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  1. THE EXPLORERS COOKBOOK by members of New York's Explorers Club Includes such goodies as Iguana Thermidor (recipe for 25 people), Fried Bear Intestine and Pepper Python
  2. I have stopped counting...However, I just received Alfred Portale's "Simple Pleasures" which has the most wonderful recipe for Chocolate-Grand Marnier Cake. The intense chocolate and suble orange flavors are fabulous!!
  3. I think that the French islands have the best food. The islands of St. Bart's , Guadalupe, Ilse de Saintes,and Martinique are part of France...their supermarches are the most fantastic stores that I have seen! They are stocked with fresh fish, meat, freshly baked breads, pates, wines ... everything that a Frenchman must subside on. This is in contrast to the British or formerly British islands that have naught but the most unappatizing looking provisions.
  4. Add about 935 for me. My last acquisitions were American Boulangerie by Pascal Rigo(the best canneles), The Whole Beast by Fergus Henderson. Among my oldest are MFK Fisher's How to Cook a Wolf. I have a winery so people are always giving me regional cookbooks (such as Mrs. Wilkes Boardinghouse Cookbook from Savannah, GA)
  5. Sorry that you missed out on the green walnuts...ask for them early next year in June...it does't take many to make Nocino. Another old recipe from "I don't remember where" is easy and I like it even better than the "vin" recipe. It is called French 44 Take one orange stick it with 44 coffee beans put it in a jar with 44 sugar cubes and a litre of vodka leave for 44 days and filter and bottle
  6. I am cooking steak and fries and CANNELES!!! After a week drinking wine in St. Emillion and having canneles every day I am hooked on these French treats. The steak and fries seem to be on the menu of many French bistros. (such as Bouchon in Yountville)
  7. How about a twice baked spinach soufle (ala Anne Willan) It can be made in advance and "Twice baked"? I do it at big parties all the time...foolproof!!
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