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  1. The duck at London Grill just made my Top 5 duck list. (Seared breast with a foie sauce and a confit duck croquette to die for.)
  2. philadining, of course, has most bases covered. (how did I miss up on the duck fat potato chips?!) One of my favorite things about Philly is the BYO scene. Pumpkin (a few blocks west of Bob & Barbara's--South & 17th) has a great $35 five-course tasting menu on Sundays. Not offbeat, but definitely tasty. BTW, Busboy, drop me a line if y'all wanna meet up.
  3. FYI, I came across this article about A.B. Smeby Bittering Company (blog article: The Bitters Maker of Brooklyn) And as New Yorker now living in Philly, I echo the Pennsylvanians saying that you are lucky. I don't often buy spirits, but when I do, I usually go to New York (Astor or Warehouse) to stock up.
  4. Holy crap, that looked great!! I wish we were able to make it, but please please please, philadining, organize another one soon, and we'll go. Or we'll just have to make a special trip by ourselves soon anyway. Or both.
  5. Awesome. I guess mom's no longer concerned about you having made friends here in Philly, eh? If it were *my* mom, she'd be shocked I'm going into a liquor store. Then she'd probably take me straight to an AA meeting. Have fun y'all! I wish we could make it, but maybe next time!!
  6. I think you covered it all. I think we did order other stuff, but it never made it to the table.
  7. That was such a great meal. I never made it to either suburban location, so I'm so happy Han opened one in Center City. He's also a real hoot! I think my favorite was the pork belly. I'm looking forward to working my way through the entire menu, so if anyone else wants to go, PM me.
  8. After finishing the peach ice cream, I churned a batch of chocolate raspberry this morning. If the preliminary taste was any indication, I'm in for a nice treat tonight. Coming in late to the mint conversation. I haven't made it in a long time, but I used black mint for my ice cream. I'd just throw it in the cream mixture and let it steep overnight. It added a much better flavor than regular mint.
  9. Just passed by it about an hour ago, and they were up and running--and packed. ETA: No, I didn't stop in. Blueberry ice cream awaits in my freezer.
  10. Wow, that looked amazing. We went there for the first time last week, and had a great meal. No roast beast for us, but there was a special app of pork cheeks atop of lima beans, which was amazing. (The only problem was that I had to share with a couple of other people.)
  11. No, nothing wrong with the General, but it does have its own time and place in the food world. We'll probably wind up going on a little splurge (nothing like Minibar, unfortunately), and keep it cheap the rest of the trip. I've never had a papusa before, and they sound divine. What part of the zoo is it near? I guess I need to study my map beforehand. I'll let you know when I'm in the 'hood. TV?! Mr. Duck is ready to cancel our hotel reservations.
  12. I just may take you up on that, Busboy! (Mr. Duck wants to know if it's a finished basement.) His seminar is at the Hyatt by Dulles. It was more his procrastination that we weren't able to get a room there. And it's more of a volunteer thing, so they ain't paying for it. The hotel in Springfield had the best rate we could find that didn't sound too skanky and has free parking and a shuttle to the Metro. According to their website it was 20 minutes to downtown DC, so it isn't that bad--when I lived in New York, my commute used to be much longer. OK, on to the food...we're coming from Philly, and spend some time in New York, so we have good tacquerias, Italian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. (and I'm Chinese so I probably have heard of the stuff ) But that doesn't mean I'm against any of those. Hmmm...Salvadorian food. Can't say I ever tried it. And it's right by the zoo, which is on my agenda. Gotta see the panda. Thanks for all your input, Busboy! I haven't quite figured out the rest of my agenda, but I love your suggestions. I'll run them by the mister. Heh, heh. My Swiss Army knife has a corkscrew attachment!
  13. And, according to the website, "Each serving is as healthy as real bacon"... I dunno... I'm less perturbed by the concept of bacon-in-a-bottle than I am by the 12-year shelf life! ← OMG. It looks absolutely revolting!! That little video almost made me sick.
  14. *BUMP* Mr. Duck will be in DC at a seminar in a couple of weeks, and since I'm between jobs, I'll be tagging along to do some sightseeing. The seminar lasts four days. We'd love some recommendations for some cheap eats. By cheap, maybe $15-20/pp tops for dinner? We're staying in Springfield, and have a car, so getting around isn't really an issue. We eat everything, and would like to sample the regional cuisine if possible. So far, I've come up with Southside 815. I'm also thinking Chinatown, or some Ethiopian food. I'll be in downtown DC during the day, so lunch ideas are also welcome. Thanks, everyone!
  15. Yeah, those are really good! There used to be a cone fries place on South St, but they closed: I guess there just isn't the same walk-by business as there is at Times Square. Go figure. edit: whoops, my spies tell me that the Times Square frites place closed a while back. Shows how often I go to Times Square when I'm in New York... ← Haven't been to Pomme Frites in ages, but it was awesome! 2nd Ave just south of St. Marks. OK, back on topic. I'm a girl, and I'm not that big a fan of overly-sweet drinks. And what is Pretzel Fudge?
  16. hathor, I just noticed this thread. Thanks for blogging about Friuli. Mr. Duck and I are big fans of refosco and tocai, and that region is definitely one that's on our list when we finally get to the northern part Italy. Working my way through your lovely pictures and dreaming of Italia.
  17. Not many cuts, but I often burn my tongue because I sometimes forget METAL CONDUCTS HEAT.
  18. My second crack at Hamantashen. It didn't go too well last year. This year, it's Pam R's chocolate pastry with a raspberry-chocolate-nut filling.
  19. I admire your willpower. If it were me, that probably would not have made it out of the parking lot. I seriously have to get my butt over there.
  20. That looked like a great last meal at Majolica, Percy. Everything looked amazing (esp. the duck! ). I just read this morning that Majolica is no longer to be, and I'm sad that I only got to eat there once. I wish Chef Andrew luck in his future ventures.
  21. What if I grab the knives and my perfectly seasoned cast-iron skillet? Good lord, this is like Sophie's Choice.
  22. Han Dynasty, oh why, oh why must you be so far away from me?
  23. Funny, my father was the most superstitious person I knew (he even adopted American superstitions), but I never heard that saying. We always flipped the fish.
  24. Good G*d, 24 dishes?! I bow at you!! I'm sorry I missed it. It looked fantastic, and I hope I can make Han Dynasty 3 (hint, hint).
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