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  1. Being landlocked here in SoCal and only having experienced Maisen once (where I singlehandedly must have eaten half of both the sauces on the table - how do they make that?! I'm still lusting and dreaming over my dinner at Maisen LOL) I have to admit that I'm completely green-eyed with envy at the fact that you and ToraKris have so many choices of great Katsu that Maisen's can be considered "not impressive". I'd KILL to have access to a sandwich like that one on a regular basis. In the 10 days we were in Japan earlier this year I must have eaten Katsu sandwiches on 4 of those days - defin
  2. Yes, thanks to everyone for inspiring this great thread (and your continued sharing of knowledge and ideas in the pursuit of all things Japanese As I said I would, I've started the 'Blame it on Gullet' thread. Would love to hear all the crazy things you've ever done because of a thread you read on eGullet (share the crazy LOL) UPDATE: Doh! appears we've already got a similar thread so my thread got merged into the existing one http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=43403&st=100
  3. Inspired by the ramen thread over on the Japan board last week, I decided I must must must (http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=2298&hl=ramen) make my own ramen. After spending hours and gallons of (now precious) gasoline driving all over town looking for the right ingredients (fully recounted on thread above), I managed to turn what should have been a $5-6 bowl of noodles in broth into a $42.50 venture. Driving home, I was chuckling to myself at the fact that this isn't the first time I've fallen down the proverbial 'eGullet rabbit hole' and done crazy things in the name of foo
  4. Ok, you guys inspired me. I'm going to start a new thread called 'Blame it on Gullet' -- this is only one such thread which has inspired me to lose all reason, drive all over town, spend extraordinary amounts of money in pursuit of something which is really supposed to be cheap comfort food for the masses. After reading this thread, I decided I must, must, must have a bowl of fresh ramen. Let me preface my tale by saying that I'm about 30 mins from some great ramen in LA's Westside and could have driven into town, paid my $5 (spent $8 in gas) gotten my fix and come home happy. But nooooo.
  5. Freeze one loaf! Or freeze half the dough. ← Yes--you're absolutely right, I'll freeze the other half of the dough. No sense in making a mess for only one loaf when a second can be ready in a few hours without the mess What's funny is that I used a little dough conditioner in it, which I've never used before -- basically got some lecithin and ginger in it and claims to help make the dough rise better and keep longer. I put the second loaf in a ziplock bag 10 days ago then into the fridge -- yesterday was out of bread and pulled it out and it was suprisingly fresh. Considering the amou
  6. stephle

    Surreal Ideas Wanted

    You know the other thing you could consider would be to do two separate tables, one representing Paradise and the other representing Hell as a riff on his Garden of Earthly delights. Do white, happy type food on the one table (this would be the table that's likely hold dessert--think lychees and cut figs) and do the funky really surreal dark food on the Hell table (for some reason, a dish using blood sausage comes to mind). Anyway, I'm sure you'll think of something -- have fun and definitely make sure you take pictures!!!
  7. stephle

    Surreal Ideas Wanted

    How fun is this?! What about playing with scale? Huge 3 lb meatloaf sized 'meat balls' sitting in a tangle of the finest angel hair pasta you can get on the biggest platter you can find which resembles a plate? The sauce would have slices of portabella in it sized to the same scale they'd be in proportion to regular sized meatballs. Then you'd make some really dense parmesan crisps pretending to be shaved parmesan on top. Warm weather abounds so I'm feeling there's lots of possibilities with aspic, agar or gelatin here... How about cubes of jellied tomato consumme tossed with smaller ge
  8. I also made this bread (apologies, I always forget to bring my camera out It was lovely but still lacking that lovely light as air quality the bread I get at Mitsuwa has. But that being said, it made beautiful egg salad sandwiches-enough tooth so that the sandwich didn't completely fall apart and IMHO a perfect foil for the eggy salad with the bit of Coleman's mustard I added. I'd definitely make it again, but next time I'll only make 1/2 the recipe (2lbs of one kind of bread is too much for my small household of two).
  9. Not give full, undivided, complete attention to the pan while cooking caramel. Last Thanksgiving I got a matching 2nd degree+ burn which matched the one I got years prior for not heeding my own advice. Funny, you'd think spilling 300 degree boiling hot sugar on your hand once would be enough to never repeat it again. Guess some of us aren't that smart.
  10. And don't forget to ask your butcher what part he likes best (and how he likes to cook it). I've gotten some really good ideas just by asking what cut/part they personally like and how they like to cook it. A local butcher is how I discovered my first flatiron steak years ago before word got out on the street that this was a tasty cut o'meat.
  11. I think the challenge with an Asian 'Mac n' Cheese' is the general rarity of cheese in Asian cuisine? How intent are you on keeping the cheese? Because if we remove the Cheese part of the equation, I guess we're out of M/C and into casserole territory (not that there's anything wrong with that Asian macaroni casserole ideas could be interesting to hear...
  12. stephle

    Vanilla Salt

    Roasted yams. Roasted until they're caramelized and oozing lovely brown yam goodness. Smash them just ever so lightly. Lashings of cold creamy unsalted butter. A little splosh of heavy cream for good measure. Plate em up. Good dose of vanilla salt on top. (gotta run...I now know what I'm having with dinner tonight). best, steph.
  13. OMG. I love you guys. Where else can I logon and get this kind of fun?! I have nothing to contribute to this thread except adding that this topic is a little like the one (can't remember which forum) where someone was looking for the fastest way to despatch his own frogs for cooking. Only on eGullet Happy 4th to everyone! best, steph.
  14. stephle

    Bok Choy

    Hate to pile on but I've also never had bitter Bok Choy -- I alway buy baby Bok Choy -- maybe like squash, the bigger ones are more prone to beoming bitter? Don't know but I love this stuff, when cooked lightly (small amount of oil, soy sauce, dab of hoisin sayce, it's got a faint taste of melon.
  15. Dave, your tongue is beautiful I think this calls for some corning before smoking -- just like you would pastrami. I've actually done this with tongue of a less elegant pedigree and it came out delicious. No need to pre-peel (too hard to do on a raw tongue anyway--have you ever tried this? Dangerous and not fun to do). I put the following together and rubbed it all over the tongue: 1/4 cup Morton Tender Quick 1/3 cup dark brown sugar, packed 2 tablespoons freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoons granulated garlic 2 tablespoons ground coriander After rubbing this stuff liberally all over,
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