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  1. Was the dish something like a Osco bucco with white beans? If so it's really pretty easy to make.

    Basically the typical Osco bucco,

    Dredge in Flour

    Brown meat in OO

    Remove meat for the moment

    Add a little more oo

    Add Onion, Celery, Bell Pepper & Garlic


    Add Bay leave, Thyme

    Add Stock most often chicken

    Add Beans & a small can of chopped tomatoes or fresh if you have some nice sweet fresh tomato

    Return Lamb

    Add about a 1/2 cup of Marsala or Sherry or other semi sweet wine

    Cook @ 325 for about 3 hours or until falling off the bone

    It's not really hard to find "decent" lamb shank. It's about $1.67 a lb @ Sams 30LB boxes. It's really pretty decent quality.

  2. :biggrin: Update:

    It looks like Zorbas finely got the message. I went there for dinner late Friday night. They told us that their lunch business had fallen off :shock: imagine that.

    So they have decided to allow you to pay with separate credit cards. They still will not "split" the bill, but will supply a portable calculator so their patrons can figure out how much to pay.

    I told them that was okay, most of the time we will just split the bill evenly. It's just a matter of them allowing for separate credit cards, since they do this now we will be back for lunch in force.

  3. I often eat at the Plano location, and it's pretty good.  Their congee, when available, is pretty decent.  Most of the dishes are fairly well-executed texturally, but some are fairly flat-tasting.  I'm glad other people enjoy this joint!

    Nothing that a little chili oil or peppers can cure :raz:

  4. Yep had a few fires in my cooking life. The couple of home fires were no big deal, took the pan off the burner and covered until out and another through into the oven and let it burn itself out.

    The scary ones:

    Many years ago when cooking professionally deep fryer and paper got to close. I didn't exactly start it but did try some stupid stuff to put it out. We finally got it under control.

    The second one was a stupid me trick. Back yard Grill with winter leaves underneath. Hot grease drips and poof grill is now on fire. spreading towards the gas lines. Turned off the gas hooked up the water hose (seemed like it to forever) and got it out.

  5. I have never been to Kemah ever because I just envision a Joes Crab shack and Aquarium mix a la Evil Empire (Fertitta) but after this article and this thread I want to try one of these places like Topwater.   It would hurt me to just see that Landry stuff.  Can you get to the recommended restaurants without driving through all that stuff?

    . . . . .

    No, you don't have to drive through it. You will see it from the Hwy 146 bridge, though. Here is the map link to Topwater Grill. You can start there and zoom out to see where that is in relation to Kemah. That will also help you find the other places listed in the article.


    How many miles is that? Looks like it's down the same highway just a bet further.

  6. I must admit I have eaten at the boardwalk many times. I go to Keels & Wheels most every year and look for places kind of close. It's coming up pretty quickly so if I decide to go this year, I will get some recommendations so I can avoid the zoo known as Kemah . :laugh:

  7. The truth is that they do not need to "split the check" that is no separate bills are needed. They simply need to allow for separate credit cards.

    In the case of Zorbas they will not allow you to split the bill onto separate cards regardless of how it's split. Most of the time we simply tell the servers to split the bill equally. Even the smallest restaurants are more than happy to have 10 or 15 people come for lunch and split the check onto separate cards. In some cases this takes a while, but especially with small non chain establishments this can make there day or sometimes even week.

    In Zorbas case their food is great, but unless we have cash which most people don't. So instead of Zorbas getting our business Fadi's does.

  8. Yep you are absolutely correct. We went for lunch asked for seperate checks and they acted like we had just insulted their mother :laugh:

    I was just testing, I was actually planning on picking up lunch.

    This is exactly why we have taken to driving the extra 15 minutes and going to Fadis in Frisco. Everybody pays for themselves and I can still have my Gyro.

  9. I'm wondering if once Zorba completes its expansion they'll be more accomodating of the separate check request?  May  be worth checking out.

    For what it's worth, I did and they still don't. But the place looks great; the staff and owners were fairly beaming with pride about it. Took another out of town guest there and they greatly enjoyed it as well.

    It really is to bad that they don't understand that it's customer service stupid... We used to go there 2 times a week with at least 10 people @ lunch. Now it's maybe once a month an more than likely just two of us.

  10. There water spinach is great, and I personally also love there sprouts done with ginger and garlic.

    Another good one is Fried Tofu stuffed with shrimp served on a sizzling plate.

    Ah almost forgot their combo fried rice is quite good. You need to ask for the pickled peppers, and mix some in.

  11. So, if MSG really brings out the flavor of foods,  why don't we cook with it? I have no interest in the MSG headache debate etc. I just want to know if it is used in any cusine other than Asian? It seems like it could really add "something" to certain foods...so how come we never use it? all of us have sechuan peppercorns in our cupboards, yet no msg. something I'm missing?

    I tried using some in some tomato sauce the other day and noticed no discernable difference...hmm.

    Actually it was quite popular in cafeteria / buffet food of all sorts for years. The problem is it simply fell out of favor. Too many people won't eat food with MSG, it's just now worth the hassle for most restaurants.

  12. I currently use a biga which adds a great flavor to my dough recipe. I let it ferment in the fridge for 24+ hours. I'll try using a slightly higher hydration percentage and post my results. Also, I'll try adding more OO. Stay tuned.

    If there are any other members out there who have insight into how Patsy's prepares their dough I would be appreciative of their guidance.

    If you use to much oo you will end up with very flaky dough that more resembles pastry. I have found that 75/25 yields better results. Now I am making a slightly different very thin Northern Italian style pie. I personally use 70% all purpose and 30% wheat flour. I roll my dough out until paper thin, then dock it.

  13. Well growing up in Dallas Texas there were basically two Fried chicken joints almost everybody remembers

    1) Leslie's Chicken Shack

    2) Youngblood’s

    Interestingly enough they were cousins and used basically the same recipe.

    Soak the chicken in buttermilk overnight

    Next day dredge the Chicken in flour

    Then Back into buttermilk this time with an ungodly amount of Salt in it

    Then back in Flour


    The Flour was actually a mix of Flour, Pepper and more salt.

    Are you seeing a theme here? Yes lots of salt.

    I got the top secret recipe from a friend of mine who used to work at Leslie's.

  14. Yes it's quite interesting really. The whole foods here in plano was a trashy little store rather crowded.

    Then the EVIL :blink: Central Market opened! Amazingly enough Whole foods doubled in size, widened their isles and became a pretty nice store.

    While I still mostly shop at Central because I normally drive home that way. I sometimes drive the city route and stop at Whole foods.

  15. Yes, I used to go to Covino's quite a bit.  I love their alfredo sauce.  But I got one too many pizzas that were so cheesy they were more like pizza soup.  So I gave up on them.  But I'm still glad they are around and successful!

    Yep I have gotten a few of those pizzas myself. Their other food is so much better that I can deal with the occasional pizza problem :raz: espeically since I mostly make my own.

    I think better than both of the above is the pizza at Paparazzi that is for Plano anyhow. Overall none of the above holds a candle to Taverna

  16. Here are a few I like, although I tend to try new places frequently when I eat out.

    4) Celebration on Lovers Lane: Good food in a pleasant ranch house setting.

    8) Kuby's  in Snider Plaza for good, inexpensive German fare. Not to mention the breads and meats in the grocery section.

    Yep I would concur on Celebration. I used to meet a friend their almost every Monday night. We would split Chicken & Chicken Fried Steak or Catfish. I have eaten there since I was a child.

    However lately I have been going to Babe's more often. Now that they opening their place in Downtown Carrollton it's just more convient. Also their chicken recipe is the best in town :rolleyes:


    Ooops forgot to comment on Kuby's. Yep no kidding it constantly amazes me those people who don't know about it. You just cannot find worst as good in Dallas.

  17. My reliable standbys keeping in mind that we often have the kids with us, and we live in Plano are:

    -Joe's Pizza on Parker: for finally making a decent NY style pizza in Texas.

    Yep it's okay but I think Joey Covino's is much better. The pizza is better and Joe Covino friend calamari can't be beat! It's the only place in the area that doesn't use prefab. Not to mention that his cheesecake is home made and killer.... and of course there is the hey hi yah doing ... if it would be any more new york he would have to slap you around...

    edited for spelling

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