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  1. I personally do a mediterranean Lamb that I server with Tzatziki sauce.

    1 Boneless Leg of Lamb. Cut out the silver skin and tendons. Bag the trimmings for Lamb based Demi.

    1/4 cup of Limoncello

    7 cloves of Garlic

    1/2 cup Olive Oil

    2 T mint

    1 T oregano

    salt to taste

    fresh ground pepper

    3 T Brown Mustard

    use a food processor mix everything

    coat the lamb

    marinate overnight

    grill the lamb

    makes great sandwiches served with tzatziki on the side

  2. Sushi = pickled Rice (Rice with Vinegar) There are many different types of Sushi including

    Maki - Rolled with Nori or Tofu Paper

    Edo Sushi - Small balls of rice with something normally fish draped over it

    Pressed Sushi - I believe this is the oldest variety. A two piece box is used with a weight

    9 Fish believes the true art is cutting sashimi (raw fish). The true masters are knife experts extreme.

    Robato is small cooked items like shrimp or small pieces of fish. There are bars that specialize in this. Many normal Sushi restaurants don't do this.

  3. Quite a bit of Sushi is cooked. You can even get away from the Seaweed by using Tofu Paper.

    I do Sushi parties once every few months. I have converted several people to Sushi by making it with "known" foods. Like my Italian Chicken Sushi, with Teriyaki Sauce.

    When we to WWW or TTT we have a couple of people who don't eat "Fish" So they do Katsu or Teriyaki. If you eat at one of the Korean Sushi Bars you can always get Korean BBQ or bibimbap.

  4. Jinbeh is not bad but actually Korean. That being said it's not a bad thing because you can also get Korean BBQ.

    For sushi though it's no match for the Japanese. Nakamoto's previous chef for many years is Simon. That's why I mentioned Simon's Sushi. He is among the best.

    I was also agree with 9 Fish forgot to mention it earlier, all though they really hate to make Sushi. They are more Sashimi and Robato bar. They are a tad more expensive than the other mentioned. It's the only Sushi bar in the US that I ever broke $100 for lunch!!! (Easy to do in Japan or the UK)

    I will post a message next time that we do WWW (Wacky Wasabi Wednesday) or TTT (Terrified Tuna Thursday). We normally go and take over a Sushi bar with 12 to 15 of us. We try to do this on a slow day so we don't disrupt their normal business. I believe the next one will be WWW @ Simon's Sushi in Plano.


  5. Ok I do my rice slightly differently

    Use Premium Short Grain Rice. I agree with the suggestion of Kokuho Rose

    Wash the rice

    1) Rinse Press the rice between your hands roughly ( Only for one rinse ) this gets rid of the husk

    2) Continue rinsing until your water runs clear. This take several minutes

    3) Leave the rice setting for 45 minutes. I do not leave mine in water.

    4) One cup to One Cup. Use a rice cooker. Also adjust for the humidity. If it's more humid use a little less than one cup of water, more use a little more.

    Add a piece of Dried Sea Weed ( Not Nori ) but the rough sea weed used to make soups

    Once the rice cooker clicks from high back to warm leave it another 10 minutes.

    5) Take the rice out and put it in a wooden bowl.

    6) Sprinkle with Seasoned Vinegar

    Things to remember

    A) Break your sheet of Nori in Half it makes two rolls

    B) Shiny side down

    C) It's much much ... easier to make inside out rolls

    Wrap your mat with plastic wrap several times

    Poke a few holes in it

    D) put about a tennis ball size of rice on the half nori

    E) Spread eveanly

    F) Flip it over and spread the inside with Wasabi to taste

    G) Fill with ingredients (For parties I normally used cooked foods)

    H) Bring the ends together by hand

    I) Use the Mat to "Square it"

    Remember to wet your hands

    When cutting remember to wet your knife between cuts

    Have fun! We do sushi parties every other month.

  6. Yep I must admit that I have been guilty. I have taken it to the next level on a few occasions. Standing at the Deli @ Central Market (ubber high end grocery) guy is purchasing 2LB of Proscutto @ $24 or so per pound. I had to ask what she was making. Turns out a rather interesting food network party.

  7. Tempura batter (very chilled) and "stuff" scallops, onions etc.

    And I second the pickles very interesting with a beer batter. ;) obviously you have plenty of beer around anyhow..

  8. Sunday - Was one of my experimental recipe days.

    White fish encrusted with fresh Garlic and Parmesan

    Fresh Caesar

    Coconut Curry White Fish

    White Fish Cordon Bleu

    Potato croquettes made with Potato Pearls


    Basically Zucchini parmesan croquettes

    Spring Mix Salad with Balsamic Maple vinaigrette




    Sushi ;)

    must be this week's theme. Much better restaurant than Tuesday.

    Think I will pick up some fish on Sunday and do my own Sushi

  9. Yep nothing quite like breaking at 15:00 for a nice Gelato at the local bar.

    The main difference is that Gelato uses eggs and whole milk instead of cream. Overall Gelato has much less fat content than Ice Cream. The other difference depending on the quality of the Ice Cream; is that most Gelato is made "today” and from fresh ingredients.

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