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    I agree that you should have said something at the time. By saying nothing, you did not give them the opportunity to make things right. So a letter aftewrthe fact still means you had a bad experience instead of allowing them to do their jobs.
  2. Timh

    Bistro Benoit

    Isn't the point that its a FRENCH BISTRO. You all seem to want a NY style french bistro, to then slather condemnation that its not "authentic". Would you complain in Paris? Who would listen?
  3. Osso bucco is veal ← or pork shank or beef, or even lamb. Expand your horizons. Try deciphering what osso bucco means.
  4. Anything Pork. Turkey tenderloins sold well. Local fish like grey sole, cod, haddock. Rib eye is value, , but cuts like beef shank(osso bucco), chuck, shoulder of any animal. But as these cuts are prepared well, and some chef in NY makes a name for themselves cooking it, the price will rise.
  5. Timh

    Burger helper

    Great news that your still moving forward. Would it be possible to work w/ a local butcher/meat shop to creat your specific grind and mix? and prepping the patties? One suggestion if your looking for a facility for yourself, might try approaching a Breakfast/lunch spot or Deli that closes after lunch and seeing if you could lease the kitchen at night for prep. They get additional income ,you get a set up space.
  6. Timh

    Bistro Benoit

    The Yellow is fat. The gray is normal oxidation.
  7. UPDATE: Apparently Sbisa's closed at Christmas.
  8. In addition to the prerequisite knife skills, I think its necessary to be able to multi task with precision, to have intense focus and maintain that focus for long periods, under pressure. The mental aspects fatigued me way more than the physical work.
  9. So ,I ended up at Eastern Standard. They were packed. Sat at the bar, watched the Celtics and had oysters, foie gras, and buche de noel. It was a tough call as I was thinking adventurous and Chinatown. But ES was satisfying. One interesting note: I was told by the bartender that union kitchens close on Christmas, thus places like Four Seasons being closed.
  10. So where's the "change we can believe in"? But then I'm not terribly surprised either. Changes are only going to happen from the ground up, as is happening in concerned communities all over the country. As usual the government will be late to the party by jumping on the bandwagon after the fact.
  11. Timh

    About roux

    Since some folks are just bent on making their own, how about going the extra step and adding the trinity to cool it down and then freezing portions of that? One more step of "home made convenience" done.
  12. So what?!? So he's a famous pastry chef, that gives him license to be a jerk?
  13. As a classically trained chef, I believe that the rosets are the highest acknowledgment our industry offers, as Michelin is respected worldwide. NYT is great for New Yorkers, and those who care what happens in NY, but Michelin carries weight world wide.
  14. Go to school to learn, don't limit yourself. You can work in restaurants all you want WHILE your in school learning something useful and meaningful. A smart cook is better than a eager cook.
  15. http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/200...-the-pushcarts/ When you think of how many grads all of the culinary programs across the country are pumping out each year, and the economy the way it is, the foreseeable future seems bleak. On one interesting note, talking to some of my chef friends, there seems to be a small but growing trend of reverse migration of many of our Brazilian kitchen workers due to the tough economy here and the improved economic situation there.
  16. This is good to know. I fly in to Monroe to get to my family's farm in Junction City, Ark. We all tend to bring select provisions that we have given up on finding around there.
  17. Timh

    Bistro Benoit

    A Turbo Chef oven will produce a souffle in 3-4 min. Batch whipping whites(when busy) means 5-6 min max, whipping fresh add 3-4 min. (just sayin for souffle fact checkin)
  18. Yep, you have to decide. if you only want to learn part time, then all you'll ever be is a part time prepper, peeling lexans of shrimp, chopping buckets of romain, portioning mountains of pasta,etc. Either commit to it or not. You only get out of it what you put into it. Give me a minute... i've bringing more cliches'. Plus your orchestra time will suffer. The previous advice given of going to a good college makes sense, you can work in a kitchen while you go to school.
  19. More college is always better than less. For what you describe, put aside the culinary school plans and go the University route, you will end up with more choices.
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