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  1. OMG! My mother use to make these all the time! I love them and make them as well
  2. KARENR65

    Canned sardines

    Love, Love Love canned sardines! Sliced onions, vinegar and crusty Italian bread to soak up the juices!
  3. KARENR65

    Pork Shoulder

    Bought a small (6lb) pork shoulder roast to make pernil with. Wanted the roast to be a bit smaller (only for 3 people) so I cut off about a 1.5lb piece (skin and all). Any suggestion on how to cook it? Roast? Braise and then crisp up the skin? Marinate? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  4. One day, my Mom didn't have any ice cream in the house, so she ate some frozen Cool-Whip
  5. It is in Morris County, NJ about 45-60 minutes from the Delaware Water Gap bridge (if that helps)
  6. It is this Friday (19th) 5-11, Saturday 12-11 and Sunday 12-8. The website is www.biggreekfestival.com
  7. I have lived all my live in the nearby area and never have gone. Thinking about going this Saturday afternoon. They also have one in the early summer. Has anyone ever been?
  8. Thanks for the replies. My parents have an overabundance of tomatoes so I trying to think of things to do with them. The storing of them in oil had me concerned because I know that it is a problem when storing garlic in oil (right?)
  9. Is anyone else grossed out by the "ball of sweat" that is just about to fall on Howie's nose? Whenever I watch a re-run, I can't look at his nose
  10. I was thinking of oven drying tomatoes and storing in a jar with olive oil in the refrigerator. How long do you think they would keep?
  11. My parents have (or use to have) the swordpicks and the little carrying case. I will have to see if they still have them and where the got them
  12. One of my favorite restaurants serves mini-meatballs with a garlic aioli - so good!
  13. Thanks for all the responses. When making it for myself, there are no leftovers. However, last month we had a small 80th birthday party for my father and I made way too much. I was able to keep it for a few days doing the "plastic wrap directly on the guac" and when it discolored, I just scooped that portion away.
  14. I agree! Guac should never be eaten beyond 24 hrs at the most. I would try using a wooden spoon to mix though. Metal might affect coloring and taste. ← Thanks - I never thought of that!
  15. I mash up a few avocados with a fork (I like it somewhat chunky) a little scallions or onions, minced garlic, jalapeno (if I have it), lime juice and s&p. I could eat this by the spoonfuls. I thinking of trying on some sort of sandwich in place of mayo or mustard.
  16. I love, love, love guacamole. I have tried everything to keep it from discoloring but nothing really seems to work WELL. I have tried the "keeping the pit in it" and have not had much luck. What works best for me is putting into a seal-able container and putting plastic wrap on it so it is touching and then put the top on. Seems to work ok but in about a day or two, I get a thin layer of discoloration. Any suggestions, ideas???
  17. KARENR65


    I roast a piece of salmon in a hot oven for 10-12 minutes. While it is cooking, i saute some sliced onions, garlic, diced tomatoes, capers, crushed red pepper and s & P. When salmon is done, top with tomato mixture. Really good.
  18. I love sardines - fresh or canned. My father is from Spain and on my two visits there we would always have them grilled. With canned sardines packed in olive oil, add some sliced onions and dress with some red wine vinegar and some crusty french bread and I am in heaven This is what I grew up on!
  19. I am planning on making a sweet potatoe casserole - can I bake off the sweet potatoes early (Monday or Tuesday) and assemble the casserole Thursday morning? Should I rice them after baking or can I do that the morning of as well? Thanks for your help!
  20. KARENR65

    Broccoli Rabe

    The supermarket has a great deal on broccoli rabe - $.99 a pound (versus $1.99+). Do you think I can saute or par-boil some and freeze for a later use? When I make it with sausage and pasta, I usually cook past al dente. Do you think that it would "break down" more when freezing?
  21. KARENR65

    Dash and Dine

    Megan Would you mind posting your recipe for carbonara? Thanks
  22. I was planning on planting parsely, basil and chives together. Thanks for the info!
  23. Can I plant different herbs together in one pot or should I plant them seperately?
  24. Well, went to the game last night but didn't have a chance to go to Arthur Avenue. We did get a sandwich at Mike's Deli in the stadium and we were very disappointed. The sandwich came pre-made and was 95% bread and 5% filling. On the bright side, we got a cheesesteak from Carl's Steaks - one of the best I ever had! And the Yankees won
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