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  1. So how was it?? ← I had dinner at the Corson Building last night. Excellent dinner with a few standouts. The flavors were fairly complex and not assertive. The ingredients were the true stars with herbs and other accompaninets used more of a background. One of the courses was a blue cheese soufle excellently prepared and not served family style. It is great to set a table with people that know a lot about food because it is very fun to analyze the other things that are not necessarily mentioned about the dish. Eating there was much like the better days at the Herb Farm except more fun
  2. MagFoodGuy


    Last night was a farro risotto with peas morrells mint and parm. regiano. And almost a first for the year...no meat!
  3. MagFoodGuy


    In a salad with some mint and isaerli couscous with a splash of balsamic and olive oil.
  4. yes! ← Phone message says they're not taking reservations yet, though the wesite does...I left a message, just in case. ← I did get a reservation on Friday. I called first and they said to email the reservation request. I emailed reservations@thecorsonbuilding.com
  5. The Corson Building restaurant is set to open. Reservations for dinner began yesterday. Dinner is $70 w/o out wine and $110 w/wine.
  6. In honor of your blog and partly due to the great pictures, I bought some lamb quarters at the farmer's market this morning.
  7. The Mexican grocer at the market always has fresh masa and its relatively cheap.
  8. I have a copy of the Vij's cookbook and have been there before. I would highly recommend the cookbook.
  9. I just got back from Mexico and everyone kept bragging about how good the Domino's pizza is there compared to the states. Well, one night everyone was feeling a little under the weather and we decided to try it. For one, I haven't had Domino's in probably 15 years. But it was actually pretty good and you get little picante sauce packets too!
  10. Yeah! What a great early Christmas present. Look forward to reading what happens this week.
  11. I just wanted to say what an interesting blog and what beautiful photographs!
  12. I was at Pacific Oyster a couple of weeks ago. Very good oysters, but one of the schuckers was not very good. Also, they were out of Kumotos. Still recommended-- it was that good.
  13. We have a group of around 8 that would like to take a cooking class together for a birthday in June. I am working on maybe Boat Street but does anyone know of any other restaurants or chefs that offer private classes? Thanks.
  14. Only because it is so bland...Grilled pork tenderloin and grilled brocolli. BLAH BLAH and BLAH
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