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  1. Yes I had seen this but prefer not to spread unpleasant gossip. Who knows what the real story is?
  2. Tried to go for lunch here today, (it has always been good value) but very disappointed to discover that it has closed and there is a sign advertising "fully furnished restaurant to let". A great loss to the Leeds food scene in my view.
  3. How about the Bay Horse at Forton, again a pub, but I had a very decent lunch there a couple of years ago. Certainly worth a visit and pretty close to Lancaster. Also Hipping Hall just outside Kirkby Lonsdale (Not been there myself and its recently had a change of chef but its still in the GFG).
  4. Thats good news such a prominent pub lying empty for so long was a sad sight.
  5. Its the George at Hubberholme. Marvellous location. Have to say the last couple of visits to the Devonshire Fell have been disappointing. Rather gloopy main courses and lots of truffle oil....
  6. You probably were before but you certainly aren't now!
  7. An occasional restaurant reviewer for our local paper always refers to her partner/husband as "Himself".
  8. I presume you have tried the Hotel Du Vin et Bistro. We have had a couple of Sunday lunches there which have been pleasant enough if not exactly setting the world on fire. Why does everybody seem to insist on offering roast beef on a Sunday?
  9. >>Is Sous Le Nez any good any more? I dont know when you were last there but I had a very pleasant lunch about a month ago, pigeon breast starter and a well executed belly pork main. I know this is not a place that has garnered much praise on egullet and its not a "fine dining" experience but nevertheless IMHO, it is still a good, relatively reliable, spot with an unpretentious approach and an extensive wine list. Another place that I have found to be reliable is 4th floor Harvey Nicks. A changing, varied and imaginitive menu and probably the best value purchase in the building! As long as you can cope with the hordes of "ladies who lunch" with their designer sunglasses perched on their heads. Again this is not Anthony's or No3 but in the main I think its still good cooking with clear flavours and the nowadays obligatory nod to using local produce.
  10. Is corinader something only normally found within the M25?
  11. Sounds great. Garry do you have the address for the Leeds branch?
  12. Drove past this place today and both hotel and restaurant appear to be boarded up...
  13. CD interested that you imply that veg. oil is preferable to dripping. In my neck of the woods beef dripping seems to be considered to be the best way to cook chips!
  14. I remember trying to get in there in the eighties. We arrived in out best bib and tucker (corduroy sports jackets etc). The maitre d sneered at us and said something like "non, you must understand the queen mother eats here". We were summarily refused entry. As a young man keen on exploring new food experiences this was an unexpected slap in the face. I began to realise the degree of snobbery and elitism that *can* unfortunately be sometimes associated with good food. I am sure Le Gavroche is now far more welcoming to people who are not members of the aristocracy than they were then. probably....
  15. Simon Farrow

    Duck Confit

    oops missed jaz's earlier post sorry!
  16. Simon Farrow

    Duck Confit

    Isn't this just a translation of "confit" as "preserve"?
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