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    Cooking Myths

    When using milk in baking, scalding denatures a whey protein that weakens gluten.
  2. "After seeing an episode of "Stranded" yesterday, when Tony said, "I still had no idea what Mr. Sang had in store for me," I expected Mr. Sang might say, "If you're lucky, we'll only make you shriek like Cash Peters." Cash Peters,,,,,,,sounds like a male prostitute.
  3. Dude, what kind of boat did you just fall from? Did you land on anything important?
  4. I loved the suspense in last night's show. I thought for sure that he was a goner, wouldn't be able to make it off of the glacier. This is truely, mush see TV.
  5. Does anyone else think that the absinthe segment went on for about 5 minutes too long? Seemed a bit self indulgent, but then again, why else do I watch Chef AB. Tony, I love your delivery during your monologue. Keep up the good work.
  6. Margaret and the Academy; If I may, I would just like to thank all of those little people.......that I stepped on and used, as though a flight of stairs, to achieve this lofty......... Thanks. Peace,
  7. Bashing Ms. Ray is one thing, and OK. But blaming her for the downfall of the western world, or at least the demise of the FN is not even close to being accurate. Her status on the FN is a symptom of what is wrong, not a cause. Although she may be another step in the downward spiral free fall that the FN seems to be in lately. IMO. I won't be able to look at a colander, wooden spoon or a strawberry ever again without thinking of the vacuous look on RR's face. OK, I just need to shake it off.
  8. Fried cheese curds, central Wisconsin, Cheese Chalet. The sun was just setting as the coated curds were pulled from the fryer. The golden sun light, diffused by the soiled window, reflecting off of the satiny shortening. The only condiment, Morton's salt. The curds were so young, that they squealed , as we bit into them.
  9. The judges did everything that they could to ensure that Katie won. I wasn't able to see many of the episodes, but it seems that they went out of their way to cut Katie slack. Did the Katie stink eye frighten them? She does have an intensity that I think the judges appreciated. She has plenty of chutzpah, but that will take her only so far. Katie, good luck in your new position. If the program is on next season, I hope that they get some production help. As on example, they missed the opportunity of showing the expression on Katie's face when they held up the "winner" pan.
  10. How about meatloaf. It can be made ahead and baked off before service. Chili con carne. Chicken pot pie, made in in hotel pans with a pancake batter or a thin bisquick batter for a topping.
  11. Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for sharing. Have you tried getting pants that are a bit oversize and wearing suspenders? That's how I've worn my pants for years now. I also can wear shorts, so that really helps in the comfort department. Bon Chance
  12. I am looking forward to the reality show, wherein the winner of this show screws up their chance at owning a restaurant. Rocco's show will have competition for the worst restaurant related reality tv show.
  13. How many courses do you think Chef Achatz and his crew will be offering? Will he be offering any deconstructed items like corn dogs? He may have trouble keeping some of his foams from falling in 90+ deg. heat.
  14. A quick dry rub that is quite nice is McCormick's, Montreal Steak Seasoning. Use a liberal amount. With chicken breasts, cook over a very hot fire and watch closely, don't cook to 165ºF, or the breast will be completely dried out.
  15. The casting interviews for the restaurant dinners must have been interesting. 4-bimbos, check, 3-ignorante nerds, check, etc, etc, etc,,,,,,,, And how about the casting for the , cooks??? There is not a dynamic personality amongst them.
  16. "I apologized and told him that I would no longer mock his naughty late-night sugar fix and that he could proudly display his Pop Tarts in the cupboard with the cereal." Man, egullet is great. I would buy chips that I knew no one else would eat, vinegar and salt, jalapeño, etc. I have researched our snacking likes and dis-likes and purchase ice cream that only I like. I am willing to purchase any other flavors, but I never get any requests.
  17. ripening slowly liederkranz on my counter birds die in flight
  18. i believe it's called cynarin. makes things (even water) taste oddly sweet (only to a certain segment of the population, but a significant percentage). throws off the balance of flavors. ← According to On Food and Cooking, cynarin is an organic acid that is unique to artichokes. "It seems to stimulate the sweetness receptors in the taste buds of susceptible people, making everything taste sweet for a short period of time."
  19. A few years ago, I was told that a certain men's cologne had porkine hormones included in it's formula. This cologne stunk and it seemed that the only guys wearing it, must have been trying to hide some other, more offensive smell. Would a vegan restaurant insist that someone wearing this cologne not dine in their establishment? Would a Mosque bar them from entry? I can't stand tasting someone's artificial fragrance. I consider it very self centered when people affect my enjoyment of being out in public by forcing their fragrance on me. Oh well, no one's perfect.
  20. How about tying the creme fraiche in cheese cloth and allow it to drain and dry some what. Maybe flavor with fresh herbs?
  21. YoChefGregg


    Rhubarb tart made with an egg custard mix.
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