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  1. greensNbeans

    [Houston] Dolce Vita

    Allow me to clarify what I "was trying" to say for those of you who did't understand. LDLee seems to understand what I was refering to, but all I was saying is Dolce Vita is a place for casual dining, authentic food and wine and meeting place for people who enjoy those things. I dont think Matt is trying to preform the quality of service that one may recieve at Marks but one that matches the concept. I always have great service there and I am sorry that others have not had such a great expeirence but I also think if you were unhappy with your service - go back and give em another shot. Its the best pizza in this town! Like I said, "Guys? - it's pizza" clear?
  2. greensNbeans

    [Houston] Dolce Vita

    Guys? - it's pizza.
  3. greensNbeans

    [Houston] laidback manor

    Monica and I have two different restaurants. Tafia is known for their un-tampered with cuisine and me on the other hand, I love to tamper! The menu selection here is simple. For dinner there are 4 options, a la carte, 5 course menu $45, 10 course $70, and my chef's table is $135. I like to think the best way to enjoy my place is to do the tastings. The chefs table is a great way to dine. Its fun and private and the kitchen serves you. I hope to see you this weekend! Cheers!
  4. greensNbeans

    El Bulli 2006 reports

    I wonder if all of you realize how lucky you are to have eaten such thoughtfull food! I was recently invited to the congress in NYC where Albert is doing a demo and I can not wait to grace these guys presence! Im pumped to say the least, but I want to thank all of you who have shared your dining with us! I dig! I must say one thing - watch out Spain, here comes Texas!!!! At the same time, thanks! I am in total ahhhhh!!!!! The Spanish have it all figured out, I wish I had time to get away, but reality is sitting in and I have to make bread for brunch! Doc, your the man - and I hope to see you in Texas!!! laidbackmanor.net
  5. greensNbeans

    [San Antonio] Le Reve

    wow, what a great article! Congrats to Andrew. I heard only wonderful things about his restaurant.
  6. greensNbeans

    [Houston] laidback manor

    we have been working very hard on the wine list and now have a very nice selection of American, Spanish, and French wines... come check it out - PLEASE when any of you call for reservations, please let the person you speak to know that your a member of egullet. Its always nice to know
  7. greensNbeans

    [Houston] laidback manor

    Not hard to get, but the weekends can fill up quickly. We always have chef's tables on the weekends and I tend to leave a few spots open in case in gets real busy. We are a small restaurant with a small staff and I dont ever want to extend ourselves. Tuesady through Thursday we always have available tables, plus its a bit slower so I can interact with the guests more. Hope to see you all very soon!
  8. greensNbeans

    [Houston] laidback manor

    well take care of you, come on in!
  9. greensNbeans

    [DFW - Dallas] Craft Dallas

    who's running the kitchen?
  10. greensNbeans


    Looking for the "make-up" of the sandwich? Traditional to un-conventional?
  11. I'll take one of those, too!
  12. outstanding post - Ive waiting for some pics of Graham's food for a long time now. Cheers!
  13. Chef GEB is the man - I only wish I lived closer!
  14. greensNbeans


    Food Arts has a wonderful peice on Gilt this month - check it out!