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  1. Allow me to clarify what I "was trying" to say for those of you who did't understand. LDLee seems to understand what I was refering to, but all I was saying is Dolce Vita is a place for casual dining, authentic food and wine and meeting place for people who enjoy those things. I dont think Matt is trying to preform the quality of service that one may recieve at Marks but one that matches the concept. I always have great service there and I am sorry that others have not had such a great expeirence but I also think if you were unhappy with your service - go back and give em another shot. Its the best pizza in this town! Like I said, "Guys? - it's pizza" clear?
  2. Monica and I have two different restaurants. Tafia is known for their un-tampered with cuisine and me on the other hand, I love to tamper! The menu selection here is simple. For dinner there are 4 options, a la carte, 5 course menu $45, 10 course $70, and my chef's table is $135. I like to think the best way to enjoy my place is to do the tastings. The chefs table is a great way to dine. Its fun and private and the kitchen serves you. I hope to see you this weekend! Cheers!
  3. I wonder if all of you realize how lucky you are to have eaten such thoughtfull food! I was recently invited to the congress in NYC where Albert is doing a demo and I can not wait to grace these guys presence! Im pumped to say the least, but I want to thank all of you who have shared your dining with us! I dig! I must say one thing - watch out Spain, here comes Texas!!!! At the same time, thanks! I am in total ahhhhh!!!!! The Spanish have it all figured out, I wish I had time to get away, but reality is sitting in and I have to make bread for brunch! Doc, your the man - and I hope to see you in Texas!!! laidbackmanor.net
  4. wow, what a great article! Congrats to Andrew. I heard only wonderful things about his restaurant.
  5. we have been working very hard on the wine list and now have a very nice selection of American, Spanish, and French wines... come check it out - PLEASE when any of you call for reservations, please let the person you speak to know that your a member of egullet. Its always nice to know
  6. Not hard to get, but the weekends can fill up quickly. We always have chef's tables on the weekends and I tend to leave a few spots open in case in gets real busy. We are a small restaurant with a small staff and I dont ever want to extend ourselves. Tuesady through Thursday we always have available tables, plus its a bit slower so I can interact with the guests more. Hope to see you all very soon!
  7. well take care of you, come on in!
  8. Looking for the "make-up" of the sandwich? Traditional to un-conventional?
  9. outstanding post - Ive waiting for some pics of Graham's food for a long time now. Cheers!
  10. Chef GEB is the man - I only wish I lived closer!
  11. greensNbeans


    Food Arts has a wonderful peice on Gilt this month - check it out!
  12. Oh yeah, did anyone see the latest "Houston, modern luxury" magazine? They did a peice on me in the back and they asked me about my "hots & nots" and I listed egullet.com as a "hot" on my list - check it out!
  13. I feel that I have no other choice. I feel that it simply one person's opinion, who happens to write for the fourth largest city in the nations highest circulated publication in the city, but that's it! Thanks for the support, Kevin!
  14. Cheers everyone! Nice to hear. Fry-o-later is on hold for a while, or at least till we figure out how to fry???????????? Im glad to hear this great opinions of the reveiw and of the restaurant. Hope to see yall soon! ps- The Grand Wine & Food Festival was great last night, tons of people! My favorite quote of evening, and I heard it a lot, "wow, that actually taste great!" I served milk chocolate & foie gras "milkshakes", licorice smoked atlantic salmon w/ vanilla foam, LN2 frozen watermelon-aged maple syrup-extra virgin olive oil on a stick! It was a lot of fun!
  15. airline seafood on Richmond has it sometimes, but I have never tried it there
  16. Im thrilled with the review! Nobody is perfect, and we only strive to get better everyday. The only item that I found a little far fetched was the comparisin to large budget restaurants like Alinea, Avenues, and wd. Im just a small town kid doing what I believe in!!!!! I look forward to her return! Don't worry about us, we are all smiles!!!!!!!! ps - we are making t shirts with a "no fryolater" symbol on the back and a "teddy bear" on the front ...anyone interested?
  17. This is too cool, I wish I had more time to write! Gotta make my orders!
  18. I can think of one, but you will be in good shape w/ the ones listed above!
  19. Well done - gentlemen! Plan on visiting Texas anytime soon?
  20. For garden fresh cuisine that is authentic - Zoot or Wink is at your feet For sushi - Uchi is tops for us! Driskell - Chef Bull is said to be the MAN!
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