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  1. Just wanted to add my thumbs up!
  2. Let's hope they don't include any full-page ads in the AJC when he gets into a pissing match with the local food critics.
  3. If you're definitely between those 2 places, absolutely go with Rathbun's. ITO dress, jeans you might be able to get away with, but you would be 100% safe if you go business casual.
  4. A little late, but wanted to add my congrats to ChefG and his team on a well deserved honor! Keep up the great work - and I'm sure this is just the beginning!
  5. Working on some Dogfish Head Raison D'etre right now...got a few other options ahead of me...Maredsous Dark Brune or more Dogfish - the Immort Ale. Taking advantage of being back in MD this weekend to try some of the Dogfish brews...haven't been able to find 'em in Atl yet.
  6. c'mon...please let it be heather...lot of growing up to do, but she's got the chops
  7. Well said, voodoo - i definitely worry at times about the direction this city is heading. A lot of cookie cutter/chain stuff seems to be the default, unfortunately. Still a lot of great stuff here, but damn this sucks to lose those 3 and their vision (which moreso than their food, might be part of the reason they felt the need to leave ATL).
  8. Wow...just...wow. Thx for doing this, Alina...the photography is incredible and I appreciate your giving us a glimpse into life/society/food in a place that is so different, yet similar to the States.
  9. good luck to you and your crew, tony - be safe and we'll all keep a good thought for you guys!
  10. Tremendous - I absolutely LOVE haggis and this definitely was a lot of fun to read along with you...just wish I could run out and get some to eat this easily!
  11. Thanks for the link, Ronnie - that's a very good interview. Great to see Chef G getting the kind of recognition he richly deserves!
  12. Collins

    Favorite Pilsners?

    Radegast is very nice, as is Golden Pheasant (very simiilar to Urquell)
  13. Just top of mind ramblings right now (the 8th cup of coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet) - will put some more thought behind this today and try to add to the list. Some of my initial thoughts on places that constitute "off the beaten path" dining experiences in Atlanta: Kool Korners sandwich shop on 14th street - great Cuban sandwiches Brick Store Pub in Decatur - THE best beer list in Atlanta and excellent pub grub Happy Valley for dim sum One Star Ranch in Buckhead for Texas style BBQ - very solid beef brisket sammiches and you have to try the brontosaurus sized beef rib...my stomach is distended just thinking of it (sorry about that image people!) Vreny's Biergarten in Duluth - good German food and a nice patio/garden area to sit and enjoy our city's fine weather The Slovakia Restaurant in Marietta Square - authentic Slovakian cuisine, plus two of the nicest people you'll ever meet in Ivana and Stefan (owners & chef) Osteria del Figo - good, fresh pasta dishes and a boisterous atmosphere combine well Sushi Huku - my favorite Japanese restaurant in the city (so much more than just sushi)
  14. May be a little late in the game here, but thank you, Doc, for sharing your experience with us and posting such amazing photos. I just read the entire thread start to finish (needless to say my productivity this afternoon is now shot) and I am amazed at what a rich experience that trip must have been. Consider yourself blessed and lucky to be able to take part in such a journey...
  15. If it hasn't been mentioned on one of the other threads, you should check out Woodfire Grill - think that would fit in nicely with some of the comments/"requirements" you were listing.
  16. Petit Louis Bistro in Roland Park is a nice comfortable setting with some solid food - definitely worth checking it out.
  17. The Brick Store Pub in Decatur - looking forward to working my way through the extensive beer list they have. Folks there are very into beer and I had a great time discussing the different brews they carry. The food was very good as well - simple straightforward items that really allow you to have some fun picking out beers to match up with your meal. Cool atmosphere - it has a few tables outside and a great horseshoe bar downstairs. No televisions or loud distractions - definitely a space created with the idea of sitting down and having good conversation while you enjoy some fabulous brews. They also have an upstairs bar as well - kind of felt bad making the bartender go up and down the stairs for a few of those beers, but it was worth it! Here's a link to their website - not sure if the beer lists are completely up to date as I believe they are constantly adding new things... Brick Store Pub
  18. Bit of an accidental bender yesterday - found a little pub with a fantastic beer list and the next thing I knew...oops! Let's see, I had the following: 1) Hercules Double IPA - super hoppy and very rich, but definitely refreshing 2) Duchesse de Bourgogne - fantastic Flemish sour ale 3) Schlenkerla Rauchbier - have become a big fan of this smokey marzen 4) Konings Hoeven Quadruppel - really rich, fruity, candy-like finish And last but certainly not least... 5) JW Lee Vintage Ale - this ale was aged in casks used to age Lagavulin...tough to describe this one other than WOW...but i'll try...lots of sweet roasted, caramel with a very smokey background...really, really great stuff even if it was a pricey bottle!
  19. Just finished dinner at Alinea - will post full review (as if it hasn't been done before) and thoughts tomorrow. Was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet chef achatz tonight - absolutely wonderful, wonderful experience that really rounded out the entire trip to chicago. just a general comment, but no one...and i mean NO ONE....would not appreciate the meal, service and environment that chef has created. it truly is an experience from the minute you walk in the door to the moment you step out and back into the "real world".
  20. Favorite type of cuisine to eat when you're not in the kitchen? Weirdest ingredient you've ever used? Biggest surprise in terms of taste (what tasted much better/worse than you expected?)? And of course, the ubiquitous "what would you eat for your last meal/dish on earth" question
  21. Really, really enjoyed the two hours last night. Thought the show did, as usual, a great job of showing just how much Tony appreciated and respected the cultures of Japan and China, while also allowing his snarky side to come through (the ear cleaning/massage clips at the end were hysterical). Here's hoping the rest of this season's shows are filled with the same blend of humor, respect, great food shots and tremendous footage as last night...
  22. Agree about the sesame oil - it goes well with the yuzu juice, but i've found the sesame oil needs to be cut somewhat to make sure it isn't too aggressive in the dressing and allows the yuzu to show up. Maybe I can futz around with another nutty oil and see how the whole thing comes together...it's all one big experiment after all, right?
  23. Was hoping to get some comments on what everyone's favorites were in terms of the oil(s) they use for salad dressings (OTHER than olive oil - that's too easy). Typically make standard vinaigrettes with red wine vinegar, dijon, shallots and olive oil, but would like to get some other ideas about different oils to try/use. (e.g., walnut, grapeseed, etc.) Oh...I have some yuzu juice which I'm trying to incorporate into a vinaigrette (among other uses). Is olive oil the best for that or would I be better off using a more neutral oil to allow the yuzu to come through a bit more? Any thoughts are appreciated!
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