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  1. THey have lots of butter at Meinhardt's...they have organic, and they have like $10/lb. butter but I don't know if it's Normandy, I was in sticker shock. (Is Normandy that like Plugra they talk about in baking? )
  2. Happy to see that that school is in fact Gros Bonnet, as my understanding of genders, French grammar, etc. was sorely tried by the concept of "gross bonnet blanc"
  3. Mustard with seeds Thai sweet chili sauce Mayonnaise Those aren't even the ones I use most, and I would probably die without ketchup on a grilled cheese, but how would you grill a cheese sandwich on a desert island?
  4. I am sympathetic to the no car idea, but honestly, I normally shop alone, and if I'm buying a chicken and some wine and stuff like that, never mind the vegetables, there's no way I physically can or perhaps more accurately, would, shop there if I had to walk. If I'm hefting stuff like that, often I drop stuff in the car and go back for more. And then I tend to do all my car/heavy item shopping at once so I'm not driving around all the time, making GIM one stop among many. So I hope they don't put the kibosh on cars, because that would curtail my shopping there like little else...I'd be reduced to browsing for stuff with the tourists, not doing a few meals' worth of shopping.
  5. An extra hour one or two days a week would mean that I could (and would) go during the week sometimes. As it is, I usually only do involved cooking on the weekend, as that's when I have the energy, and that's when I make a point to go, but every now and then, esp in the summer, I do want to cook something that requires the good butcher, good fish, whatever, and right now that means I end up going to Urban Fare and spending my monthly strata fee on dinner I didn't actually realize they were open till 6! I could probably aquabus my way over and avoid rush hour traffic... You know what would be awesome? no tourists until ten or noon on one weekend day so we could get in, shop and get out, if that's what we like to do. (I know, impractical, mean-spirited and unenforceable ) I usually have a parking horseshoe (knock wood) but good GOD last weekend it took me literally half an hour to get from W 4th Ave to the food market, traffic was just not moving. My bad for going at like 1:00 pm, but sometimes it's unavoidable.
  6. Are you still looking for recipes? an apple tart is fairly easy, not too many ingredients...you can make the rustic type in a cookie sheet, it's very French IMO. It's not spectacular like a croquembouche, of course, but seems like most people enjoy apple pie. Also you can make the pretty kinds of tartes aux pommes or poires with the thinly-sliced fruit and a glaze (I can't remember how they're all called, these different tarts). Jacques Pépin has some nice recipes (Sweet Simplicity fruit dessert cookbook). Bonne chance
  7. Ha, I guess it was an unofficial Burger Club meeting, after all! My first lamb burger, certainly not my last.
  8. It wasn't the who, it was the address and telephone number of the website registrant. Which may or may not have been a business address/number. Perhaps I'm extra-sensitive about this, being a single female website registrant. ...the information is available to anyone with an internet connection, but that doesn't mean I'd want it posted on a message board. *shrug* I didn't report the post, but I can see why they removed it.
  9. Ouch! it's public/private data, but...I wouldn't necessarily want it posted thus here if I were he...
  10. I agree, hayasaka.k, too much lettuce! I wish I could tell you about the cheese...it was a bit odd! too cold to melt, it seemed? especially when next to that lettuce. I also am not so crazy about all that mustard...I'm a red relish and mayo girl at heart. I do like sesame seeds on my bun though. For a burger of substance, I like a kaiser sort of bun, still soft-ish, crust-wise, but having been stuck open-face down on the grill for a minute or two to get toasty at the intersection of burger and bun. I like a bun that can withstand the slings and arrows of the (pref. caramelized) onions and relish, and not fall to bits by the time I chew my way to the end of the patty. But I figure I should eat what they give me, and see what each place considers a burger...so I won't quibble about mustard and whatnot. As long as I can have my onions fried, not raw! and my cheese. But next time I will try not to get my hopes up so high!
  11. Oh, Arne didn't use my line, so I will add: this was the most anti-climactic burger ever! After all the Burger Club hype, broccoli for lunch... I wanted juice running down to my elbows, and it was just...meh. Not bad, but not what I'd hoped. Still pretty good value, though, and the fries were good.
  12. *Deborah*


    I usually get the Thick and Chunky Medium from Pace. Their non-chunky is way too runny for my taste, but I like the Chunky one. It doesn't compare to fresh, but I like it the best of the jar ones I've tried. That's the one with the ad with the cows saying NOO York CITY!
  13. ^ I knew I had seen bacon like that in Europe somewhere! thanks, Chef
  14. Doesn't the Atlantic Trap and Gill, that Newfie/Maritimer place on...Davie serve lobster? Just googled them, they do. Here is the dinner menu. (Fresh Nova Scotia lobster per the home page.) I've never eaten there but it looks like I should remember it when wandering the streets drunk and hungry at midnight...although being surrounded by drunken Maritimers...maybe I shouldn't ! Edit: Ha ha ha Pao Pao beat me to it: I should not post before coffee, I'm half blind yet!
  15. Ooohhhh, OK so the Santa Fe Chicken is pretty darn good, and on any other day I'd doubtless be waxing poetic about it, but hot damn that Cream of Turkey Dinner soup is just tha bomb! Insane! stuffing, sweet potatoes...so so delicious. I could get really really fat on that, no doubt.
  16. Today's soup: something turkey (cream of turkey??) or Borscht! The curent feature kolachy, I believe, is the Santa Fe Chicken, with black beans, corn, cilantro, this and that...I am going to check it out today! report later!
  17. Oh, we remember all right! Check out this thread for a stroll down memory lane. Jello with a whipped-cream puck anyone? ← Who could forget that sign? etched in my memory forever.
  18. Oh, my dad took me there a couple of years ago and I had this delicious Salmon Wellington! I knew a couple who used to go there for every occasion. But I don't hear a lot about it now, 'cause I mostly hang out with downtown people who want to eat in the 'hood.
  19. Boleto, I think...I had some FABulous calves' liver there once.
  20. Damn Internet Exploder! I lost a good post there...thanks everyone for the ideas. They're senior execs with a HUGE corporation, so yeah, Vancouver-style rather than steakhouse I think is the way to go. I had wondered about Chambar, but I will mention it and Feenie's to my uncle.
  21. I think they may well eat at Chartwell since they will likely stay at the Four Seasons. I'm not counting out any type of food, really! I'm just not sure for how long they'll be here, so French is likely to be high on the list for them. But bring on anything!
  22. My WASP grandmother used to make Ribbon Sandwiches, which sound like that loaf sliced...absolutely necessary for the drive back up North from Florida at Christmas! Deviled ham...
  23. Well, Lumière is closed until April for renos, but my uncle the partner in the big American law firm is coming to town in a few weeks with some Japanese clients. I am guessing they will want to exercise their JCB and American Express cards pretty enthusiastically, and I am guessing French is likely their cuisine of choice. Aside from West, Le Gavroche and Le Crocodile, are there other restaurants I should recommend? and which Japanese restaurant would be nice? I am not sure how long they will be here, but I would like to have a half-dozen or so impeccable recommendations for the very high-end stuff, and then I can also recommend a few places that I have been myself... Thanks in advance!
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