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  1. How about sealing it in a zip-top sandwich-size bag? I've done that with small cans or bowls when I too lazy (heh) to tear off a piece of plastic wrap. Oh and I do re-use the zippy bags, too. Edited to add-- OK-- I guess I'm confused by this new layout. This was supposed to be a reply to Kouign Aman's question on what to use to cover open cans of cat food. So, insert this reply there.....
  2. JanMcBaker

    Reputation Makers

    My 'reputation maker' seems to be my chocolate chip cookies. I say 'my' but it's actually the Toll House cookie recipe, directly from that yellow chocolate chip bag. I do hate to sound like I'm not tooting my own horn here, oddly enough, but I just follow the recipe, except for adjusting the baking times as needed for each time I make them. I don't know how often I've had people rave about them, asking "What do you do?", and "Mine never come out like this!"
  3. I often have an easier time getting crud out of strainers and sieves by letting them DRY entirely first, then brushing the item in question. When it's wet, the crud just seems to stick better. Letting it dry seems to help the crud flake off easier.
  4. From an ad in last week's NE Times: Lipkin's Bakery is reopening today, Sept 8, 2009, after a fire had burned out their business. They're at 8013 Castor Avenue, the block above Rhawn St.
  5. Darn! If there were other ones, I missed them. I put mine in white cupcake papers. My first of the two batches I made was rather fragile and I was afraid they'd all run together if I didn't separate them somehow.
  6. I'm glad you liked them, Katie, and I was happy to see you and Gary there! It was a good time, and the food was tasty. I do love a piece-- or two-- of good fried chicken! And you're right about the shrimp and other dishes. But did you imagine something with the pralines? I didn't put any bacon in them-- though that does sound like an interesting idea!
  7. This a reminder, or perhaps news for some of you, of the shrimp boil and fundraising event to be held this Saturday August 29, 4-8 PM at Greensgrow Urban Farm on East Cumberland in Kensington. Spots are limited but are still available as far as I know now. It's a very much worth-the-price $30. Call ASAP if you're interested-- 215-427-2780. As reported last Friday by Michael Klein here, Chef Corbin Evans is arranging a shrimp boil to commemorate the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and to raise funds to assist the Brandhurst family. They are a long-time shrimping family whose patriarch is now battling lung cancer. Besides the shrimp that's being donated by the Louisiana Seafood Marketing Board, there will also be other foods donated by local chefs. Oh, and pralines made by yours truly.
  8. How are you with vitamins? The first thing I thought of when I read your post was, maybe you're low on zinc. Maybe it's not so much that you're bored with food but maybe you're not tasting it as you should? I just looked it up to make sure, and even a mild zinc deficiency can cause taste and/ or smell problems. It might be worth checking into if a physical cause seems like it might be a possible reason for your food boredom.
  9. JanMcBaker


    I'll second that. I try to pay attention to the grain when I'm biting one so I don't make a mess- or as much of a mess. Sometimes those little shards are unavoidable it seems. And, oddly enough for me, I actually prefer the low-fat Triscuits to the regular ones. Usually if it's full-fat, it's for me! I also once tried the, I think it was an olive oil-rosemary flavor. I love rosemary but I found it too overpowering in those crackers. I stick with the plain ones.
  10. That was going to be my suggestion also. I think the story was 'Lamb to the Slaughter.'
  11. There's some interesting classes this spring at Foster's Homeware. Classes include Israeli with Michael Solomonov from Zahav, Thai cooking with Owen Lee, a variety of 'cook once, eat twice' classes with private chef Corbin Evans, gastropub with Jesse Kimball from Memphis Taproom, David Katz from Meme with the perfect roast chicken, the ever popular basic cooking classes with Ann Hazan and knife skills with Betty Kaplan, Indian home cooking with Pinaki Dutta, and, for you DIY 'meatheads' out there, Brad Spence from Osteria on making sausage and salumi.
  12. Just last week I had occasion to taste a chocolate sauce flavored with orange. The chef used orange oil, and I believe it was Boyajian. (Forgive my spelling if it's wrong.) It had a clear, intense orange flavor, and he said you don't need much at all. This might be something to consider as an option to orange liquors.
  13. As an aside, for those who might be in the downtown Philadelphia area on Saturday November 8th, the 'Dude' himself will be at Foster's Homeware doing a free cooking demonstration and a cookbook signing. Check here for details.
  14. I recently made steel-cut oats for the first time in a slow cooker. The second time was the way suggested on the box-- boil water and soak the oats overnight, then cook for 8-12 minutes the next morning. I definitely preferred the texture of the soaked oats. The slow cooker oats seemed to have a bit mushier texture-- not by much, but definitely a bit mushier. There was more moisture with the slow cooker oats too, which I imagine would have something to do with the totally closed environment. I assume a rice cooker would provide the same environment so maybe they both hold in a bit too much moisture. Although I could not complain about either one with a pat of butter, a dash of salt, some dark brown sugar and a splash of half and half!
  15. You might want to check here. Shola is doing a cooking class at Foster's Homeware, at 4th and Market, on November 19th. Can't promise you'd get a whole meal, but if samples at his last class are any indication, they'll be fairly generous. It could be a steal at $49 for the class. There's other interesting classes coming up also, plus free demos on Saturdays-- including Jose Garces on Oct. 11 and Marc Vetri on Nov. 8th, each doing cooking demos and cookbook signings.
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