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    Baked Beans

    I started with Alton Browns that includes the traditional ingredients except for Jalapeno's. I modify the method by sauteing the bacon by it self untill it's very crisp. Then saute the onions in the rendered bacon fat. I also add burbon and liquid smoke. This last time I had great suceess with smoked turkey legs. I use the meat to make sausage and keep the bones to make a stock. it worked out great.
  2. jefferyc

    Omaha steaks

    America's test kitchen did a test of mail order steaks and found that Omaha's didn't make the cut. Nieman Ranch on the other hand got high marks.
  3. I don't think oxegen is the issue but starch is. The instant you put starch in water it gels, the same way corn starch lumps up when you put a spoonfull into boiling liquid. With out enough water (~4 qts./lb.) pasta will gell on the outside then stick. I don't see how this device can prevent it.
  4. Hey thanks for the Idea. I live in an apartment as well and was wondering how to do some bacon.. Great thinking!!!
  5. I have no plans to buy this. How does it prevent the pasta from geletanizing and sticking together. Only lots and lots of water will do this. Another kitchen tool concieved by a marketing department.
  6. There are cuts my butcher won't get because he has to order 30 at a time.
  7. My assumption is that turkey curry is usually not a dish served cold. I agree that foods served cold need more spicing to get the same effect as hot foods. But that does not seem to be the case here.
  8. From Here Basic Info and Characteristics: Capsaicin is an incredibly powerful and stable alkaloid seemingly unaffected by cold or heat, which retains its original potency despite time, cooking, or freezing. Because it has no flavor, color, or odor, the precise amount of capsaicin present in chiles can only be measured by a specialized laboratory procedure known as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Although it has no odor or flavor, it is one of the most pungent compounds known, detectable to the palate in dilutions of one to seventeen million. It is slightly soluble in water, but very soluble in alcohols, fats, and oils.
  9. I had a 4 duck weekend. Fter reading the book I went to my poulterer at eastern market. Cut off the breasts and froze them. Cured and confited the legs using a modified version of the one in the book. Made a liver spread, cured and confited the giblets and made them into a stew using a recipe I found in nose to tail eating. Oh and duck bones make a stock you won't believe. Thanks for writing the book
  10. Beef Rendang 2 inch chunks of chuck marinated in tamerind overnight and braised for several hours in coconut milk. I've converted vegetarians with it.
  11. jefferyc


    ATK did a testing of these knives and found they were great for slicing and chopping veg, but not for heavier tasks. Since I have limited space I'll stick with my 12 inch chefs.
  12. jefferyc


    I like about 15 lbs of chicken backs and 2 lbs of veal bones.
  13. jefferyc

    Culinary Challenges

    Try salting first to draw out the water. Then bread and bake at 400 degrees. Makes a great base for eggplant parmesean <sp?>
  14. How long does it take to make stock this way? My chicken stock takes 6 hours now.
  15. Add Dry sherry, It will make a huge difference
  16. I've never tried Dutch cooking but a cuisine that puts bacon IN the pancakes has to be worth a try.
  17. I thought about a slow cooker but I'm in an apartment and I can't see taking up the space when I have my dutch oven. Also I love the heat and smell that comes out of the oven in the fall and winter months.
  18. jefferyc


    Step 1 augratin potatoes step 2 french fries
  19. 1.Cut the top off of a gallon milk jug. 2. Insert Grocery bag. = reusabe garbage bowl
  20. Thank you for my first belly laugh of the day. Well, "herb" in American English is "erb"; maybe someone pronounced "carb" that way, you know, "arb," and that kinda sounds like "erb." Or, then again, maybe not. ← The question was followed by "I'm on Atkins..." ← An Atkins story related to me by a server from another restaurant: Customer orders the steak and potatoes and says: "I'm on Atkins, so can you hold the potatoes and add extra steak?". Yeah, right. ←
  21. I know I'm courting death here but America's Test kitchen has one that uses one can of chicken broth and one can of beef broth. Both low sodium of course. I make my own stock at home but the ATK method comes in handy in a pinch.
  22. That might be worth a shot. The Magnum pepper grinder goes through a buncha pepper in short order. I agree -- save for black pepper pasta, for which I jones daily. Gotta be sure to grind that pepper finely, mind you, or the peppercorns get caught in the rollers and tear the dough viciously. ←
  23. I'm not a huge fan of flavored pastas. Especially when it comes to stuffed pastas I think the real payoff comes in the filling. I make stock one a week from chicken backs, so I like to take the fat off the backs and render it for chicken confit. The confit mixed with goat cheese makes a great filling.
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