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  1. Okay, that sounds really good. Can you point us to a recipe? Absolutely, when I get home from work I will post the link for you. Actually I snuck in a search at work....don't tell :-) Anywho's this is the recipe I am going to try, but I am going to use scratch caramel, not the little candies. http://www.thekitchenismyplayground.com/2012/09/insanely-delicious-turtle-cookies.html
  2. Okay, that sounds really good. Can you point us to a recipe? Absolutely, when I get home from work I will post the link for you.
  3. I usually don't do cookies at Christmas, it's been all candy. I have been wanting to give a caramel thumbprint cookie recipe a try for quite awhile so maybe I will finally give in a give it a whirl. Thanks for the link for Anna's goodies, lots of inspiration there!
  4. baroness & prasantrin: Thank you so much I will check those both out. I appreciate the response.
  5. What brand of corn do you all use? I am trying to achieve those big puffy popped kernals, but so far every brand I have used has produced the small basic popped corn. Thanks for any ideas.
  6. Hi Margy. Ever since I can remember my Mom just uses a towel at the bottom of her canning pot. I don't think she has ever owned a water canning bath pot. She has never had a problem. HTH Kelli
  7. Kerry, just wondering if you had success with your mango-passionfruit caramels?
  8. All this information is just fantastic. I've been wanting to try this for a long time, just didn't know where to start. Hopefully I can get my stuff together to try this now.
  9. Drew, It's great to have you here! I love the pictures in your book. I am still quite a newbie on chocolate and as such, I appreciate quality pictures to go with the recipes.
  10. Those look terrific! Thank you for sharing the results of your experimentations!
  11. In2Pastry

    Preserving Summer

    Oh, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! This sounds like what I've been looking for! Thanks again!
  12. In2Pastry

    Preserving Summer

    Eilen, any chance you might share your spiced recipe for huckleberry jam? I have been searching and searching for a wonderful recipe to use my huckleberries in. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for the help Kerry. I have some flavoring from Amoretti that I will add at the end and see how that works. I will also try some with puree instead of water. I just wasn't sure if I used the puree if the acid in the fruit would make a difference. I will report back once I try this. It may not be for a couple of day. Thanks again!!!
  14. Kerry your caramel recipe is to die for!!! LOVE IT! Now I would like to tweek it a bit by adding a berry flavor to the recipe, like a blueberry or huckleberry. Could I use a juice or puree? Do you know what the best way to go about that, or is it even possible? After I can get this figured out I would like to dip them in white chocolate. Thank you ever so much for your help!
  15. Terrific Kerry!! I can understand why it was the center of attention. Very well done.
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