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  1. I recently procured this at my local knife and kitchen shop. What a dream to use.


    The ceramic blade is incredibly sharp, and the unit offers four differnet slice thickness choices. Dishwasher safe, small and compact.

    Highly recommended


    Yep I purchased one on ebay a while back. I purchased it to buy some time before replacing the blades on my mandoline. It's been a few months and I still have not felt the need to deal with the mandoline. It's simply so easy to clean up and does such a good job. The mandoline is such a pia to clean up...

  2. Actually I have done all the stuffed loins etc and find a more basic recipe yields superior taste with much less work.

    Put the loin in a braising pan

    add sweet root vegetables and apples sections but not diced

    add sherry level with the top of the loin

    Mix mustard, honey and 1t allspice and brush it on to the top of the loin

    cook @ 300 F until done

  3. I have aquired a used bread making machine, but have no idea how to use it or if it works. So I would appreciate any ideas about how to check it out and use it. It's a William-Sonoma model.

    What brand is it Richard? The "hard" part is figuring out what buttons to push if it's one of the newer machines. Most of the manufacturer's websites will have the manuals posted.

    I have been baking Pumpernickel nearly every week for a while now.

  4. Also great for lunch is Flying Fish in the same shopping center on Montfort & Beltline.

    Chow Thai on Beltline just east of Montfort in the corner of the next shopping center has reasonably good Thai food. Not the best in Dallas, but there are many great Thai restaurants here. :laugh:

    Clay pit Indian on Beltline around Midway has a decent lunch buffet.

    If you want mass amounts of meat Addison has both Fogo de Chao and Texas De Brazil. Both are good all though not cheap :raz:

  5. I have an induction burner I use for catering. The only issue I have with induction is the fact that many of your favorite pots and pans will not work. You have to have something that is "magnetic". I would not go out and replace my gas cooktop with induction, but if you cannot have gas it's a good alternative.

  6. A friend mentioned to me that Rouge looks like it is dead early in the evening, because it is european and more of a late evening place. This may be true for De Tapas and Cafe Madrid as well.

    Yep could be the case all though I must say it had an ah... intestesting smell :shock: not in a good way.

  7. We tried to go to De Tapas at lunch. The door was open but literally nobody inside. It also had the typical smell of a restaurant that was not doing well.

    So with that said, anybody have a suggestions were to go for good Tapas?

  8. There is a new store called Sprouts in the Marsh/Forest area in Dallas.  It opened this last week.


    Its part of a chain, but from what I've seen so far, I'm fairly impressed.  They seem to have good produce,  a rather nice selection of cheeses,  from local area makers, bulk goods, vitamins and sups, bakery, lovely meat dept.  etc.

    The prices really were surprisingly good, though that might have been just for the opening week.  I managed to ge boneless skinless thighs and breasts for $1.79 a pound.  They had  a lovely selection of sausages,  a turkey meatloaf that was quite the hit, lamb at more than reasonable prices, and just all kinds of interesting things.  I will certainly be shopping here instead of Tom Thumb and Central Market, for the most part.  I do love CM but Sprouts is just around the corner!  Some things I will still travel to CM for, but what a joy to have a healthy, quality choice so much closer!

    Has anyone else been to Sprouts?  What did you think?

    They have been open for several months in Plano. They have excellent produce and great weekly specials on meats. They have the same quality produce as central market at half the price.

  9. Thanks for the replies.

    As for Southside, all I saw for offer on the mail order site was sausage. 

    Irodguy, smoked trout was not listed for mail order from Clark's either?  I love smoked trout!

    So who does better 'cue, Kreuz or Clark's?  How about Coopers?

    They do vacuum pack the trout to go, so I am pretty sure they would ship it as well. I use it for salads, it's quite good.

  10. There is a very large Korean population in Dallas.

    On 35 & Royal Lane head either direction on Royal.

    To the West

    KoMart for shopping. You can purchase all the Korean side dishes like anchovies in chili etc. for very good prices.

    Several different restaurants in the area.

    To the East:

    Just east of 35 is Seoul Garden it's next to the quick mart on the corner of Reeder road & Royal. I would rate them as the best table BBQ. They bring you hot coals to cook on rather than electric or Gas.

    Further east is Korea House which is one of the oldest in Dallas and still pretty darn good. You will find many shops and restaurants in the area.

  11. Baby corn.

    The true abomination on mankind.

    I dunno....are you eating them out of a can? Canned stuff is always disgusting...fresh is better.

    My vote is for brussel sprouts. They are just WRONG! Bitter pgymy cabbages. Or... in the words of my then-8-year-old sister..... "They taste like fart." :sad:

    Finally somebody who knows that brussel sprouts are truly evil! I cannot even stand the smell of them cooking.

  12. In my experience depending on the rice it's really pretty hard regardless of the rice cooker to make less than 2 cups of rice. The secret however is that rice freezes rather well. You can do this with Sushi rice without an issue just warm up with a little water in the microwave.

    That being said, it really dependings on what you are looking to spend. You can go upscale and get a Zojirushi or you can buy an AROMA for about $20.

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