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  1. OK, thanks. Since nobody's weighed in, I assumed there wasn't much to get excited about.
  2. My search didn't turn up anything new. Anyone heard of any new, hip, happenin' restaurants in Whistler? Alternatively, any famous chefs take over any kitchens? Thanks for the intel!
  3. Heavenly Bites' new location on Hastings is open. Anyone tried it? Also a new Thai restaurant in that stretch. Can't wait to try Cioffi's new take-out counter. I'm a regular for everything else there... Sorry to hear about the closing of Black Tuna, which I'd noticed a while ago. Anyone know where the chef went? He was excellent.
  4. You can get away with calling him Hitch, certainly, but never call him Chris. He tore a strip off Larry King on live TV for doing that once. "It's CHRISTOPHER!" Whatever. He definitely comes across as cranky, pompous, condescending, etc. etc. but, worse, an Iraq war champion. He's softened a bit now and in fact wrote quite a touching piece about a young guy who enlisted after reading his pro-war stories and then died in action. (I think that appeared in the Times, or was it Vanity Fair, can't recall.) He seemed genuinely remorseful that this kid had believed in his stance, went off to war because of it, and then perished, leaving behind a young wife (and child, I think). Anyhoo, lately I think he's gone back to being cranky (and pro war?).
  5. It's interesting Hitchens didn't mention whether or not the room was full, suggesting that perhaps the server was trying to hustle them along. I think, though, his primary beef had to do with being interrupted at a critical point in his storytelling. And that goes to one of the most popular irritants about servers in general. Why do they have to ask you how your meal is precisely at the moment you've stuffed your mouth with said meal? And why do they have to barge into the middle of your conversation to ask if you want more wine or dessert or whatever. Can they not just approach the table and stand there quietly for a few seconds? Obviously the diners will notice you there and, when they've finished what they were saying, will glance at you to see what you want. To me, so much of this is common sense. The behavior is no different from a stranger walking into a party, approaching a group of people in animated discussion, and interrupting what everyone's saying simply to announce your presence. It's rude and so very easily avoided. And if someone doesn't want his glass filled, he/she can simply say, no more for me, thanks, rather than let it sit in the glass going to waste.
  6. Wondered if anyone else caught Christopher Hitchens' rant in today's Slate about intrusive waiters (Wine Drinkers of the World Unite). More interesting were the responses from the industry. How does everyone here feel about it, both from a server's perspective and a diner's? People here have railed about the rudeness of both waiters and customers, so it would be interesting to hear your reactions to this particular bugaboo.
  7. Caffe Artigianno (I butchered that, didn't I?) has come to Burnaby! I just noticed a brand spanking new location on Hastings, somewhere west of Willingdon, I think. We were whizzing by quite fast at night and I can't recall the exact location, but I'll be in to check it out soon. Although not for the $15 cuppa Joe...
  8. Ducked out of the snow (?!!) last night and into the warm environs of the Hamilton Street Grill, and who should be at the door greeting guests but that infamous restaurateur, Neil Wyles himself! The rule, as I understand it, is that you're supposed to reveal yourself as a gulleteer, so I did. I confess I haven't been here since the gullet get-together a couple years ago. Not because it's not a swell place, but because I live in the Burnaby boonies. Anyhoo, Neil, you were very gracious. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Hope you made it home through the snowstorm OK! I sung the praises of the hanger to my fellow diners, so we all ordered it, and it was, as usual, fantabulous! The complimentary GBP was a nice, generous surprise for the birthday girl in our midst. Didn't get a chance to say thanks before you left, so Thanks! She's just moved into the 'hood, so you'll likely be seeing more of her. She was dutifully impressed. I know I'm supposed to mention three places but the others are obscure (Bellingham and Kamloops) so I won't bother. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy the HSG, a place I don't get to that often. Thank you!!
  9. "I have full intention of keeping Dale as executive chef if he fulfills his job to our expectations," Mr. Boulud said. "It's up to him to work with me. It's not up to me to work with him." Is this arrogant, even by chef standards...?
  10. Just noticed Burgers Etc. on Hastings in Burnaby is papered over? What happened there? Also, same 'hood, Heavenly Bites finally looks like they're getting going: sign painted on window, tables and chairs inside. No firm open date yet, tho.
  11. I like the idea of a New Year's appy party. We've done it before and doing it again. Low key with a few friends, everyone brings a dish so there's not a lot of work for one person. So far: scallops wrapped in bacon with spicy cocktail sauce, sausage stuffed mushrooms, hot wings, smoked oysters and the usual cheese plate and garlic sausage with a variety of crackers. Maybe a Greek salad. Chicken satay with peanut sauce might be nice.... Love you guys' theme parties, very creative!
  12. Thanks, guys. You're right, I do need to read up more on the topic. I only have a passing acquaintance with the idea of low-carb diets. I'm really just carrying around 10 pounds too many. I'd like to lose that, but the main thing I hear, and what appeals to me, is that some diets (low carb?) give you back your energy, and that's what I'd really like. I feel so sluggish all the time. Maybe that's the sugar. (Especially around this time of year, I've kinda overdosed on chocolates....) I think what I'll do is just go the moderation route: cut down on portion sizes, cut out most sugar and bad fats, increase consumption of fruits, veggies and fibres, and step up the exercise. If that doesn't work, I'll purge carbs entirely. I guess I just hate the idea of eliminating entirely an whole food group from my diet, even if temporarily... I'd admire you guys who have the resolve and determination. Oh, and will power!
  13. I watched a few episodes on Food Network Canada as well and, like others, appreciated the simplicity of his preparations. Also envious of his garden and outdoor wood-fired oven. Man, would that be sweet to have. Jamie seems different, more mature and low-key. I always had the impression, from his earlier shows, that he was a tad full of himself and a little too sloppy in his thinking and approach to what he was doing. I like that he's a bit more grounded and grown up, although sometimes it can make for boring viewing. It'd be nice to see him throw in a bit more humour and spontaneity. Bottom line, though, I like the series.
  14. Feedbag

    Dinner! 2007

    What a coincidence. I was just watching Jamie Oliver's new show yesterday and he mentioned preparing rocket. I thought for sure I'd misheard him until I saw this thread. What the heck is rocket???
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