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  1. There are papers published in recent years who show in animal studies that increased levels of IGF-1 might be associated with higher risk for certain cancers. (I can look for the citations if there is interest) Also the point that "They conclude that no rbGH can make it into the blood stream from an oral dose." is very controversial and most likely wrong. Their methods in 1990 were simply not good enough to detect those levels even so such levels have an effect on IGF-1 levels. Nobody in the scientific literature is concerned about rbGH and its direct effect on humans but on the indirect effect of rbGH on IGF-1 and and its effect on humans.
  2. Do you know if this test by "Stiftung Warentest" is also available online ? I would like to see if they also tested EVOO which are available here in the US.
  3. So I guess they're visualizing a daily hit of EVOO as maybe being something like the daily baby aspirin prescribed for many heart patients. ← Just a short reply because that is very OT. One problem in the US is that way too many people think that taking any kind of drugs (like Aspirin) on a daily base will have more positive effects than side effects. People have to understand that we don't know much about taking any drug in small quantities over a very long period of time and we don't know much about the possible interactions of any drug with the different enzymes/receptors etc. There are quite often new papers about Aspirin (just to pick one drug) having any kind influence on enzymes unknown before (and that is for a drug we have now for more than 100 years). I highly recommend not taking any drug for a long period of time if not having a very good reason (and a possible prophylactic effect is not a good reason). And it is interesting to see that this is really an US specific problem, you hardly see it in Europe for example.
  4. After reading the paper there are certain issues that should be explored before I start drinking several liters of EVOO every day. All measurements regarding the "inflammatory" activity of oleocanthal are so far in vitro result but there aren't any in vivo data. That's also called the "biotech disease". Something what is active against certain enzyms in in vitro assays doesn't have automatically the same or even any activity in cells or the body (PK or metabolic reasons). So I really would like to see more "realistic" data before I think that it is a result which has any relevance in humans. In addition, not only since the problems with Vioxx and similar compounds it is at least very controversial if you want to hit COX-1 and 2. There is no evidence until now if the Vioxx side effects are compound or target related.
  5. Some other interesting SD restaurants: - Wired Cafe le Bistro: Nice little French-like cafe. Good for a nice lunch - 8935 Towne Centre Drive - Tropical Star: Small shop for south american stuff with a very small restaurant (few tables) attached with good south american food (peruvian etc.): 6163 Balboa Ave. - Don Chuy: Nice mexican restaurant in Solana Beach: 650 Valley Ave. - Thai Garden: Best Thai in SD (or closeby since it is in Oceanside): 4750 Oceanside Bvd., Ste. A-18 - Barnes Bar-B-Que: Good Memphis style BBQ: 2625 Lemon Grove Ave. - Mediterranean Cafe: Good mediterranean food, kabob, gyros, spanakopita etc. : 112 Washington Ave. (And please don't go to Daphne (as somebody else wrote). That is the worst greek-style restaurant in SD.) - Mucho Gusto: Don't know why but their Carnitas Burrito is great: 5650 Balboa Ave.
  6. Im sorry to say that all the Fins location except Mira Mesa and La Jolla have closed down. ← The Mira mesa location will close in a few days and the La Jolla locations is sold to somebody else who will keep the name but it is not sure what will happen to the food.
  7. I highly recommend "The secret of baking" by Sherry Yard.
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