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  1. Kind of an interesting fact but ice chewing is a sign of severe anemia. I chewed on ice addictively for years and then within a day of starting iron pills stopped completely. Haven't chewed since.
  2. Linda-- Thank you so much for your post, and I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. Not matter what age they were, or what the reason was, it's always tough to lose someone you're close to. 'Fattism' seems to be the remaining 'acceptable' prejudice for people to have. I'm feeling even more strongly about this issue after finishing Gina Kolata's book 'Rethinking Thin'. She talks about various studies and research that has been done with weight and eating. Studies that show that fat people eat for the same reasons thin people do. That if you saw psychological profiles of fat people and thin people-- not the people themselves-- that you could not tell them apart. Fat people are no more pathological about eating than thin people are. Research that shows that hormones control a lot more of eating and weight than we realize, and that fat is basically another physical characteristic. She also talks about how basically, 'fat is money.' At least, that's what I thought of when I read one section about the businesses that depend on fat people, and the universities that devote entire departments to weight and eating 'disorders.' Universities do pretty much the same studies time after time, year after year, and people may lose some weight, and most of them gain it back. Why do the researchers keep doing the same things over and over when they know it doesn't work? And about the word 'fat'-- maybe it can be de-demonized. So many people automatically make derogatory associations with the word. It should not be any more or less of a descriptive word than the words thin, tall, short, blond, brunette, etc. And yes, it is ok to be fat, and to like food.... In fact, most of my life I assumed that I liked baking and cooking because I was fat. It was only within the last few years that I realized that I'd like food no matter what my size was-- that my interest in food had nothing to do with my size. I wish I had realized that 30 years ago! Thanks again for your post, Linda. Maybe I can come up to Brooklyn some time and we can split a pizza at DiFara's! ←
  3. my baby sister and my mother were in the grocery store when she started screaming : "baby jesus." My mother who raised with no religion whatsoever thought maybe it was time to talk about all the different types of beliefs in the world. So of course she starts rambling off about Baby Jesus and all. Well my sister took off running and grabbed a package of Bonneybell cheeses and brought it back to my mother. : Baby Jesus. (baby cheeses.)
  4. most nutritionists seem to recommend that all americans take a multi-vitamin to ensure that all of the daily requirements are meet. However, this is also negating the fact that most Americans eat some other form of supplemented food ( ex: Total.) and it is possible to get to much. I don't usually remember to take one but I do think they serve a purpose. At the same time, it is widely known that vitamins and minerals from FOOD is the way to go because the nutritional makeup of the food itself works synergistically and is therefore more beneficial to the body, and the researchers are still not sure why. I think when they recommend that Americans take a multivitamin they are looking at the "average" american that lives on processed low quality food.
  5. I am also deeply sorry for your loss. I am coming from the same position of ill health, but starting from a different position. Being underweight has the same dire consequences as being obese and I have finally ALMOST finished climbing myself out of a 10 year battle with anorexia that about 10 months ago could and almost did kill me. I do believe that both stem from the same desire to feel or not feel something and satiate and feel loved. Food can do that. It has the power to heal, nurture, and please. It also can be your worst enemy. Living and eating are all about balance. Eating for life, not eating for death.
  6. I worked at Union Bay Cafe for 4 years and it serves up fabulous food! However I must warn you that Peter Raskin the head chef there, and claire a server, plus multiple others have, as of 2 weeks ago, left. Peter was the chef for 10 years and pretty much made the place what it is. I wonder what happened after the dust settled? Anyway, it is a great place, just don't know what the atmosphere and experience will be with such a new staff. P.S.- live 2 blocks from Hot Dish and every review I have read and heard has been not the most positive.
  7. An owner of Theo chocolates actually came into my work last week and I have now tried everything they offer. I gave my mother their truffles which I bought at Whole foods, and those were fantastic, and then I got to try all of their bars. It was the tastiest and richest and fantastic chocolate I have ever had, and I have had a lot. My favorite of the lot was the bread and chocolate and the cocoa nibs. For the bars without the added crunch the coffee was my favorite. And I liked all of the others as well, but I must say I am a dark chocolate girl and both the coconut curry and the chai tea are milk. Albeit delicious nonetheless. Plus me and my coworker and my little sis and her friend are going on a tour of the chocolate factory this weekend!
  8. I am just commenting on a side note made. Their rotisserie chickens really are the best I have ever had. I bet they inject them with a costco size tub of butter. I think I ate like 3/4 of one the last time and then made soup with the carcass. Yum!And they are like 5 bucks!
  9. I don't know if this is what you are thinking but going with the flavor schemes for the yellow all of those flavors could blend in nicely with plain yogurt for a sort of indian flavored dip.
  10. Third Place Books on 65th and 20th just up from Bistro Magnolia just opened their new pub. The place is cozy and dark and the energy inside is very relaxed. Currently there is no food but will be in the future and you can buy food from the cafe upstairs and take it down. The whole place is built from the wood of a single tree whose picture is silk screened to one of the walls.
  11. At every restaurant I have every worked in the past 6 years the kitchen has been tipped 15% of the total take of tips, busser 10%, host 15%, waiters split the rest.
  12. I think in Europe, from what I experienced those whose can pay extra do, and those who cannot, ie. me and my best friend traveling the countryside don't. Actually, I have old collegues who run a place up here in Seattle and they actually refuse to be tipped. Don't accept it. They believe service is part of the meal. ( Elemental restaurant in case you are interested.)
  13. I am really a fan of peanut butter bumpers. A: I like the name. B: right taste of peanuttiness and sweetness and none of that weird aftertaste, like film on the mouth of the artificial cereals. Also like puffed kamut.
  14. kategoldston


    We had a fabulous yam dish for Christmas made spontaneously and very healthily by my aunt. Stirfry, well I guess panfry, yams, apples, cranberries, onions, evoo, salt and pepper, and a little ginger. Yum!
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