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  1. gosh, i think you could take a 5-month old practically anywhere! vio's is definitely good, especially for older kids that are running around. there aren't alot of places in the u-district that i'd recommend. palace kitchen, downtown. quinn's on capitol hill. steelhead diner & cafe campagne in the pike place market. greenleaf for vietnamese food in the international district. it might be a little tight downstairs, but upstairs would be nice.
  2. i went to the soft opening of Olivar last night. The space looks great. Food was awesome. I think this is going to be so nice to have in the neighborhood. Everything was very reasonably priced. We tried the croquetas with garlic aioli-very assertive aioli, a really decadent pork appetizer, loin, i think, stuffed with prosciutto and cheese with some roasted cauliflower. sooo good! grilled salmon with a wonderful bearnaise sauce & interesting chickpea frites. oh, that bearnaise, i could eat it by the gallon! and a perfectly cooked rabbit (big portion!) with papparadelle. all the desserts looked great, but we got a super-silky lavender creme brulee. i can't wait to go back!
  3. i just made some jam and as i was ladling it into jars, i noticed some of the pectin had settled to the bottom in clear lumps. any way to fix this? or why it occured? if it was any other sort of jelly, i'd probably strain it, but not with cherries!!!!!
  4. most of the restaurants in town get theirs from macrina. columbia city makes them too, but i'm not sure how many you'd have to order because they don't do them regularly. both are brioche slider buns.
  5. has anyone heard anything about this place? when's it supposed to open?
  6. i've searched through the multitude of marshmallow posts, but has anyone tried making a marshmallow base that you could load into an ISI gourmet whip...that could still be torched? just a basic meringue recipe? i haven't tried meringues in it yet. THanks!
  7. i ate at boom noodle. pretty average. samurai is much better, cheaper & you can get straight up pork broth (crack soup). they were out of gyoza, but during the middle of our lunch, the delivery driver brought hand truck after hand truck of frozen Ajinomoto dumplings, and various other ready-made frozen goodies. it was just kind of a bummer to see. especially with their prices. a salmon tataki appetizer was good, seasoned perfectly. fried chicken appetizer was okay. bottled katsu sauce, on-the-bone pieces were juicy & good, the boneless nuggets were dry. also, i ordered a apple-shiso juice & they juiced it directly into the glass they served to me, complete with the unappetizing head of brown foam that most people know to pour off. i know it's a division of Blue C and i shouldn't hold much hope, but i was still disappointed.
  8. i just wanted to say that while i don't agee with ONE stranger critic's reviews (constantly bad-mouthing new restaurants before they've had a chance to get settled, air of superiority); ANOTHER reviewer is Asian, reviews out-of-the-way places & i really enjoy her writing. and i feel like they clearly chose the wrong person to send to chiso kappo.
  9. i heard a rumor that Union has changed the menu over to all Italian like Tavolata. Any truth to that? Rocky?
  10. Continental Store on Roosevelt in the U-District might have some interesting things. Da Pino in Columbia City isn't close, but worth visiting. Also, Bella Cosa and Whole Foods carry Fra'Mani. Yummy.
  11. has anyone tried growing fava beans around here? they grew aggressively when i first planted them. i got flowers, some of them have nice pods, a week away from harvesting, others have tiny pods, but most of the plants are yellowing and dying before the pods are ripe. i've been giving them a general vegetable fertilizer and keeping them watered. any ideas?
  12. Quinn's - from the folks at Restaurant Zoe. Excellent. ← yes, i just saw the article in the p.i.this morning!
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