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  1. Thanks so much - I have some good research to do....about the agave - I hve learned not all brands the same - so there are several that may work.
  2. Searching for gluten free - and sorta sugar free (agave ok) desserts. Love to find a cupcake recipe - and I am aware of the King Arthur flour to use.
  3. Totally realize there will not be great texture or taste - but hoping I can improve on the purchased cardboard options currently available in health food stores, etc. So - any ideas? Would ideally not like to use real sugar, but Splenda or similar subsitute, as well as jack up the protein to 8-10 grams per serving of a cookie or brownie. HELP !!
  4. clearly this is not a simple process - the baking is the easy part - thanks for your time and assistance I do love the cookie labels - in Texas we have to have each item wrapped - so plan on using cello food grade and adding sticky label to each
  5. Finally decided to "sell" my desserts after over 10 years of doing it for a hobby. Have no idea how to price...will be boutique operation, hand delivered - not shipped - no store front. Desserts are created by the order - customized. Use only the finest ingredients - European chocolates and butters...Help on pricing - location is in Texas.
  6. thanks so much - looks like it might work
  7. The famous Baltimore Berger Cookie - does anybody have a recipe for these chocolate fudgy treats? Hard to get them in Texas this time of year!
  8. Looking for a source or wholesale pre-wrapped sweets - bite sized. Want a gourmet level, custom item - inch cubes of fudge or mini cookies orwhatever would have a bit of a shelf life or be freezable. Need to be able to leave them out for a business day and don't want food that is not wrapped for hygiene reasons.
  9. I assume you are soaking the cake with the cream and not adding it as a liquid??
  10. In search of recipe for Bristol Cream Sherry Pound Cake
  11. I have mad it many many times and my German friends say it is great. Oops - the author is Sheraton not Stewart. I have used boxed pudding when in a pinch..and it is a few hours with the rising times. I do it either in a 9X13 pan and let them cut the squarers..or for a pretty presentation it works in a 12 inch spring form pan and you can remove the sides for serving...
  12. Is this anything like a bienenstick (bee sting cake)? Google doesn't produce many results for "bienenstuck." ← The German Cook book by Mimi Stewart has a good one in it...
  13. I know about that change - but the bread is not the same - was tryng to locate the original baker and or recipe...but thanks
  14. There was a place in La Grange, Texas called the Bon Ton. They made the most incredible white bread know to mankind - REALLY!!! Does anyone know how I might acquire the recipe???
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