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  1. DeVeaux, Have you tried the Brookville Hotel in Abilene (right off of 70)? Great chicken there though the cole slaw is too sweet for my taste. Frog
  2. Let me guess, everything west of Topeka is Colorado too? Fortune Wok off of 135th and Quivira is really good Chinese. I haven't asked about an authentic menu but the standard dishes are really good. They have a pretty good lunch deal too. Frog
  3. It's been a couple of years since I've been there but the Bongo Room in Wicker Park was probably the best breakfast I've ever had. The pancakes were unbelievably good.
  4. I'd use the half and half and/or cream in French toast. Frog
  5. The tourist information office in Alba had some brochures for what seemed like exactly what you're looking for. I can't remember any of the details since I just glanced at the brochures while I was there but didn't have time on the trip to explore it further. Here is the contact info for office: Piazza Risorgimento 2 - 12051 Alba (CN) Ufficio Informazioni: Tel. +39.0173.35833 - Fax +39.0173.363878 As an aside, if you're in Alba this is one tourist information office worth visiting. It had the most useful and varied information and most helpful staff I've ever found in a tourist office. Frog
  6. Frog1879

    no shows

    This is coming from a strictly customer perspective: If I call a restaurant and they won't take reservations I assume it is because they have been stung by no-shows in the past. It is so annoying to have something so convenient taken away because self-absorbed idiots can't take the time to make a two minute phone call. I say ask for my credit card #, state that there will be a charge for a no-show, and that the charge can be avoided by cancelling a few hours in advance. If the customer won't give you the credit card number they're not agreeing to the verbal contract and you're not bound to give them a table. As for the charge, as a customer I would probably be reluctant for a charge over $25 unless we're talking a restaurant where it would be easy to spend $100 (or more) per person (not inclusive of drinks). The text message reminders sound like a great idea to me as well.
  7. Maybe, but there's none of that silly 65 mph speed limit stuff. I'll be sure to call before I go. Thanks! Frog
  8. I'll definitely try it out. As far as I know there is a pizza classification within the DOP (Denominazione Di Origine Protetta) classification that is used for olive oil and basalmic as well. A much better explanation than I could ever come up with at this link: http://www.strenafoods.com/ItalianFood/Den...e_Protetta.aspx Frog
  9. Do you happen to remember what other cuts they had of the Piedmontese beef? I'm thinking a nice rib roast would go perfectly with a bottle of Barolo for Christmas Eve dinner. Thanks, Frog
  10. How was the crust's flavor on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being bland and 10 being "I left all the plain bits of crust for the end"? How thin are we talking? Almost like a cracker or thick enough to be a little chewy in the center? If you've been to Italy before how does it compare to pizzas there? Man, so many new and interesting places in KC to try. A little more than two months until I'm back for good. Let the countdown begin Frog
  11. The approach that works for me is to have multiple levels of the items in question. Do I need to use that expensive red Burgundy for coq au vin? Nope, the $8 Oregon Pinot will do nicely to make the dish and we'll drink the Burgundy. Same idea with olive oil. The nice early press bottle gets brought out for a little dash on a good caprese, but the oil in the bottle by my stove is the cheap version bought in bulk from Sam's. The heat's destroying any subtlety that was there so no biggie. I'm not sure about Basalmic because I've found that you can use half a bottle of the cheap stuff and still not get the flavor you'd get from a teaspoon of really good, aged Basalmic. For that reason I'd use some of your savings on the other items to go for the gusto on the Basalmic. I think you'll be surprised how long a really good bottle can last.
  12. My wife and I will be taking classes there as well once we get back to KC (countdown is almost started). We've heard good things and are looking forward to it. Frog
  13. Best meal we had on our recent trip was at Osteria la Cantinella in Barolo (it's in the list above). The antipasti misti was great and I really enjoyed the ravioli. The owner was extremely nice and welcoming. Frog
  14. And there would be something wrong with that because?
  15. This is all great everyone! Thanks a heap. I can't wait to get back to KC and start cooking. I feel pathetic for not finding a lot of these places before. Cheers
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