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  1. Why the lowly trivet is a pressure cooker accessory that can't get any respect!


  2. Why the lowly trivet is a pressure cooker accessory that can't get any respect! https://t.co/8OWXuE87uO

  3. NEAT! NASA pressure cook flexible cans/pouches to sterilize foods for cosmonauts (minute 8 or so). http://t.co/g3F33P9HQM

  4. C'mon, we can take it. Tell us what you REALLY think of the new design. Here's what others said.. http://t.co/2Vbl3ezuXX

  5. Fast-forward to the past - some preferred the old way to browse our old posts. This is for you! http://t.co/pTb33sVwbp

  6. How cute is THIS?!? "How to make a pressure cooker for Barbie" http://t.co/mJOtRMyQDi

  7. Coffee pots and other lethal kitchen gadgets | Bill Hall - The News Tribune http://t.co/iVezDXfY0E via @thenewstribune

  8. Linda, both Modernist Cuisine and the Ideas In Food blog have several pressure cooker recipes that use a canning jar - not for canning but as a Bain Marie container. Take a look here: http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/garlic-confit/ And, here: http://blog.ideasinfood.com/ideas_in_food/2010/02/roux-in-a-jar.html Ciao, L
  9. Thanks for the introduction, you guys are doing great and I only step-in to clarify things, or if no one answers a question now. Fissler's early marketing materials used to refer as the bases being conical for easy stacking - that has since been removed it from most places, but the photos are still there. One model still has the original text: "A practical advantage for several pots in the cupboard: they can be stacked in each other." http://www.fissler.co.uk/en/products/pressure_cookers/lines/vitavit_comfort.html In my opinion, the dis-advantages of a smaller cooking area outweigh the advantages of faster evaporation (or the ability to stack several cookers). If you want to do any braises, or recipes that require browning first, you would have to do in batches what you can brown in other cookers in one round. The Vitaquick is Fissler's the economy model - but that was not the deciding factor. I was visiting Fissler in Germany, almost two years ago, when they were deciding which model to introduce to the US. Headquarters had received feedback from the US marketing team that Americans would be confused by a dial-setting of the Vitavit. I mentioned that Fagor, one of the top-selling brands in the US, has had a dial setting for years - and no one has ever posted or commented in the websites I follow that they don't understand how to use it. I recommended they do more research. I have used the Euro Vitaquick and could never get it to work. It curdled flans, burned risotto's, ect. I sent it back to the manufacturer twice and they kept sending it back saying it worked. They sent me a replacement and it still didn't. I was reduced to just boiling potatoes when the last one finally kicked the bucket (valve failed). HOWEVER, the Vitaquick that is being sold in the US is not the same I used. Fissler made a different Vitaquick valve and lid to meet the 15psi "US standard." This might explain why a cooker I could not get to cook the most basic things got top ratings from America's Test Kitchen. Take a look at the reviews in this amazon listing and look at the product photos the reviewer uploaded. Unfortunately, it appears that the Vitaquick has similar durability issues that I had with the Vitavit: http://amzn.to/Z2zWXy The features on the Fissler cookers are really above and beyond most cookers I have seen. Fissler cookers are really a joy to use - when they work. They use top-quality stainless steel and distribute the heat so well their pans are ALMOST non-stick BUT I simply cannot understand the company's choice to use sub-standard materials for the handles that chip or valves that fail or don't even work out-of-the-box due because of manufacturing defects. The height of the 8 quart model might accommodate at least ONE 1-quart canning jar, I don't know if the width will let you use more than that.f you want to also do canning, take a look at a 10qt Fagor Cooker/Canner - it's wide enough to accommodate FOUR 1-quart canning jars. Fagor has several models but the Futuro (http://amzn.to/10LdddN) and the Duo (http://amzn.to/10LdddN) also have two pressure settings. Ciao, L
  10. Warning: AP Pressure Cooker Recipe Includes Dangerous Instructions http://t.co/5jyvTBbzos

  11. One down, a gazillion more newspapers to go. http://t.co/Mk6PmekoH3 This is information the @AP and @JM_Hirsch should be distributing.

  12. Spot the difference: http://t.co/FJFlkS641w & http://t.co/mJDV2kDYWK same recipe, no credit, DANGEROUS open. Don't handle a pressurized can!

  13. Pressure Cooker Accessory: Steamer Basket: Steamer basket inserts for your pressure cooker can be used to stea... http://t.co/P0UY6jICrv

  14. Barbara’s Chunky Sweet Potato Soup: It’s never too hot for soup – this soup is the perfect antidote for the w... http://t.co/XPJECLIKqE

  15. Got a recipe that you want to convert to the pressure cooker? Post it in the forums (http://t.co/zbuLQEcmVm) and I'll convert it for you!

  16. ¡VIVA México! 7 Amazing Pressure Cooker Recipes to make for Cinco. http://t.co/8Qxcv7pXIZ

  17. 7 Amazing Mexican Pressure Cooker Recipes: 20-minute Pressure Cooker Tamales Frijoles – Re-fried beans Carnita... http://t.co/ECYZMHequn

  18. This kid's got THE moves with the "pressure cooker" dance - now pinch your nose and jiggle! http://t.co/TewOyBADJz

  19. Minimalist Strawberry Jam: Two Ingredients + Pressure Cooker: This strawberry jam is not the same red-hot pec... http://t.co/6xLCGE79HY

  20. My mother-in-law shares her stuffed and pressure cooked artichoke recipe - delicious! http://t.co/P2tAWfSXIh http://t.co/JI60W7ojTV

  21. TRUE or FALSE? A 15 psi pressure cooker only cooks at 12.5 psi at 5,000 feet. ANSWER: http://t.co/GvFlhyw0PE

  22. This cooker is the BMW of pressure cookers: it toots, and releases pressure in a whole new way! http://t.co/ujGfx2W15S

  23. STUFFED! My mother-in-law's pressure cooked artichoke recipe: http://t.co/P2tAWfSXIh

  24. Mother-in-law’s Pressure Cooked Stuffed Artichokes: Margherita is my Southern Italian mother-in-law who, in ty... http://t.co/KQUCxuOJFa

  25. Neat to know: Acid-producing NOT acidic foods wreck havoc in the digestive system http://t.co/L5CsyZt9Hs

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