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  1. Got it, it's Suaeda glauca (the accepted name now - but has many other names as the botanists are still working things out!) Suada asparagoides or Salsola asparagoides are also used commonly. It is a very variable species. Having said that the photo also looks a little like Limnophila aromatica, rice patty herb, So-yeop-pul: http://www.uni-graz.at/~katzer/engl/Limn_aro.html But that is not what your korean MIL said it was. Is this used much in Korean cuisine? I love this herb and grow it (not always very successfully) in little water gardens. This site is very useful, but you have to know bo
  2. loki


    Actually not. my recipes all specify fenugreek seeds. (I'd never heard of the greens before today.) And per Alan Davidson, Fenugreek is a relative of Clover. he specifies that fenugreek seeds "need slow heating to bring out the full flavor, but overheating makes them bitter" Apparently it's also a common ingedient in commercial curry powders. ← Sorry to say, but you have been reading the recipes incorrectly. These recipes don't use the seeds which are a spice, they use the leaves which are the herb. Hence the word sabzi! It's like corriander and cilantro. I've heard of people messi
  3. Golden Ridge / Schwarz und Weiß is closed. A press release said they had debt, quality (not that I noticed) and religious opposition due to the use of modern technology from the Old Order Amish investers in the firm. Too bad - it produced one the best blues I've had from the US (Maytag is good but this stuff was excellent). Oh well. Amish Cheese Plant Closes
  4. On my holiday travels, I'm going to forGinza of Tokyo East. More for the tepanyaki show than for Sushi. It's now a small chain, I guess, though I've never been. Friends want to go, especially, their son who wants to see the food fly. Hopefully it's good - please post reports on it if you've been and recommendations for ordering. Also, I am taking them to Kingston House Saturday buffet which is a childhood favorite (since the early 70's for me). The food is ultimate comfort. The atmosphere is typical Wisconsin Bar (almost like English Pubs where the whole family goes so unlike Utah where I
  5. It was years ago now, late 80's, but there was a Chinese Place near the River - in the then newly hip historic district, where I found a wonderful dish of assorted goodies that you ate with hot mustard sauce (like chinese mustard but prepared a little differently) and other condiments. It had Jellyfish, carrots, omlette, daikon, cooked beef, and other items arranged on a platter. I fell in love with it. On further visits they told me it was actually Korean - the hip Chinese Restaurant was owned by a Korean family. I don't think it's there anymore - last time I was there I could not find it
  6. Eichten's Bistro was highly recommended to me a few months ago. It's located near Shafer MN about 50 miles from the Twin Cities. But the website seems to say that they are closed. Anybody know more about it. Is it just changing hands? Is the chef working somewhere else? Stories about it from the past. Here is the website: http://www.eichtensbistro.com/index.php I want to take my parents to a place like this over the holidays - any other suggestions in East Central MN or NW Wisconson?
  7. I would not worry about bonito flakes in the pickle making them keep less. Are you thinking because it's fish it will keep for a shorter period of time? That's actually a falacy. Sure fresh fish goes bad faster than a fresh turnip. But preserved fish - or meats, eggs etc. will keep for a very long time. Just think of pickled herring - or eggs/gizzards in a jar in a local bar. As long as the pickling brine is salty and acidic enough the bonito will last. I have had Korean pickled squid last for a very long time. And lots of Korean and South East Asian pickles include shrimp or small fish
  8. loki

    Sesame Leaves

    They are not sesame leaves it's a misstranslation that occured somewhere down the line. Probably because both Perilla and Sesame have edible seeds. Sesamum orientale is the scientific name of sesame in the Pedaliaceae or sesame family Perilla frutescens is the scientific name of perilla/beafsteak plant/shiso in the Lamiaceae or mint family Perilla or Shiso would be better to use as sesame is only used for the sesame plant. Sesame leaves are rather tasteless and tough. Every time I've encountered sesame leaves in restaurants they have been perilla leaves. I'm not even sure sesame leaves are
  9. The name of the double cream blue at Golden Ridge / Schwarz und Weiß is Harmony Blue. I'll be going there Wednesday. Here's a great link to artisinal cheeses http://www.forkandbottle.com/cheese/uscheese.htm Heres a little more about Golden Ridge http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/rbs/pub/jan05/value.htm
  10. Last year I made it to Welcome to Golden Ridge Cheese = Schwarz und Weiß (the weird letter stands for two s's). I bought some of the double cream version of the natural rind type - A two pound wheel - as well as a wheel of the regular. I hit a dear making my way to Des Moines! Then.... Made it almost all the way home, but ran out of gas. While filling up the car with a spare container, the gas spilled on the trunk, and into it - and ruined the cheese! Horrible. So this year I will again repeat my journey from WI to IA - to UT via CO. And will pick up more. I still have a bit left, from a
  11. Rice with Salt Cod, Chickpeas, and Red Bell Pepper Serves 6 as Main Dish. Called 'Arros amb Capetes de Torero' in Spanish, which means bullfighter's capes. This refers to the roasted bell peppers on the top of the dish. This recipe is based on one in Saveur Magazine, which was based on a traditional recipe from Gargantua in Valencia, Spain. It is unique in that the Salt Cod is not soaked before cooking the dish so it makes the use of this ingredient somewhat easier - and you could also use canned roasted red peppers and whip this one up on the spur of the moment, with excellent results. 1-
  12. I found the answer myself - There is no Japan episode, it is part of the Asia special - First half is Japan, second is China. Might be different in other countries.
  13. I'm trying to figure out if I missed an Episode. I see on No Reservations Season 2 That there was a Japan Episode. Yet I don't remember seeing it, and I've been a regular watcher. Did I miss it? Or is it the Asia Special where he went to Japan and China?
  14. Thanks much for the fresh seafood info, I'll bring a large pot along! As well as an Oyster Knife! I will put in a report on what I find. I have found a couple places - Alec's By the Sea is recommended. Waves was also recommended for Happy Hour - both sound sort of tourist trapish though. I don't mind sort of dive places if the food is authentic and real. One of my favorite places was a place south of Beaumont Texas - near the coast - sort of a roadhouse - that had the best BBQ crabs (really more of a spiced and sort of fried dish)! Wow! And a bar with large outdoor section near Texas Cit
  15. I should also mention that when in the Seattle area we will actually be in Edmonds, on the water. It's not as though any place in Seattle is out of bounds, it's just that any thing north is in our bounds too!
  16. I'm going to spend some time with my sister in Ocean Shores for a few days, then in Seattle for a few more. Any restaurant recommendations? I am especially interested in seafood. We will be with my nephew as well who is a picky eater, but loves crab, fish, and other seafood. I on the other hand love to explore the depths of exotic cuisines, trying things like tripe, bitter melon, Uni, herring roe on kelp, etc. But for this journey, This type of exploration will not be possible - unless more mundane things are also on the menu. I'm fairly familiar with Seattle, and know about Elliott's
  17. Lidia's- And they have a very large selection of Grapa's and wonderful people willing to share them with. I met a couple while bar-hopping back to my hotel nearby - on foot. They were wonderfully hosptible. Then the bar manager or maybe the restaurant manager brought out a special reserve Grapa and shared it with us. Next time I have to try to food!
  18. Mentioned above is the Blue Cheese being made in Cresco Iowa. Well I visited the factory. It's about the middle of almost nowhere, but lovely part of Iowa. I was attending the Seed Savers Exchange Conference in Decorrah, and found a reference for this cheese on the web before my trip, and it was only about 20 miles away, so I made a field trip out to the factory. Great place. It is called Schwarz und Weifl (note it was incorrectly spelled above) and also known as the Golden Ridge Dairy http://goldenridgecheese.com They are an Amish Dairy, with mostly non-Amish working the cheese factory -
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