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  1. Trailer trash reality TV on a a joke of a channel. No serious foodie would ever watch such cheap, wannbe rubbish.
  2. I'm not sure I understand the reason for doing this. It would be great if you conducted an experiment. Freeze one cut normally; and the other with dry ice. After a week, thaw both. Have another person cook to taste and then blind taste. I'd be very interested in the results.
  3. Why bother? I wouldn't waste time on this. Vote with your feet. Plenty of good restaurants in Montreal.
  4. Your reason for using SV over the conventional approach is contradicted by your results. Personally, I wouldn't waste two hours of my time over scrambled eggs. Too much a pyrrhic victory methinks.
  5. Change jobs. Outrageous that work interferes with cooking.
  6. You mean you actually pan cooked the patty! I'm appalled you didn't sous vide it for 96 days then flash-deep fry in oil extracted from kelp found 300m undersea.
  7. Epicurean all the way. And made in the US to boot.
  8. Okay - maybe just one piece of fish. Is this restaurant really in the belly of a football stadium?
  9. Fab. But I would probably come away hungry and stop off for fish & chips on my way home.
  10. I've been purchasing lamb directly from a local farmer for years now. All-in-all I pay $6/lb regardless of cut. Obviously, from a 50lb lamb I don't get 50lb of meat, bones and offal, but the price is still fantastic. Plus I'm supporting the local economy.
  11. Vote with your feet. But I'm curious: did you leave a tip?
  12. Depends on whether you envision selling your pad in the future. If not do whatever you want to do. If you do plan to sell, put an oven in.
  13. Depends on how far in advance you want to make your slaw. I never salt, in part becasue there is far too much (hidden) salt in our diet, but also because there is no reason. As long as you shave the cabbage very thinly, I don't find it an issue.
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