac tops

    the fried leaves are okay
  12. I have seen and read about it... can anyone help me cut through all the fear inducing food regs here in America? Do I really need it or is a good cure enough? thanks
  13. I dont think most know what they are ready for untill it has passed them by. Having said that, dont listen to any naysayers. the "predictors" and "analyzers", like Bocuse said "...write because they can't do". Do it!!!! the world is ready for a FUN night on the town doing ANYTHING besides wasting money at a mediocre restaurant and a mediocre movie. THIS IS ONE OF THE SINGLE BIGGEST PROBLEMS IN THE TRIANGLE. We are bestowed with great music and arts, but not everyone is "in" to that. Some people want to go out and have a GREAT time doing something new and different. There is very little in the way of original fun, especially for intellectuals. I think this or these types of restaurants would be successful anywhere. The key is doing it well. If we were to take ALINEA or El Bulli and transplant them to the triangle would they be less busy? I think not, people make reservations months in advance and travel half way around the country/world for these experiences. They have highly trained and dedicated STAFFS . I feel that this the biggest issue, building a team of people that share a similar vision. It is a great risk, however there will be no great reward without it. My idea is to go legit. Get a TAX ID. Find a spot(maybe in a house, perhaps we should talk). Organize a dinner. Send out invitations, Advertise in the Independent, and wait. If you build it they will come.
  14. I will reitirate, is it the style, or the execution of style?
  15. Ill jump on a melon salad, eh? I can picture it now.... hmm melon... moms used to make an awesome 5-cup salad with mandarin oranges, coconut, cherries, sour cream, marshmallows and pineapple. Its got pig pickin written all over it!!!
  16. Varmint, Do you feel the same way about the Cosmopolitan Grill? It seems from a chefs perspective that its difficult to manage the food at a single restaurant nevertheless two places across town. Scott Howell ran into that same problem, stretching himself too thin. I think ben is probably the most comfortable within his style and restaurant, this gives him the necessary room to grow. Its like his home away from home. He even has corny and homey decorations which are beautifully original. Ben isnt trying to apease an audience, just make smart food. ben and karen are definitely the most confident and skilled pair in the triangle. I have to put my vote in for magnolia, especially after working with pretty much everyone in town.
  17. the mandolines, or "housewife's" as i have heard them called are great. the one i am referring to are sold at your local asian market, also called bernier slicer, still very very dangerous though.
  18. closes down, or goes on vacation?
  19. varn, after reading all the posts im am curious if 100 lbs of bbq is going to be enough? where is it coming from? bill niman, i am hoping.
  20. the front ------------------------- the back ------------------------- here's my entry
  21. im trying to post an image but im not sure how, do i need to upload it to the egullet website?
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