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  1. No, hathor! "My" boyfriends are the Yankees ... as in Mr. Fabby calls to say he's taking an earlier flight/train home, so I can clear the Yanks out. (for him, it's the Lakers Girls.) Your husband looks famous/familiar in a 'haven't I seen you before" way. But since we're practically neighbors, who knows -- I wonder how familiar you will look to me! Hee hee. I'd take rough & vulgar over condescending/taking one's Mother issues out on me! I'm devoted to a couple of chefs for treating me the same as everyone else. The chef who asked me is cool, and I figure his attitude will lead the rest of his cooks. If I can/will take the stage, though.I'm completely loving your blog. You write, you cook, you have a cool family .. sigh.
  2. At a table next to ours in a Paris restaurant, a man loudly requested, "French Dressing" for his salad. "What do you mean, no French dressing! Where the !@#$! are we, anyway? Italy?" A guy I worked with at a pizza place used to drain canned anchovies and drink the oil.
  3. hathor, your husband looks mighty familiar. That's a great photo, too. I'm wondering about the attitude toward middle-aged women working, particularly in food. Not the "Nonna" types at home, but in restaurants. (I may have mentioned an opportunity to stage at a place in Italy; this won't influence my decision, but it's something I'm curiuos about.)
  4. Oh, what great ideas! And her I sit, related to a born'n'bred "good ole boy" who hunts everything. I think deer season is on down south, and I'm emailing him now. Thanks, all!. I'll let you know what Charlie (pronounced, "Chollie") says about the rawhide. Maybe my next dog will be low-maintenance ...
  5. Anyone see the Thumann's commercial, when the family whines, "not another 30-minute meal"? I guess one has arrived when one is dissed by a deli meat company. I can't hate RR. I accidentally watched a few minutes of her show a couple of weeks ago and it made me cringe because it was soooo badly done, from the intro with clips of her laughing to her high-fiving the audience. However, I remember when everyone -- EVERYONE -- hated Miss Perfect Martha Stewart. (I didn't 'hate' her; I went nuts over the people who would bring her books to me and tell me they wanted their party/wedding to look just like that -- for $10.95/pp.) Martha's done well for herself and kind of toned things down a little from her early years. Who knows, maybe time will mellow RR? To say people are jealous of her is kind of a stretch, I think. Jealous means you want what they have -- though I wouldn't mind having her bank account!
  6. Once again,I have an allergic dog that likes to chew stuff. He can't have pork or beef or chicken and is on a strict fish and potato diet. While I've found ostrich rawhide and dried sweet potatoes work pretty well, I'd like to find something a little more substantial for him so he stays the heck away from my shoes. Does anyone know where I might find venison rawhide bones that last more than a few minutes?
  7. Kathy! I gave an entire preschool nightmares with the bloody finger cookies. My sons have never forgotten, or forgiven.
  8. I wonder if start-up costs for the "avant garde" kitchen are higher than than for a classical kitchen, and cost of doing business in NY is higher as well?
  9. hathor! I love your blog already. (You write beautifully, by the way. ) Tell me about the attitude toward 50something women in Italy, work- and school-wise. I'd also love to hear more about your past life (or lives). I loaded Italian lessons on my iPod and when I told an Italian chef what I was "learning," he laughed his butt off!
  10. Well said. I'm sure it's been posted elsewhere as well, that if a proposed food ban was going to affect a Tyson, it would be fought hard and with lots of money. If D'artagnan was giving big chunks of money to someone's campaign fund, this wouldn't have a chance of passing. Rhetoric -- not quite. I hope people who think that things would eventually adjust and go on just as nicely as before think again. This will start the spiral -- because the anti-foie people aren't going to stop there. The next product that activists attempt to ban will affect more than just the "rich foodies."
  11. Absolutely! It's also great for taking seals off bottles, getting bones out of fish, and when plating, placing or removing things. And after service, I put them away. Really.
  12. A bench knife is great for cutting bar cookies. And I never, EVER, cook without a hemostat in my pocket.
  13. Sounds great, Genny! Here's what I use for enchiladas: one egg to 3/4 cup cream (I use light, or heavy mixed with half and half). I blend it with tomatillos and green chiles. Just hull, stem, seed and rough-cut the tomatillos and toss them into the blender. Add whatever seasoning you want. Yield is 1 1/2 cups. Dessert ... I love banana and chocolate stuffed wontons, but you'd have to fry a la minute. How puff pastry stuffed with a blend of white chocolate, mascarpone, amaretto, and chopped pine nuts? Make them into little raviolis and toss in a bag with powdered sugar when they're still warm. What fun -- may I ask how you organize a dinner/cooking club? I'd like to do that once my kitchen is finished and life settles down some.
  14. Kerry, for many reasons, I'm coming in verrrry late to your blog and just catching up. Wonderful stuff! <--admiring glance for you. Pound cake. Save me the ends, okay?
  15. I've been to several -- I wish I knew the criteria for such lists. Many of them are such different experiences; how can you compare them?
  16. Someone I know used to put peanut butter on their dog's lips (or that area under the nose -- I don't think dogs have lips), and prop him up while he was trying to lick it off, and film him with JFK's "we choose to go to the moon" speech playing in the background. It wasn't me, really.
  17. FabulousFoodBabe


    The bulb, sliced thin and pickled, will keep forever in your refrigerator. You can add a saffron thread if you want; added to salads, sides, sandwiches, or straight from the brine. I use the stalks for vegetable stock. (Stalk, stock. I didn't even plan that one! )
  18. Yes! Because they always offer the pepper before you've even had a chance to taste your food - drives me bonkers. Rut-roh, am I now whiny? ← No, Miss Megan! Only middle-aged biddies are whiny. Younger women are, well, adorable, petulant, and understandably deserving of being spoiled and pampered, when they say that kind of thing. (Even at 40, you will be all those things, m'dear.) I do feel sorry for servers, sometimes. They can't win! They're being pulled by their own management, their own capabilities, and have to read customers' minds. But that's not the point of the thread,I guess. (The pepper mill is just silly, and I'm sure the waiters/resses don't like having to do it, either.)
  19. Only on eGullet are things like roasted coffee beans, bacon and sausage, called "convenience foods"! Gotta love this place! Fabby, whose Nonna Tonetta taught her to always fry the tomato paste in the hot spot. I miss her!
  20. This piece was, to me, nothing new. What puzzles me most is how upset people on this thread seem to be over it. Of course, I'm the only person I know who thought the "on the side" stuff in "When Harry Met Sally" was annoying, and "I'll have what she's having" was not funny at all. Of course, Heartburn was hilarious, every bit of it. !@#$! middle-aged women. Always yakking about something.
  21. Hi,Nina -- Just got time to weigh in on this thread. From what I've heard and seen, CIA Boot Camp is "foodies having fun." The benefit of going to the CIA for a degree, is that you've gone there. I had been writing for many years on a local and regional level and wanted to take things up a notch. Without too much back story, I'd say that very little of the post-Externship experience can make you a better writer. I had a reputation for thorough research and being very knowledgeable about my subjects (as a writer), but within a week of Gastronomy class, I realized how much I had yet to learn. I loved all the research and applying it to food every day, and probably wouldn't get that type of concentrated experience anyplace else.
  22. When I had my business in California, I expanded from purely catering to include taking over the catering/gourmet-to-go department of Greek family-run, perimeter-oriented market. The established clientele had some things they were used to having for parties. One of them was "bacon rolls." Off the top of my head, it was: Cream cheese, very very soft, mixed with Lipton Onion Soup mix. Pepperidge Farm white bread, crusts off. Bacon Toothpicks Method: spread bread with cream cheese mix. roll up with bacon on the outside of the bread/cheese rolls and secure with a toothpic. Broil (or we just put themin the convection oven) until the bacon is brown, turning a few times. Pull the picks when the rolls are cool. Customers could stand over a pile of these and eat them until they were sick.
  23. Is piki bread the same thing as the knee bread, because of the way it's cooked? (I'm having a flashback to American Cuisines class; my chef/instructor was so into it.) Flocko, Utah is one of those places we'd fly over between Modesto and the Carolinas/Ohio, and I'd always be taking notes and asking about where we were, because it just fascinated me so much. Beautiful place, and Moab is pretty near the four-corners place (Utah, Colorado, AZ and NM), am I right? And is it anywhere near the place that Chuck Yeager used to race his plane? I guess I could Google this, but I have a feeling your answers will be more interesting.
  24. Susan, enjoy the ride! I started CIA at close-to-45, and loved every minute of it. I was the oldest on my team, but met many who were older. Made some great pals with young men and women, and stay in touch with them still. The chefs respect anyone who works hard and stays focused, and you'll find that the really good sorts of any age, don't judge people until they see them work. My mantra, though, for the eye-rolling, "she's a housewife with a hobby; go home and take care of your kids" types, was "one day you, too, will be 40!" Enjoy yourself, and do post about your experiences.
  25. Oh, dear. I completely forgot about this! How'd you find it??? As for how I eat bananas: I have someone peel them for me, out of my sight. They are then cut thin on the diagonal and fed to me by hand by several scantily-clad Hugh Laurie look-alikes. I wish you had shown us how you eat one. ←
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