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  1. parc bistro on rittenhouse square has been open a few years now but has good food. its a big enough place that there are probably some quiet areas if you request such.
  2. so far i like these: Ruhlmans, 20 Molly Stevens, Roasting Davdi Tanis, Heart of the Artichoke Marc Vetri's new book. (name escapes at the moment) i think these are all 2011 releases.
  3. sorry if this is old news but, i was here tuesday night and han dynasty is no longer byob. except on tuesday nights.
  4. wkl

    Tomatillos: The Topic

    tomatillo soup is delicious. plenty of recipies on the internet. i like to roast in the oven to get a little char, then steep in chicken stock with garlic and seasonings. immersion blend and strain.
  5. koozeedoo has a a soft shell crab and potato stew as a special tonight (friday).
  6. if you are near geyserville, diavola makes seriously good pizza. homemade salumi too. worth the drive over from healdsburg if you are in that area.
  7. flannery is great. just splurge and get what you want. you won't be disapointed.
  8. natasha, i feel your pain. i have organized quite a few events in the pa and delaware area and have run into this problem often. unless you are deadset on the mendenhall inn i would suggest looking into a venue in delaware (i can suggest a couple) or bistro on the b'wine or b'wine prime. the latter two are much more wine friendly. bistro will let you bring your own wine to your event. the mark up on crappy wine that caterers or food service companies charge at most venues for these types of events is ridiculous.
  9. i think this goat butter is delicious: http://www.sthelensfarm.co.uk/more_info.asp?current_id=82 i don't find the flavor strong at all. expensive but really good.
  10. i am pretty sure most of the caffiene is released with the initial steeping. so subesequent uses may have very little caffiene, if that is an issue.
  11. thanks for the link. anyone know what's meant by referring to "center city" as a "comic book reference"? never heard that before.
  12. i would think; yes. especially if each tenant has a similiar lease. which is why i think if you are going to treat tenants differently when it comes to being in arrears that would need to be written into the lease. but i am no lawyer and could be totally wrong.
  13. i dont know how you write that into a contract either. "if you have been a tenant here x amount of years you are allowed to be x amount of months in arrears on rent. but if you work with us and take our marketing advice you are allowed to be further in arrears. if you are in arrears and don't take advantage of our offer to help your business you can only be ......etc." which begs the question, if the rtm possesses some unique marketing skills that can help a tenant's business, why wait to offer that help until you are behind in rent? as long as och's isn't replaced with some crappy chain or local chain pizza place, or what have you, i don't really have a problem with evicting a tenant when they are a year behind on rent. sad when it's a long time tenant who has helped shaped the markets image but i just don't see how you can keep on giving them preferential treatment when the other tenants are paying their rent in a timely fashion.
  14. i hear you and don't disagree, but how long do you work with the tenant? showing favoritism to a long time tenant versus a newer tenant in similiar situation could open you up to law suit. if i was a newer tenant behind on rent and facing eviction and i found out a longer term tenant, also in arrears, was getting preferential treatment i would be getting an attorney involved. probably not what rtm management wants.
  15. put you rtm manager hat on. how long would you let a tenant be in arrears before proceeding with eviction?
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